he COMPARE utility are used to compare two files in either binary or ASCII mode. When comparing in ASCII mode, COMPARE can re-synchronize the files, thus giving you a list of lines that have been modified, added and/or removed in one of the files.

   COMPARE 1.04 (C) 1991 HeartWare

   Calling syntax:
     COMPARE <Source> [<Source>...] <Target> /S/P/B/C/T/W/7/X/? /MD=nn

     /B  Compare files in binary mode
     /W  Pause for each screen full                                     (BINARY)
     /WD Only pauses if differences are encountered in the screen       (BINARY)
     /WF Like /WD but no screen update unless differences found         (BINARY)
     /MD Defines number of differences accepted before terminating      (BINARY)
     /P  Prompt before comparing
     /S  Compare file masks in sub dirs, too
     /C  Case-sensitive scan (Default on binary scans)
     /T- Don't TAB expand before comparison                             (TEXT)
     /X  Exact match. Trailing spaces and double spaces are significant (TEXT)
     /7  Only 7 bit compare. Ignore the 8th in each byte