he HBACKUP utility is used to make copies of a bunch of files synchronize, either for the purpose of backup or for transferring from one computer to another via floppy disks.

      HeartWare Backup 1.18 (C) 1993,1997 HeartWare

      Calling syntax:
        HBACKUP [[<FileSpec>][/S][/X] | @<FileName>]... [<Directory>] [Switches]

      /S makes the <FileSpec> enter subdirs
      /X eXcludes the files in the file spec

        /FORMAT[:<Count>]  Formats disks every <Count> times
        /ZIP               Compress files on-the-fly
        /SIZE:<SizeID>     Output backup in files of this size
        /V                 Enable verification of written data

        HBACKUP C:\TPAS7\*.*/S *.TPU/S/X *.BAK/S/X B:
          backs up all files under C:\TPAS7 except the *.TPU and *.BAK files to B:\
          backs up all *.EXE and *.COM in C:\BIN and all *.SYS in C:\DOS to A:\