Earth: Final Conflict

1st Season

No. Title / Synopsis
01 Decision
The American Companion, Da'an, was due to arrive in a Midwestern city on an official visit where Police Captain William Boone was prevented by the Companions from implementing all the security arrangements he requested. The alien leader arrived in a Taelon shuttle from Washington, chauffeured by Marine pilot Captain Lili Marquette. Da'an had a special announcement to make about a new venture with one of the Earth's biggest industrialists, the eccentric billionaire Jonathan Doors.

The Taelon front man, FBI Agent Ronald Sandoval, discounted Boone's apprehensions about controlling the huge crowd and securing neighboring buildings so when Da'an arrived, Boone enlists the help of his second in command, Lieutenant Bob Morovsky. Despite their precautions, a shot was fired from a nearby building and Doors took the bullet meant for Da'an. Agent Sandoval used his skrill (an alien life form bioengineered by the Taelons for use as a weapon), to dissolve the building wall, revealing a lone gunman. Boone took off in hot pursuit, only to come face to face with his old war buddy, Eddie Jordan. Stunned, Boone was unable to stop Jordan's escape.

The Taelons declared Boone a major hero, but Boone is more interested in finding out why his best friend turned into a murderer. Boone's conflict with Sandoval continued, even as the FBI agent extended an offer from Da'an to make him their Commander of Security and Interspecies Relations. Boone declined -- his priorities were to catch Jordan and to start a family with his beloved wife Kate.

Jordan, it turns out, was part of an underground resistance, which becomes evident when he secretly met with Lili, who was also part of the group. Boone began making connections between the shooting and an organized movement against the Taelons, but suddenly his world came apart. A car bomb ends Kate's life in a horrible explosion.

Devastated by his wife's death, Boone threw himself into the investigation. Thinking it might help the case, Boone entertained Da'an's job offer. But before accepted, Lili takes him to the Flat Planet Cafe, where he met his fugitive friend Jordan and was presented with a second surprise. Jonathan Doors faked his own death, thus clearing the way to become leader of the Resistance.

Convincing Boone that Kate's murder was arranged by the Taelons, the Resistance devised a way for Boone to infiltrate the Companions. Dr. Julianne Belman, secretly a Resistance sympathizer, successfully implanted Boone with a re-engineered Cyber-Viral Implant (CVI). A CVI is part germ, part computer and is implanted by the Companions into the brains of their most trusted operatives. It greatly increases mental capabilities, but also alters the recipients' motivations so that their sole focus is the well-being of the Companions. Boone's re-engineered CVI gave him the enhanced mental powers without altering his motivations.

Before Boone starts his new job, Eddie Jordan turns up dead. Did Sandoval kill him or was it Doors, or even the beautiful Lili Marquette? Boone doesn't know who to trust. Was one of them involved in the death of his best friend and his wife? So Boone began his search for the truth.
02 Truth
In the wake of the attempt on his life, the American Companion Da'an met with the Taelon Council to commend William Boone for saving him from assassination and appoint Boone Commander of Security and Interspecies Relations. Announcing the news at a press conference, Boone and Da'an promise to undo Earth's growing resistance to the Taelon presence.

The eccentric techno-genius Augur, an acquaintance of Boone's from his cop days, watched the televised proceedings at the Flat Planet Café. Installed in his new office with the help of FBI Agent Ronald Sandoval, Boone was cautious to conceal the fact that his Cyber-Viral Implant (CVI) has been modified by the Resistance, making him unlike the true Implant that Sandoval has become. With his new mental powers, Boone is able to relive every detail of his life with Kate, which increased his determination to solve her murder, even if it jeopardized his new position in the Taelon inner circle.

By searching through his memories of his wife's last day, Boone was able to recall a suspicious car trailing Kate. Despite warnings from Captain Lili Marquette to abandon his search, Boone went to Augur's computer junkyard lair, where he entreated the notorious hacker to help him find the killer. Augur broke through security files to uncover the name of Judson Corr, a known professional assassin. Boone confronted Corr at his condominium, but the hitman's sophisticated defenses allowed him to escape.

As Da'an became suspicious of Boone's obsessive behavior, Boone had to convince the Companion that catching Kate's murderer will serve the greater cause of protecting the Taelons. Resistance leader Jonathan Doors, also worried about Boone's vendetta, wondered if he'll have to kill him. To make matters worse, Agent Sandoval was tracking Boone, ready to destroy him if he compromised Taelon security.

At Augur's hideout, when Corr showed up to eliminate the computer trace that revealed his identity, he found himself face to face with Boone. Sandoval and Marquette arrived in the middle of a wild shootout, which ended when Sandoval blasted Corr with his skrill. Putting two and two together, Boone accused Sandoval of Kate's murder, which the agent freely admits to. He said he did it to ensure Boone's allegiance to the Taelons, just as he had to commit his own wife to an asylum to get her out of the way. More than ever before, Boone felt contempt for both sides in the world he must live in -- the Taelons, as well as the equally brutal Resistance.
03 Miracle
William Boone encountered a suicidal young woman with artifical limbs for hands, poised to leap off the top of a building. Boone's CVI identified her as Julie Payton, the orphaned daughter of famous missionary parents who were killed in a fiery car crash which also destroyed Julie's hands. After Boone talked Julie down from the building, he discussed her case with Da'an, who chose her as the first "public" recipient of experimental Taelon limb regeneration technology.

As Boone bonded with Julie, he became suspicious of the Taelon medical program and ponders why Da'an used the word "public" when referring to the decision to operate on Julie. He wondered if there were previous limb regenerations and if so, what happened to the patients. The operation on Julie proceeded and her limbs were successfully transformed. Recovering full use of her beautiful new hands, Julie viewed the experience as nothing less than a miracle, which inspired her to believe that the Companions are messengers of God. This touched off a groundswell of religious fervor, which was quickly capitalized on by Travis Murray (Peter Krantz), founder of the new Church of the Companions. He was thrilled when Julie showed up at his Church during a live on-line meeting. Boone, on the other hand, was not so happy. He questioned Julie's religious view of the Companions and doubted that Travis Murray's motives were in the girl's best interest.

Boone and Lili Marquette developed a real fondness for Julie and were determined to protect her, ready to act on a pronouncement from Jonathan Doors that she was in grave danger if anything goes wrong with the regeneration process. Prophetically, Julie's new hands began to deteriorate and she turned to Murray for help. As the Taelons discuss "isolation procedures" with FBI Agent Ronald Sandoval, Boone and Lili found Julie under the protective custody of Murray. Breaking into Reverend Murray's headquarters, they were able to spirit her out of the building. In a plan devised to ensure her long-term safety, Boone and Lili arranged for Julie to appear on a top-rated TV talk show where she announced to the world that although her operation was unsuccessful in material terms, she considered it a true miracle since it created faith and strength in her. Despite Julie's announcement, the membership of the Church of the Companions increased and in a frightening moment of complicity, Da'an complimented Murray on strengthening the Companions' message through his work with Julie.
04 Avatar
James Pike was one of the most notorious inmates of his maximum security prison -- a lawyer turned serial killer. In the dead of night, he completed a strange mural on his cell wall, painted with his own blood. The next day the guard found him dead, but as the prison physician, Dr. Kaplan, began an autopsy, Pike awakened and escaped.

William Boone and Capt. Lili Marquette were summoned to the prison following Pike's breakout. In Pike's cell, they found the whole wall filled with unknown rune-like characters and bestial images. Central among them were strange Siamese twins -- one all eye, one all mouth. And at the bottom of the wall was a huge faceless sleeping giant.

Puzzled by why he had been relegated to such "mundane" police work, Boone soon finds out that Da'an could be the killer's intended target, since James Pike is a CVI experiment gone terribly wrong. Da'an explained that the Taelons wanted to try to rehabilitate the most pathological of criminals to test the power of their CVIs, and that Pike had been implanted two years prior to his escape, programmed with a motivational imperative to love humankind.

Somehow, Pike had used his CVI to enter the private world of the Taelons, to understand their language, to break their secret codes and use the knowledge they kept hidden from Earth. The drawings in his cell were a retelling of an ancient Taelon myth, a story of evil and revenge that Pike felt he must enact. As he prepared to fulfill his destiny, Pike started a new trail of death in his first motel refuge, forcing one biker to stab another to death, and decorating their bodies with more of the strange Taelon hieroglyphs. Boone spoke to Dr. Belman about the workings of Pike's CVI and got some distressing news: Pike's implant was burning out and she couldn't be sure that all the CVIs weren't programmed with a "doomsday date causing them to self-destruct and kill their recipients.

When Boone and Pike faced off at a satellite transmission station, Boone's skrill was rendered useless. Pike attacked Boone but did not kill him. Instead, he teased him with a strange message from the Taelon myth.

Next, Pike sent a hologram transmission to taunt Boone, which Lili traced to his lair. She found Dr. Belman bound and gagged, her head shaven, with more of the strange Taelon drawings on her head. Boone went to Belman's lab, where he found a badly-wounded Agent Sandoval (Von Flores) whose skrill has been stolen by Pike.

Boone then followed Da'an to his appearance at an ecumenical conference, where Pike attempted to vaporize the Taelon with his stolen skrill. But Boone had engineered it so that Pike attacked a hologram, rather that Da'an himself. By that time, Pike deduced that Boone had also broken through his CVI. As he lay dying, he told Boone that the Taelons' world was inside the minds they gave their Implants, and urged him to look deep inside himself for the truth about why the Companions are on Earth.
05 Old Flame
At a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Companion Music Conservatory, Boone was stunned when the featured "Tubes" performer was Elyse Chapel, the first great love of his life. As soon as he set eyes on her, his Cyber Viral Implant (CVI) caused him to have tempestuous memories of their passionate love affair from his younger days. When the two met after the concert, it was obvious to Lili, Da'an and Sandoval that Boone was under the woman's spell. Boone and Elyse slipped away to the Flat Planet Cafe, where they reminisced about their past together. It was clear that Boone had never forgotten Elyse despite his great love for his late wife, Kate.

Meanwhile, in the same early hours, a sophisticated heist was under way at a nearby nuclear power plant. An armored truck was ambushed, its precious cargo of plutonium hijacked by professional terrorists. Boone and Lili were on the case the next morning, but Lili was equally concerned about Boone's involvement with Elyse. Boone put his career in jeopardy when he slipped away to meet with her a second time instead of tracking the terrorists. When Elyse stumbled into a subway shootout with the gunmen, it became apparent to everyone that Boone's judgment was being severely compromised.

Determined to save her friend, Lili turned to Augur, whose feelings for her were becoming more than just professional. Together they find out that Elyse Chapel was an FBI agent sent to test Boone's allegiance to the Taelons, and their supposed affair was just a fabricated memory in his CVI.

When Elyse played her card and told Boone she was a resistance member, he knew his proper response should have been to arrest her immediately but instead he stalled, wanting to know who was trying to destroy him. A successful take-down of the nuclear terrorists revealed the entire operation was one of Sandoval's schemes, orchestrated with Da'an's complete compliance. Delivering Elyse to Taelon headquarters where the ruse was fully revealed, Boone once again ends up the broken-hearted loner, working for both sides, but belonging to no one.
06 Float Like a Butterfly
William Boone and Lili Marquette got a call from Elijah Good, a doctor in the small Amish town of Paradise. A couple of citizens of Paradise had committed suicide, apparently suffering from "Companion Syndrome" -- a malady related to the profound displacement caused by the arrival of the Companions. Although the world had been relatively free of this ailment, the Amish are sheltered from outside influences which could have explained the delay in their experiencing it. Boone and Lili headed to Paradise, much to the chagrin of the town's elders who resented outside interference from the "English." Shortly after arriving, Boone and Lili were present at the discovery of another suicide -- a man who stood in a freezer until he froze to death. As they examined the body, his mouth opened and a butterfly flew out.

Boone asked Da'an if any Taelon experiments were being conducted in the area and got a negative reply. Elijah, Boone and Lili wanted to get to the heart of the mystery by performing autopsies on the bodies of the deceased but their request was denied by the elders, who also imposed the "Meidung" on Elijah -- which effectively shut him off from his family and the town.

Things took an even darker turn for Elijah when his wife Sarah was the next victim of the mysterious butterflies. Fortunately, he got to her before she died, but it's touch and go. While talking to Elijah's son Jedediah, Boone learned of his discovery of a "metal scarecrow" -- a mother probe. Early on, the probe absorbed a butterfly and now the town was in the grip of a plague of tiny probes shaped like butterflies.

Boone had to rush to contain the probe without letting Da'an know of its existence: if it was Taelon in origin, it would be a valuable piece of Companion hardware for the Resistance. Of course, it could have other origins. Containing it proved to be easier said than done and the butterflies swarmed to attack the shuttle, Boone and Lili. Boone lead the butterflies back to the probe and skrills them as they hover over it. The melted goop from the skrilled butterflies covered the probe and shut it down. Paradise returned to peaceful tranquillity and the Resistance got the probe which, for now, is inactive.
07 Resurrection
As millions around the world watched, coverage of the World Bowl was interrupted by Jonathan Doors and the startling announcement that not only was he still alive, he had organized a Liberation movement.

William Boone and Lili Marquette were among those left speechless by the surprise telecast. As Sandoval organized an investigation, Boone and Lili tried to locate and protect Doors. The Taelons went into overdrive and the ramifications for Da'an, who was duped by this human, were severe. He was stripped of his command and replaced by Zo'or, a more militant Taelon with a very low tolerance for humans.

Doors' second media attack on the Taelons focused on suspicious allegations of "experiments" being conducted. He specifically targeted Futurity Farm, a joint venture between the Taelons and Jonathan Doors' old company, Doors International.

While Zo'or and Sandoval arranged a cover-up, Boone worked to restore Da'an to his post as the American Companion. Boone devised a plan that simultaneously exposed the experiments as fact and caused Zo'or to lose face with the Taelons. Zo'or was out and Da'an resumed his position. Augur, whom they discover has been with the Liberation movement all along, directs Boone and Lili to Jonathan Doors -- and the new state-of-the-art underground Resistance Headquarters.
08 Horizon Zero
A long-planned international mission to Mars was unexpectedly canceled because it is "unnecessary." Da'an offered Captain Paul Chandler and his two-person crew a chance to join the Taelon inter-dimensional flight training program instead. They flatly refused and Chandler stormed out, but showed up later at the fitness course where Boone and Lili were working out.

Chandler and Lili were old friends, having met years before during F-22 flight training at Valdosta. They caught up over lunch and, mentioning Da'an's offer, Chandler convinced Lili to take him for a ride in the shuttle. The next day, the shuttle disappeared and Lili, stung by Chandler's betrayal, was called on the carpet for her actions. Da'an was unusually vehement that Chandler and the shuttle be found immediately, but was vague about the reasons why.

Boone and Lili were able to track Chandler to a farm where he and his crew were attempting to take the Taelon shuttle to Mars -- with little success. Boone brings in Augur and together they were able to overcome the Taelon-programmed navigational block. Narrowly escaping capture by Sandoval, Chandler and his crew blasted out of the Earth's atmosphere and headed for Mars. They were able to bring back evidence which explained why the Taelons were so concerned about human space exploration.
09 Scorpion's Dream
Dr. Larry Clark, a brilliant and devoted young scientist in the Companions' development lab, was heading up a research project on the Alpha series of skrills -- alien life forms bioengineered by the Taelons for use as weapons by Implants. Clark had come to love the skrills, giving them nicknames, and fretting over his "maternity" ward. When Commander William Boone arrived at Clark's lab to tell him they're closing down his project, Clark was crushed. Boone, who wore an updated form of skrill, knows exactly what kind of potential destructive threat Clark's primitive version presents. Alone in his lab, Clark dejectedly stroked the "mother" in his Alpha series, which suddenly fused to his arm. Clark slipped out of the building, but did he save the Skrill or did the Skrill use Clark to save itself?

Clark's boss, Dr. Basi, alertted Boone to the emergency. Boone called in Captain Lili Marquette to help search for Clark. Meanwhile, Dr. Clark was hanging out in a train station diner where he was attracted to a streetwise girl named Janice Green. Later, out on the train platform, Clark became aware of his skrill's awesome power when he used it to save Janice from a gang of thugs. Larry took Janice to hide away on a sailboat at a nearby marina. She eagerly accompanied him, secretly plotting to steal the Skrill in order to sell it on the black market.

Boone and Marquette tracked the fugitives to the marina, where Clark fired on Lili and escaped. Boone realized he's dealing with a walking time bomb. Clark started to slip in and out of a manic state, his physical appearance deteriorating rapidly. Janice ran away from him, only to be cornered by FBI Agent Ronald Sandoval, who wanted to kill Clark before he threatened the Taelons. Clark returned to his lab, and discovered that Dr. Basi had terminated his skrill "offspring," which threw him into a murderous rage. Boone confronted him and tried to convince him that the skrill was now controlling his every move. Clark escaped to the tunnels beneath the lab, where Sandoval planned to gas him.

Risking his own life, Boone followed Clark into the underground labyrinth, trying to get his skrill to communicate with Clark's. Ultimately, he found Clark and was able to release the scientist from his private hell.
10 Live Free or Die
Earth's foremost astronomers had gathered at a planetarium for a special appearance by Da'an, who would be making a presentation about the planet Taelon. Da'an's speech was barely under way when a spectator, who had disguised himself as disabled, released nerve gas from a canister hidden in his wheelchair.

The entire audience was quickly overcome by the fumes, including William Boone, Captain Lili Marquette and Agent Ron Sandoval. By the time the Companion security unit regained consciousness, Da'an had been kidnapped, and Sandoval immediately blamed Jonathan Doors. In reality, Da'an was captured by renegade soldiers, members of a special forces squad used in a Taelon bioengineering experiment.

Major Ray McIntyre, who released the nerve gas and leads the renegades, and Captain Lucas Johnson, were two of the volunteers in an inter-dimensional flight training program. But before they were sent out into space, the soldiers were subjected to secret experiments, changing their biology to a more Taelon-like form to withstand the bending of time and space. McIntyre and Johnson escaped while five members of their squad remain in captivity, hidden away in a military/Taelon cover-up. The men planned to force a trade for the rest of their group, holding Da'an until they could expose the conspiracy.

The Taelon Synod, however, refused to bargain for Da'an's life. Doors was concerned that Da'an's death would destroy public sympathy for the resistance and turn Da'an into a martyr. Doors orders Boone and Lili to find Da'an at all costs, and to kill the soldiers if necessary even though they could be useful converts to the resistance cause.

Meanwhile, Sandoval's implant imperative was driving him to extreme behavior in his search for Da'an. Boone and Lili worry that kidnappers and captive could all end up dead. While America prayed for Da'an's release, Augur helped Boone search for the soldiers' hideout, trying to stay one step ahead of Sandoval. Tracking the kidnappers to an abandoned warehouse, Boone found Da'an in a terribly weakened state and it was clear that the Taelon was willing his own death.

As he tried to help Da'an out of the building, Boone was captured by McIntyre and Johnson. Doors arrived on the scene to offer himself in exchange for Da'an, promising the soldiers he would find their missing men. But suddenly Sandoval arrived, accompanied by a SWAT team. Doors and McIntyre fled to the roof to escape by helicopter, but Johnson was gunned down.

Back inside the building, Boone and Sandoval begged Da'an to return to life since his essence had left his body and was floating free. Boone convinced Da'an he was needed on Earth and the Taelon re-animated himself.

After recovering from his experience, Da'an was finally able to present his astronomy lecture, but the Companion had added one more duty to his schedule. With un-Taelon-like sympathy, Da'an sat by a hospital bed, offering solace to Johnson who was comatose.
11 The Scarecrow Returns
Deep below the ground at resistance headquarters, William Boone met with two molecular biologists who were studying the alien probe captured after it wreaked havoc on an Amish community.

Sahjit Jinnah and his fiancee Rayna Armitraj used fiber optics to drill inside the probe, trying to identify its purpose. But when Boone and Sahjit left the lab, a sudden power surge caused Rayna to cut open the top of the probe. The probe responded by emitting a powerful beam which enveloped Rayna and dematerialized her piece by piece, ingesting each portion.

Unaware of the situation, Sahjit and Boone met with Doors and Auger to discuss the probe's purpose. They recalled its ability to replicate butterflies into miniature killer probes which previously killed several people. Back in the lab, the probe replicated Rayna, "birthing" two clones to take her place.

Boone met with Da'an to ask the Companion's permission to study the Taelon language, which he believed would help the resistance decode the probe's operating commands. Da'an gave his consent, and even helped Boone learn the Taelon "alphabet."

Back at resistance headquarters, Auger and Captain Lili Marquette had deciphered the probe's transmission coordinates to determine where exactly it was sending information. Oddly, the probe seemed to be trying to send information to a point on the other end of the galaxy from the planet Taelon. As they discussed their findings with Doors, Boone and Sahjit tried to communicate with the probe, when suddenly one of Rayna's clones appeared and immolated itself on the headquarter's reactor power generator. Sahjit was beside himself with grief thinking it was Rayna when the second clone appeared and attacked Lili in the lab. As the clone moved to kill Lili, the probe sent a burst of energy into the sky, relaying a transmission. The clone turned its attention to the probe and Lili was momentarily spared, although she was still trapped inside the lab.

Da'an and Agent Ron Sandoval detected the transmission and put a trace on the it to find the probe. The trace lead them into the tunnels which are the outer defense of the Resistance hideout. Boone and Sahjit worked furiously to cut a laser into the clone's force field surrounding the lab, finally getting in to blow the Rayna clone to bits. With Lili safe, they had to turn over the probe to the Taelons, who could control it, without Sandoval and Da'an finding the headquarters. To make matters worse, the probe morphed into a pile of crystal sand, and disappeared into the lab's ventilation ducts.

With Sandoval and Da'an moments from their doorstep, and Doors threatening to blow up the whole facility, Boone devised a plan to save them all. He used reactor fuel to coax the probe back to its origianl form and lead it into the tunnels. As the probe began to analyze the fuel, Da'an and Sandoval arrived. The probe turned to attack them but Da'an had obviously encountered these probes before and, with a struggle, was able to "cap" the probe with a Taelon device, finally shutting it down.
12 Sandoval's Run
During his interrogation of anti-Taelon activist Nell Hagar, Agent Ron Sandoval collapsed in intense pain with blood running from his ear. William Boone transported him to Dr. Belman who confirmed that Sandoval's CVI was breaking down, endangering his life. Da'an gave permission for the degenerating CVI to be removed because he knew it must be replaced for Sandoval to survive. Boone worried he was facing the same fate, but was soon caught up in a violent confrontation with Sandoval, who threatened Da'an and took Captain Lili Marquette hostage as he escaped on the shuttle. Sandoval's mind may have been freed from Taelon control, but he faced certain death without a new CVI.

Boone raced to save his fellow security agent because the Taelon Synod ordered Sandoval's "termination." The Synod knew that unlike Boone's, Sandoval's implant had given him the full picture of the Taelon presence on Earth and their plans for the future.

Sandoval ordered Lili to take him to the hospital where he had institutionalized his wife Dee Dee in one of his first heartless duties as a Taelon Implant. He tied Lili up in the shuttle and found Dee Dee, determined to get her to a safe place. Boone tracked Sandoval to the hospital and arrived with a SWAT team, releasing Lili from the shuttle. They confronted Sandoval as he wheeled his drugged wife out of the building and a shoot-out ensued. But Boone let Sandoval escape, even though he may only have had hours to live.

Sandoval reconciled with Dee Dee and helped her recover from the drugs in a hotel room. He then used his global to access information that would help him find Jonathan Doors and hopefully, asylum with the resistance. Boone followed Sandoval to Nell Hagar's loft, where he told Sandoval he was part of the resistance and offered to help. He took Sandoval and Dee Dee to a safe house, where Sandoval again collapsed. Dr. Belman confirmed that in order to save him, she had to turn Sandoval back into a full Implant with another fully-functional CVI, which would obliterate any trace of the person he was.

Boone told Sandoval that Dee Dee was dead, and Sandoval believed Boone had murdered her, just as he murdered Boone's wife under Taelon orders. Believing himself to be alone in the world, Sandoval underwent the operation, returning to serve Da'an and the Taelons. In reality, Dee Dee was given a new identity by the resistance. And Sandoval was changed, even as an Implant. He thanked Boone for saving his life, and although he no longer had full access to the truth behind the Taelon presence on Earth, he did reveal that the fate of humanity and the Taelons are inextricably linked. That they need humanity as much as humanity needs them.

Sandoval assumed Boone had only pretended to be part of the resistance to get him back under control and still believed Boone was a full Implant like himself. But when Boone saw Sandoval wearing Dee Dee's wedding band -- a decidedly sentimental gesture for an Implant -- Boone wondered whether Sandoval might be leading his own double life.
13 The Secret of Strandhill
The monolithic Strand Hill ruins in Ireland was one of Earth's most revered historical sites. Local tour guide and roustabout Tim O'Malley lead a group around the stone circle, then down into a passage grave. As he told the tourists the local legend of a mystical king, the ground suddenly rocked by a blast from nearby construction. As the groups fled, O'Malley saw a startling mosaic uncovered by a crumbling wall. He pocketted a fragment that has broken loose.

Word spread to the Taelons about the mosaic, which they believed was a marker for the grave of Ma'el, a Taelon scout sent to Earth thousands of years ago. The Taelon Synod ordered Da'an to step up the search for Ma'el's datalog of research, which they had so far been unable to find. The datalog's contents would determine whether the Taelons would continue to remain on Earth or move on to another planet. Da'an was forced to accept the help of his nemesis Zo'or, who the Synod appointed as Companion Representative to the United Nations.

As O'Malley schemed about selling the mosaic artifact, Siobhan Beckett, the security Implant of the United Kingdom's Companion, burst into the White Horse Tavern to arrest him. His bar mates refused to reveal O'Malley's hiding place, but Beckett promised to return. Captain Lili Marquette, William Boone and Agent Sandoval arrived at Strand Hill and began the search for Ma'el's tomb. They examined the mosaic, which showed images of Christ, Buddha and other religious leaders of the past, plus ancient Taelon writing. Boone asked Da'an to interpret the writing while plotting to find Ma'el's datalog for the resistance, knowing it would provide invaluable insight to the Taelon's agenda on Earth. But they find that O'Malley's missing piece holds the key to the Taelon riddle. Sandoval and Beckett began excavations with a sophisticated seismic survey, determined to find Ma'el's final resting place.

Boone and Lili stepped up the search for O'Malley and staged a drinking contest in the White Horse Tavern. If Boone won, the bar patrons would lead him to O'Malley and since his CVI prevents him from becoming intoxicated, O'Malley's hiding place under the bar was revealed.

Boone retrieved the missing piece of the mosaic, enabling him to decipher the last of Ma'el's riddle. Meanwhile, Sandoval and Beckett were sidetracked by an ancient Celtic grave, thinking that it was Ma'el's. But Boone and Lili found the real Taelon tomb under the White Horse Tavern. When they opened the casket, they found the datalog and a hologram of Ma'el appeared. The Ma'el hologram spoke in Taelon, and Boone translated for Lili as the alien scout urged the Synod to leave Earth alone. Ma'el stated that humans are not the cruel and aggressive beings the Taelons had believed and that given time, they would be the aliens' equals. As Lili and Boone tried to comprehend Ma'el's message, Sandoval and Beckett arrived and took the datalog to Da'an and Zo'or.

Da'an and Zo'or met with Quo'on and the Taelon Synod, where it is revealed that Ma'el has destroyed his centuries of research. After consultation, and despite Da'an's dissent, the Synod decided to proceed with their hidden agenda and their occupation of Earth.
14 Pandora's Box
As William Boone relaxed in his office, reading and listening to music, he heard a man's voice calling his name. He looked around for its source and saw a figure clad in a hospital gown across the lobby. It was Captain Lucas Johnson, a soldier who had been the victim of a failed bio-engineering experiment by the Taelons. Although the Taelons had tried to hide this failure, Johnson had escaped with other soldiers who kidnapped Da'an and plotted to expose the Taelon experiments. Johnson had been gunned down during Da'an's rescue and Boone had believed him dead.

Boone asked Dr. Belman to examine him to see if his CVI was responsible for the strange encounter with Johnson. She assured him it was not.

Captain Lili Marquette decided to help Boone and went to see Johnson's widow Maddy. Maddy told Lili that although the Taelons sent her Johnson's ashes in an urn, she was positive they were someone else's remains. She was sure Johnson was still alive and that he communicated telepathically with their son Cal. Lili took the ashes to have them analyzed, and found indeed, they did not belong to Johnson.

Meanwhile, Boone was called to Da'an's office, where he found out about a new Taelon experiment. The Taelon scientist Ne'eg was supervising the "devolution" of the scientist Rho-ha. In an attempt to understand their human hosts, Ne'eg injected Rho-ha with human genetic material and then studied his transformation. Jonathan Doors, immediately suspicious of this experiment to create a human/Taelon hybrid, suspected the Taelons of trying to engineer a cross-species of warriors. Doors contacted Major McIntyre, who had been Johnson's commander and partner in kidnapping Da'an, to help investigate this latest Taelon maneuver.

In truth, Johnson lay in a coma and the Taelons were using his genetic material to perform their biological experiment with Rho-ha.

Johnson continued to contact Boone telepathically, pleading for his help. When Boone visited Rho-ha, he saw Johnson's features ripple across the alien's face. Rho-ha also bore "the Shaqarava," ancient energy in the form of eye-shaped whorls on the palms, which the evolved Taelons no longer exhibit.

Da'an had become concerned that the experiment may have pulled Ro-hah away from the Taelon group-conciousness, the Commonality and awakened a primal evil. His fears are soon confirmed. Rho-ha took Boone and Agent Ron Sandoval into the woods for some war games, where he used his new energy with dangerous force. Boone suspects that Rho-ha had filled the emptiness of the absence of the Commonality by making a telepathic connection to Johnson, whose DNA he carried As Boone predicted, Rho-ha sneaks into Johnson's hospital room wanting to see the human warrior with whom he had telepathicly linked, and who he saught to understand. McIntyre was there waiting for him, and Rho-ha used the Shaqarava to kill him. Rho-ha then left the hospital and made his way to Johnson's house, where he held Maddy and Cal Johnson hostage. Back at the hospital, Johnson suffered a seizure and was near death.

Boone and Lili arrived at the house and attempted to capture Rho-ha. The alien attacked Lili and escaped into the woods, dragging Maddy and Cal with him. Boone pursued them, helped by the ghostly figure of Johnson. Boone fired his skrill at Rho-ha, allowing Maddy and Cal to escape back to the house. But Rho-ha overpowered Boone and was about to kill him with the Shaqarava. Back at the hospital, Johnson conveys his longing to die, and Da'an makes that possible. Johnson's death breaks Rho-ha's telepathic link and the alien is confused long enough for Boone to take him down with his skrill. Still violent and raging, Rho-ha is taken into permanent Taelon custody.
15 If You Could Read My Mind
Da'an and Zo'or were scheduled to speak at a Conference of Psychic Sciences in Boston. Just before their appearance, the Taelon Synod was shocked to discover "The Commonality," their own psychic link, had been invaded, risking exposure of their secret plans for Earth. Quo'on and the other alien leaders order Da'an to find the intruder. William Boone and Captain Lili Marquette were assigned to security detail at the conference. FBI agent Ron Sandoval accompanied the Companions to their speaking engagement, but he had secret orders from Zo'or to execute the renegade who had penetrated the Taelon's psychic bond. Katya Petrenko, a Russian clairvoyant featured at the conference, showed herself to have not only unusual psychic gifts, but an unusual interest in Boone as well. Sandoval, impressed by Katya's extraordinary powers, set out to prove her to be the psychic intruder. At the conference, Katya was introduced to Da'an and Zo'or. She confronted Zo'or, telling him the Taelons must change their approach to humans, or they will destroy both races. Zo'or was flustered as academics attending the conference want her to expand on her statement. But Katya again turned her focus to Boone, who agreed to take her to his office for a private conversation.

There Katya told Boone she had come to the conference to expose the Taelons, and that she knew about Jonathan Doors and the resistance. Boone tried to stall, not wanting to reveal himself as a double agent. Sandoval and Zo'or had decided that Katya was the person they were looking for and ordered Judson Corr, a professional assassin, to kill Katya. Corr crept into Katya's hotel room and took her hairbrush, planning to use the hair collected from it to set a target for a DNA-triggered weapon. The next day, Augur took Lili to meet one of his friends, a neighborhood psychic named Madam Marie, to find out if Katya was a phony or a Taelon plant. Although skeptical about Katya, Marie and the entire conference, Lili changed her mind when Marie revealed personal information about Lili's estrangement from her father.

When Marie met Katya at the conference, she was overwhelmed by the Russian's incredible psychic powers. Katya, however, either did not sense or chose to ignore the threat that Corr presented, even as the assassin lurked in disguise at the conference. Lili introduced Boone to Madam Marie who told him that he and Katya were somehow linked.

Katya proves her extrasensory perception by leading Boone straight to the resistance hideout. Doors was furious, until he proposed that Dr. Belman transfer Katya's knowledge of the Taelons into Boone's brain. Despite Dr. Belman's warning that the exchange could prove fatal, Katya insisted that her time on Earth was at an end, and her mission was to leave her knowledge of the Taelons behind.

When the conference resumes, Katya's premonition proved correct. Corr deployed his DNA device at the podium and Katya was overcome with poisonous fumes. Boone and Lili rushed Katya to Dr. Belman's lab, where they transfered her psychic memory and understanding to Boone. In these memories, Boone learns that the Taelon scout named Ma'el, who spent centuries on Earth during ancient time, wanted to prevent the Taelons from colonizing Earth, so he gave some humans psychic abilities.

The resistance members were astounded to learn that the Taelons were involved in altering the course of human development. But none of this special knowledge was enough to save Katya, who died when the transfer was complete.

Later, Boone met with Da'an and revealed all that he had learned from Katya. Da'an suggested that he had his own benign feelings for Earth when he agreed to keep Ma'el's "gift" to humans a secret from the rest of the Synod.
16 Wrath of Achilles
Below ground in their secret headquarters, William Boone argued with Jonathan Doors (David Hemblen) about a new resistance offensive. Augur had invented a computer virus capable of infiltrating Taelon security and shutting down all of their systems at the Washington embassy. Captain Lili Marquette loaded the virus using her shuttle controls to avoid a trace. Boone was against the operation and warned that the resistance had no way of knowing how the Taelons would react when under open assault.

The virus started to affect Taelon communications and security immediately. Agent Ron Sandoval called in Boone and Lili. Though on opposite sides regarding the virus offensive, they still had to work together in their roles as Taelon security officers. Lili took Da'an in the shuttle to an appointment in San Francisco while Boone stayed behind with Sandoval to try to stop the virus as it shut down one Taelon system after another. What the resistance failed to anticipate was that the virus would also affect everything hooked into the Taelon computer and communication system worldwide -- including Lili's shuttle. Da'an and Lili were suddenly in real danger as their shuttle lurched out of control.

Boone ordered Augur to activate the counter-virus, but they realized it was no longer feasible since the Taelon datastream was completely corrupted. As Lili prepared to crash-land the shuttle, Boone and Sandoval were also under attack as the Taelon building started to deteriorate around them. Lili crashed the shuttle into the mountains. Da'an escaped without injury, but Lili was badly hurt. Da'an saved her life by getting her out of the craft just before it exploded. When she regained consciousness, Lili is very conflicted about the fact that she owes her life to Da'an. Meanwhile, Augur raced to rework the counter-virus while the virus continued to wreak havoc all over the world. As Da'an tended to Lili's injuries, Boone and Sandoval tried to find the shuttle crash site. Lili urged Da'an to leave her behind but the Taelon refused.

Meanwhile, Doors sent out a resistance retrieval team with orders to kill Da'an if it meant saving Lili's life. Realizing the threat to Da'an, Lili showed her gratitude to him by throwing away her locator device and hiding from the search team.

Back at Taelon headquarters, Boone and Sandoval were under assault by the deteriorating building as the organic structure tried to eliminate all foreign elements. Boone refused to leave, determined to use the failing systems until he can find Lili and Da'an. Augur thought he could stop the virus, but he had to send Boone deep into the building to access the central processor. Boone and Sandoval made their way through the dangerous corridors. Meanwhile, the resistance team found Da'an and Lili. The soldiers began to question Da'an about Taelon experiments on Earth. Back at Taelon headquarters, Boone and Sandoval made it to the central processor, but Augur's plan fails. With worldwide disaster imminent, the huge Taelon mothership suddenly filled the sky, sending a wave of energy over Earth that was able to halt the virus.

When the Taelon systems were completely restored, Boone confronted Doors about the foolishness of his plan. As Da'an and Lili recuperated from their ordeal with a new appreciation for each other, Da'an invited Lili to share a Taelon form of communication. While physically touching hands, they share thoughts and feelings in an intense way that leaves them both flushed with emotion.
17 The Devil you Know
In a darkened laboratory, two military operatives examined the body of Thomas Blanchard, a career thief who was beaten brain dead in his jail cell. The body, suspended naked in a large tube, was preserved in a bluish fluid. Colonel Purcell debated with his colleague, ex-CIA agent Morris Carter, whether Blanchard was appropriate for their "purposes." Carter notes that Blanchard fit their required profile. To execute the operatives' plan, Blanchard was stretched out on an operating table, and long needles inserted into his head. The supposedly braindead patient opened his eyes, and Carter welcomed him back.

William Boone, Captain Lili Marquette and FBI agent Ron Sandoval rendezvoused at the headquarters of Doors International where they met with Anne Portnoy, who took over the company when its founder, Jonathan Doors, went underground to run the resistance movement against the Taelons. Portnoy was joined by the Taelon leaders Da'an and Zo'or. Portnoy showed the group a new piece of Taelon-engineered weaponry, an EMP device, used in information warfare. After an impromptu demonstration, Boone and Lili realized the new weapon was capable of wreaking untold havoc on Earth. Because it fired a beam which could destroy computer systems, the EMP could cause airline crashes, disable launched missiles or crumble the stock exchange. In the midst of the shock of seeing this new weapon, Lili received a phone call from her mother, Rachel Purcell, who informed Lili her father had died. Lili, who had been estranged from her father since her younger brother's suicide, took the news stoically.

Boone met with Doors and Augur to warn them about the new weapon. Together they plotted to steal the EMP to prevent the Taelons or their allies from using it against Earth. Before the resistance could make its move, the reanimated Blanchard broke into Doors International and stole the EMP. Sandoval headed up a search team to find the missing weapon, while Boone played along in his role as Implant.

This time Boone was operating for the resistance without Lili's help because Da'an had taken her off the case, ordering her to take time off to grieve over her father's death. Before anyone got a lead on the thieves, Blanchard appeared at Augur's lair offering to sell him the EMP. Augur set up a phony sale to Jonathan Doors, whom he set up as the highest bidder.

At her father's funeral, Lili and her mother tried to heal old wounds. Augur discovered the identity of the EMP seller, but Blanchard's background as a petty thief did not seem to fit the profile of a major arms dealer. Even though she had been pulled off of the case, Lili took matters into her own hands by sneaking into Blanchard's hideout, where he was waiting with Carter and another gunman. The men discovered Lili and took her hostage. Blanchard found a moment alone with Lili, and revealed to her that he is really Colonel Purcell, her father. When he explained that his mind had been transplanted into the body of a former convict, Lili refused to believe him.

Da'an revealed to Boone that the whole EMP theft was a set-up to lead the Taelons to Jonathan Doors. Boone realized the Taelons might kill Doors before he could get away to warn him of the plot. Carter and Blanchard left their hideout to make the EMP transaction at resistance headquarters. Alone with a gunman, Lili managed to overpower him and escape. Knowing that the entire resistance could be destroyed, Lili raced to the meeting with Doors. Boone and Sandoval were close to the secured site, but Boone could not reveal the secret lair to Sandoval without giving himself away; Lili was on her own. Underground in the resistance headquarters, Blanchard ambushed Doors, and a shootout ensued between the two men. Doors took a bullet in the leg, but Blanchard received a fatal shot to the chest. As he died in Lili's arms, Blanchard finally reconciled with his daughter.

She couldn't help wondering, though, how much of the man she came to know and respect was her father's mind, and how much of it was the influence of Thomas Blanchard's body.
18 Law & Order
The Taelon scientist Rho-ha was going to stand trial for murder in Washington, the first time a Companion was subjected to a human court of law. Rho-ha had allowed himself to be transfused with DNA from Army Captain Lucas Johnson in a biological experiment. The Taelon was accused of murdering Major Raymond McIntire, Johnson's commanding officer, when the soldier confronted Rho-ha in Johnson's hospital room. Rho-ha's secret experiment hadn't been revealed to the public, so Da'an appointed William Boone and Agent Ron Sandoval as Rho-ha's lawyers. Another complication for the Companions was that the prosecutor for the case was New York District Attorney Joshua Doors, the estranged son of resistance leader Jonathan Doors. Joshua Doors told reporters at the outset of Rho-ha's trial that he would seek the death penalty.

Boone and Sandoval made a shaky defense team. Boone wanted better legal counsel for Rho-ha, but Sandoval insisted there was too much sensitive information at stake to involve a non-Implant. Unbeknownst to Boone and Sandoval, there was a real security risk. Travis Perkins was a delusional Companion supporter and was determined to kill anyone who threatened Rho-ha's life. Behind the scenes, the Taelon Synod instructed Da'an that if Rho-ha received a prison sentence he must die anyway, since he knows too much and poses too great a security risk to the Taelon's presence on Earth since he was no longer part of the Taelon Commonality.

Sandoval told Rho-ha their strategy would be self-defense, since McIntire attacked Rho-ha in the hospital room first. Boone wanted to reveal the DNA experiment as proof that Rho-ha wasn't responsible for his actions because he was temporarily insane, reacting to events as a human would, in a total rage. But Sandoval vetoed the idea. Rho-ha had undergone procedures to remove the DNA from his system, but he admits he is not entirely rid of Captain Johnson's hatred and rage.

On the first day of the trial, the Taelon Zo'or ordered Sandoval to place him on the jury. Sandoval succeeded, but Joshua Doors had his own ace up his sleeve. Lili Marquette, a partial witness to the murder, was ready to testify for the prosecution. When Lili and Joshua discussed strategy, they experienced a surprising undercurrent of attraction and Joshua decided to confide in Lili about his troubled relationship with his father. Once on the stand, Lili bolstered Joshua's case, though Boone diminished her testimony through cross-examination.

When Rho-ha took the stand, Joshua confronted him about the secret DNA experiment and Rho-ha become enraged and lunged for Joshua, threatening to kill him. The entire courtroom saw Captain Johnson's features ripple across Rho-ha's contorted face. When court recessed, the psychopath Perkins, enraged at Joshua's treatment of Rho-ha, attempted a suicide bombing to kill the prosecutor. But Perkins was foiled because Joshua was inaccessible, surrounded by reporters and his bodyguard Willie.

The entire world was talking about the Taelon's secret DNA experiments and the revelation works in Rho-ha's favor, since the consensus on the jury was that he wasn't responsible for his actions. The jury was ready to acquit him when Zo'or made his own revelations to seal Rho-ha's fate. He told the jury members that Taelons are impervious to bullets and, reverting to his blue energy state, showed them that Taelons cannot be shot to death. The jury now believed that Rho-ha was never in any real danger and reversed their decision, sentencing the Taelon to death. Outside the courthouse, Joshua discusses the verdict with reporters when Perkins reappeared. He grabbed Joshua, ready to detonate his explosives, but Boone fired his skrill, blasting Joshua out of harm's way. Perkins set off the detonator, killing himself and Joshua's bodyguard.

Joshua met with Boone again in court to respond to Boone's motion that the death penalty be set aside. In a last attempt to save Rho-ha's life, Boone argued that the death penalty could only be applied to human verdicts and defendants since humanity doesn't have the right to decide to kill an alien whom they know so little about. Boone succeeded in delaying the sentence, but the aliens had already decided their own path of justice. In a Taelon ceremony, Rho-ha released his life energies, an act of altruism the Taelons not only understand, but expect.
19 Through the Looking Glass
The Taelons introduced interdimensional travel for human customers. Jamie Sims, a young deaf-mute boy, and his mother Anna, were two of their customers en route to New York. They entered the interdimensional portal at the Los Angeles airport, but something went wrong during their journey. Anna arrived in New York, but Jamie was missing. William Boone and Agent Ron Sandoval arrived to calm the hysterical mother and find her son. They were well aware that there would be mass hysteria if Anna told the press about the accident. Dr. Walken, the scientist in charge of the portal, seemed equally unnerved by Jamie's disappearance. As Sandoval threatened Anna into silence, Jamie reappeared in the portal, disoriented but unharmed. All were shocked when Jamie, suddenly able to speak and hear, called out to his mother.

The Taelon Synod was in an uproar about the witnesses to Jamie's disappearance and transformation, knowing they posed a greater risk of exposure. Da'an (Leni Parker) faced off with Zo'or about the real reason the Taelons had offered interdimensional travel to humans. Selected people were being whisked out of interdimensional stasis for experiments and fertilization. For the time being, the Synod backed Zo'or but Da'an had grave misgivings about the Companions' new activities.

In the meantime, Boone took Jamie to be examined by Dr. Christine Park, a resistance collaborator. Dr. Park discovered that Jamie had been implanted with an immature CVI, just powerful enough to restore his missing senses. Boone realized the Taelons were harvesting humans for experimentation. Unexpectedly, Boone's sister Sarah, in town on job interviews, announced she was three months pregnant. Learning that she travelled through the interdimensional portal, Boone was alarmed. Was Sarah pregnant from her last relationship, or had the Taelons somehow impregnated her? Before Boone could get answers from Dr. Walken, he discovers the doctor had apparently committed suicide.

In reality, Sandoval's men had killed Walken, who was ready to go public about the Taelon conspiracy. Working with Captain Lili Marquette, Boone was able to find Walken's hidden records, which gave him unauthorized entry into the interdimensional portal. After meeting with Jonathan Doors and Augur, the resistance agreed to let the research scientist Sahjit Jinnah pose as a decoy. They're sure he'd be selected by the Taelons since his high I.Q. made him an appealing subject. As the resistance prepared for their infiltration, Boone asked Sarah to see Dr. Park to find out if her pregnancy had been affected by the Taelons. Dr. Park had also outfitted Sahjit with a tracking device so the resistance could monitor him wherever he went in interdimensional travel. At the same time, Sahjit would remain conscious through his travels, unlike other passengers.

As predicted, Sahjit was chosen by the Taelons and was brought to a secret laboratory where he saw other subjects suspended in stasis as the Taelons pursued their studies. Frightened by being cut from his link to underground headquarters, he escaped into the surreal surroundings, completely alone.

Meanwhile, Dr. Park informed Sarah that she was not three months pregnant, but had been fertilized with a fast-developing fetus during her transportation. Overwhelmed, Sarah fled. In search of his sister, Boone entered the portal where he met Sandoval, who had been alerted that one of the Taelons' subjects had escaped. Upon their arrival at the Taelon lab, Boone and Sandoval saw the dozens of human experimentation subjects including, to Boone's horrific surprise, Sarah. Zo'or confirmed that Sarah was implanted with a Taelon engineered fetus and Boone had to feign implant disinterest while trying to save both his sister and Sahjit. Unsuccessful in his attempts, Sarah suddenly disappeared through the portal and Sandoval captured Sahjit, who discovered that the Taelon lab was actually based on the moon.

Sahjit was brought to Taelon headquarters where he was grilled by Sandoval, Zo'or and Da'an, who suspected his connection to Doors and the Resistance. When Sahjit refused to cooperate he was sent back to the Taelon lab by Zo'or to be tortured.

Unobserved, Da'an placed a tiny device on the back of Sahjit's neck. Although a group of Resistance operatives attempted to free Sahjit, Sandoval managed to drag him into the interdimensional portal. But at the end of the journey, Sandoval found himself in the Taelon lab without Sahjit, who had mysteriously arrived safely in Los Angeles. Upon examination, the Resistance discovered the device Da'an secretly affixed to him. Boone and Lili discussed Sahjit's theory that Da'an deliberately helped Sahjit escape by giving him this device that masked his genetic code while in the portal.

Lili located Sarah in a Los Angeles hospital and Boone, concerned for his sister's well-being, took her to Dr. Park who confirmed that Sarah had lost her baby. Boone now realized the fetus was harvested during interdimensional stasis. As he said goodbye to his sister, Boone knew he had not fully convinced her that her pregnancy was part of a Taelon experiment.

Still trying to learn more about the Taelon agenda, Boone met again with Jamie Sims, who was still enjoying his newfound gifts of hearing and speech. Jamie, as planned by the Companions, was registered to study at the Taelon Science Academy. Although Jamie had benefited from the Taelons' experiments, Boone remained deeply concerned about the future of all who have traveled through the portal.
20 Infection
It was code red at a Taelon research laboratory when Ne'eg succumbs to a devastating virus which was the result of being infected by an airborne agent while working around an alien probe. Kee'shaa, the Taelon in charge of medical security, was helpless in trying to save his colleague. Even the steely Zo'or is unnerved by Ne'eg's horrible condition. William Boone, Agent Ron Sandoval and Da'an arrived at the facility in time to see Ne'eg's gruesome demise. Unable to fight the virus, the Taelon's blue energy field waxed a deep greenish gold until his entire being crystalized and crumbled. The fact that the Companions had no defense against the biological onslaught warned Boone that the entire human race was at risk.

Boone reported back to the resistance members, who were horrified at the infection's implications for Earth. Jonathan Doors was certain that the Taelons were conducting germ warfare and that Ne'eg was an unexpected casualty. Boone argued that the virus was a totally unknown agent since a Taelon was the first to die. While the fate of Earth and the Taelon race hung in the balance, another war was about to break out. The Brotherhood of the White Race had gained new strength and membership since the Taelons' arrival. Looking for a way to spread its message of hate, the group targeted the community of Lincoln Hills, the brainchild of the Reverend Billy Mitchell, a black activist who transformed the abandoned military base into a haven for the destitute and homeless. As journalist Albert Cooper broadcast an exclusive report from the compound, the white supremacists, led by Steven Burton and his son Charles planned their attack. The supremacists descended on Lincoln Hills, burning, looting and terrifying the residents. The Brotherhood was caught in their horrendous act, but their next attack on the community would prove deadly.

Dr. Belman worked with Augur to crack the mystery of the alien virus, which the resistance learned was engineered to kill. Unbeknownst to the Taelons, who were trying to contain the lethal germ in their lab, a member of the Brotherhood, Robert Howard, had joined their research team. Putting untold millions at risk, Howard stole a vial of the virus, identified as Athens "A" Culture. Meanwhile, the men who attacked Lincoln Hills had been sentenced to do community service as residents of the compound. Unbeknownst to Captain Lili Marquette, who delivered Howard and the others to Lincoln Hills, the Brotherhood planned to release the stolen virus and exterminate the compound's entire population. When they poured the stolen vial into the center's drink dispenser, the Lincoln Hills pandemic begins.

Within hours, residents fell sick with the virus. Dr. Belman raced against time to find a vaccine, but the outbreak wasn't confined to Lincoln Hills since the virus was airborne on the Taelon Mother Ship. Boone, Zo'or, Da'an, Sandoval and Quo'on were also infected and hours away from an excruciating death. Lincoln Hills had to be put under total quarantine or Earth's entire population would succumb. In an awesome gesture of cooperation, the Taelons placed their Home Ship over the compound, hoping to seal it off with a protective energy field.

The Taelon maneuver fails, however, and the virus began to spread around the globe. In a flash of inspiration, Boone volunteered to use his CVI to increase his metabolism to create the first antibodies against the virus. Dr. Belman knew Boone was offering his life since the procedure could easily kill him. When it seemed that Boone would die before antibodies filled his bloodstream, Da'an lay his hands on Boone, sending energy coursing through Boone's body. Boone survived. Dr. Belman and Lili inoculated the Lincoln Hills patients and the vaccine was distributed throughout the world, stopping the infection. Dr. Belman was even able to alter the vaccine for use among the Taelons, although many were uncomfortable accepting it -- including Zo'or.

Working together, humans and Taelons had conquered the virus -- but had their cooperation changed the Taelons in unknown ways? And what was the real origin of the probe which almost killed both species?
21 Destruction
As Augur entertained a date, a holographic image of Rayna, the resistance scientist who had been consumed by the alien probe, appeared at the foot of his bed. The probe was now back in Taelon hands in a remote Russian outpost. Rayna told Augur that the Taelons had decoded the probe's secrets and were about to find out everything about the liberation movement. Augur was shocked at Rayna's appearance and message since the resistance thought she was dead.

The holographic Rayna explained that her DNA was inside the probe and that her essence lived on. But as the Taelons dismantled the probe, they were also destroying Rayna's new entity and causing her incredible pain. She told Augur he had to retrieve the probe in order to save the resistance.

Meanwhile, Joshua Doors, son of resistance leader Jonathan Doors, had been appointed the first Secretary of Human/Taelon Relations. The American President's Chief of Staff, Cy Vincent joined Da'an to welcome Joshua to his new cabinet level position, but it soon became clear to an agitated Agent Ron Sandoval that the younger Doors would be a very aggressive liaison between the two races.

After hearing about Rayna's message, liberation scientist Sahjit Jinnah, Rayna's grieving fiance, was determined to get access to the probe to bring her back alive. But the Taelon lab was under the aliens' highest security, virtually impenetrable. Augur knew a specialist, Michael Sloane, who he believes can get underground operatives inside the compound. Sloane was a highly decorated former soldier, an honorable renegade who would take up someone else's fight -- if the money was right.

Joshua Doors continued to push the Taelons for more open dealings, but was frustrated by Sandoval at every turn. Joshua was equally frustrated in his blossoming relationship with Lili (Lisa Howard), who wants to take things slowly. For the time being, she was completely focused on getting to the probe.

Inside the Taelon lab, Kee'sha used a data miner which unleashed the images stored in the probe's memory, including scenes from the resistance hideout. Kee'sha began to download the information. At resistance headquarters, Sahjit tried to use his computer to access the probe when Rayna's face flashed onto the screen.

Rayna warned the rest of the resistance members that the probe was about to reveal all. She worked with the team to manipulate the probe's weapons systems from inside and succeeded in vaporizing Kee'sha.

As the resistance team prepared for their assault on the lab, Joshua Doors met with Quo'on on board the Taelon mothership. Joshua pushed Quo'on to tell the truth about the probe and the devastating virus it released on Earth, but Quo'on remained enigmatic, promising only to ask the Synod about divulging more information.

Using a variety of sophisticated devices, Sloane, Lili, Boone and Sahjit break into the Taelon compound with the goal of disabling the probe. Sahjit inserted into the probe a computer program specially designed to replicate Rayna, who then emerged from the probe in an aura of light. Rayna was back in human form, although she now had an alien biology. As the team programed the probe to self-destruct, the Taelon security forces attacked. Sahjit was mortally wounded, but the team was able to get him back on the shuttle just as the Taelon facility explodes. Sahjit died on board, cradled in Rayna's arms. The loss of their friend and compatriot deeply affected the team, enough for Lili to call Joshua, perhaps for her own chance at love.
22 The Joining
The Argonaut, a sophisticated naval salvage ship, hovered above a sunken ship out at sea. Captain Claude Bertrand had brought his crew to excavate a gold treasure, but what they found was a strange, radiant canister, hidden underneath the hold. Back on land, Bertrand stored his discoveries inside a secured warehouse. One of his crewmen, a young sailor named Randy, returned with a group of thieves to steal the treasure. Intrigued by the canister, Randy opened it and a green glowing tenticle shoots from the container and grabs him by the face. An alien being known as Ha'gel has been freed of his prison canister. Ha'gel assumed the form of Randy, leaving his victim's body behind, a crystalized husk. Randy's friends saw the transformation and drew their guns. Ha'gel released his shaqarava energy, blasting them into a million pieces. At Taelon headquarters, Da'an was relaxing in an energy shower when he bolted upright. The Taelon consciousness had been invaded by an intruder. The Taelons know Ha'gel had arrived.

The next day, William Boone was called to the crime scene by his friend Sgt. Morovsky. Boone realized they were up against an unknown alien killer when he saw Taelon writing on Ha'gel's empty canister. Ha'gel, "wearing" Randy's identity, went to a bar, the Flat Planet Cafe, in fact, where he picked up a young woman. He took her back to her loft where he performed an alien mating ritual. The energies that Ha'gel/Randy released are so intense that they shattered the apartment and killed the woman. At the crime scene the next day, Boone and Morovsky were astounded at the destruction in the apartment, but the absence of trauma to the victim left them confused. They took the woman's body to Dr. Park, a Resistance sympathizer, who has already examined the real Randy's "husk" and was shocked to realize he wasn't dead.

As the resistance members tried to find out more about Ha'gel from the Taelons, all they would tell Boone was that the alien was the last of a criminal caste, the end of his genetic strain. What the Taelons were hiding is that Ha'gel was the only survivor of a race which saved the Taelons from extinction, only to be destroyed by the Taelons themselves. Afraid that Earth would learn the truth, Quo'on and Zo'or enlisted Lt. Siobhan Beckett, the English Companion's Implant, to help eliminate Ha'gel. She had been following her own agenda, determined to prove Lili was working for the underground.

The police force was also enlisted to help hunt down Ha'gel -- a move that outraged Boone, since only a skrill would be effective against the alien. Ha'gel/Randy was confronted by uniformed officers as they searched for him. Ha'gel blasted two police cars with his shaqarava, and secretly assumed the identity of Officer Reed.

In Dr. Park's lab, Randy re-entered his body, but was unable to recall anything about his transformation. Ha'gel, now appearing as Reed, was at the scene of the shoot-out where Agent Ron Sandoval and had joined the investigation. Ha'gel/Reed leads Sandoval into the alley and assumed the FBI agent's identity in the same bizarre transformation.

Beckett had stepped up her efforts to entrap of Lili and trailed her to the church above resistance headquarters. Unaware she was being followed, Lili entered the secret passageway. Uncertain of the exact location of the passageway, Beckett summoned Sandoval to the church. Unbeknownst to Beckett, Sandoval was now really Ha'gel. Underground, the resistance members realized Beckett is on the threshold of discovering their headquarters and they send for Boone.

Meanwhile, Ha'gel/Sandoval brought Beckett under his power and performed his mating ritual with her in the church. Beckett was finally left crumpled on the floor. Boone arrived and realized that Ha'gel had taken over Sandoval's body. Boone confronted Ha'gel/Sandoval as Lili pulled Beckett to safety inside the Resistance headquarters. Ha'gel/Sandoval fired on Boone as Boone tried to convince him that they were on the same side. Just as Ha'gel/Sandoval started to respond to Boone, Morovsky arrived with the police force. In the shoot-out that followed, Boone killed Ha'gel, but was badly wounded himself. Sandoval re-entered his body unharmed, but Boone's life remained hanging in the balance. Beckett survived the joining with Ha'gel, but was unconscious and remained sheltered in Resistance headquarters, now pregnant with the alien's offspring.

Zo'or, Quo'on and Da'an debated the future of the Taelons on Earth. Then Zo'or and Sandoval went to Boone, who was on futuristic life support in a huge tank of blue fluid. As Sandoval watched, Zo'or eliminated Da'an's right-hand-man and friend, Boone.

2nd Season

No. Title / Synopsis
23 First of its Kind
After his battle with the alien renegade Ha'gel, William Boone's life hung precariously in the balance. Ha'gel was the last of the Kimera, a race that was a genetic predecessor to the Taelons. But before he was killed, Ha'gel fathered an offspring when he "joined" with the Taelon Security Implant Siobhan Beckett.

Beckett was captured by the Liberation and while in their headquarters, she gave birth to a baby boy. She insisted that he be named Liam. Resistance members took the child from his mother and watched as he miraculously "morphed" into a full-grown adult in a matter of hours -- his first words were his insistence that his name was Liam.

The Resistance doctor, Melissa Park, reprogrammed Beckett's CVI-enhanced memory so that she had no recollection of the birth and her other experiences at Liberation headquarters. They released her back into the world to resume her duties protecting the Taelons.

Meanwhile, an alien probe that first killed, then took on the form of Resistance member Rayna, emerged from its hiding place within the Resistance. It barged into a space communications center and began sending a signal into deep space. Rayna then transformed completely back into the alien probe.

At the same time, Agent Ron Sandoval broke the news to Captain Lili Marquette that William Boone died from the injuries he sustained while fighting Ha'gel. Da'an knew that, in reality, Zo'or had Boone eliminated.

The Resistance had to faced the threat of the alien probe without Boone, but Liam -- fully grown and possessing the memories of his ancestors -- stepped up to get the Resistance through this dark hour.

At Boone's funeral, the probe appeared and assassinated the Taelon Synod leader Quo'on, turning on Da'an as its next target. Liam rescued Da'an, who, in return, chose him as his personal protector. Da'an perceived that beneath Liam's human exterior, he had links to the Taelons. For this reason, Da'an permitted Liam to forgo a CVI implant, making Zo'or highly suspicious.

As Zo'or and Da'an struggled over who would replace Quo'on as leader of the Taelon Synod, Secretary of Taelon/Human relations, Joshua Doors (William De Vry), traveled to the Mother Ship to find out about any danger to humanity from Quo'on's assassin. The Taelons told him about the Jaridians, an alien race that was hunting the Taelons to destroy them -- and would destroy Earth when they arrived. However, both the President of the United States and the Taelon Synod refused to let Joshua Doors go public with the information, fearing panic in the streets. The Taelons and their security agents set a trap for the replicant, although unbeknownst to Liam and Da'an, Zo'or and Sandoval sabotaged the plan so that Da'an would be killed. The un-implanted protector, Liam, would take the blame.

The replicant continued its hunt for Taelons and found that Da'an was the only one still on the planet -- as bait. Liam was at Da'an's office waiting to destroy it. He soon discovered that Da'an's escape route had been blocked and they were left alone with insufficient means to stop the alien probe. When everything looked blackest, Liam reaches deep within himself and found that his alien heritage had left him with an advantage.

Liam was able to turn the replicant's deadly force back on itself by redirecting its weapon blast with his Shaqarava, an ancient power primitive Taelons were able to emit from their palms. Da'an saw for certain that Liam was part alien, but he kept the knowledge to himself. Da'an needed all the allies he could found when it was announced that the Synod chose his arch enemy Zo'or as their new leader.
24 Atavus
Augur was given the job of keeping Major Liam Kincaid out of trouble. They spent time in Augur's loft watching a surveillance monitor trained on the Flat Planet Café, which Augur revealed he owned. Later, they enter the bar where they met up with Captain Lili Marquette and Kwai-ling. Lili teased the flirtatious Augur, saying that his overtures would never compete with her "joining" experience with Da'an, which enveloped her in the Taelon Commonality. Baited by Lili's comments, Augur returned to his lair and, using his sophisticated computer, found his own way to tap into the Taelon Commonality. He was immediately overwhelmed by the psychic sensations, unaware that his trespassing severed Da'an's own link to the Commonality.

Da'an was in his office with Zo'or when his connection to the Commonality was broken. Da'an transformed into a hideous monster, a primitive ancestor of the Taelon species. He pushed past a startled Lili who just arrived on the scene and disappeared into the night. Zo'or informed Sandoval and Liam that Da'an regressed into an Atavus, a dangerous killer they must track down and destroy.

Meanwhile, Augur, oblivious to the turmoil he created, stayed in his loft tapped into the Commonality, with a computer hologram that looked an awful lot like Lili monitoring his "visit." The real Lili refused to accept that Da'an could not be saved, but Zo'or insisted there was no way to reverse his regression. Agent Ron Sandoval insisted that she stop thinking of the Atavus as Da'an, and concentrate on eliminating the beast before it started killing. But the Atavus had already claimed its first victim -- a mugger it encountered in the heart of the city. The Atavus moved on to claim its second victim. The Atavus "consumed" the hunter in a shower of light, leaving only his withered corpse behind.

Liam and agent Siobhan Beckett joined Lili in the search for the Atavus, which they realized was heading straight for Augur's loft. What they didn't know was that Da'an was still inside the beast, and was trying to regain his lost link to the Commonality through the harmonic signal, which he traced to Augur. The agents converged on Augur's loft at the same time the Atavus arrived, and Sandoval was badly wounded during the ensuing melee. Lili was able to cover Sandoval and save Augur, but the Atavus disappeared into the night. The Atavus completely destroyed Augur's computer system, and Lili realized the only way to draw it out of hiding was to recreate the Commonality "harmonic" at Liberation headquarters.

Beckett stayed in the hospital with the injured Sandoval, while Liam, Lili and Augur presented their plan to Resistance leader Jonathan Doors, who was outraged at the threat to their security. Doors finally backed down at Liam's insistence on saving Da'an. They set up the equipment to lure the Atavus toward Liberation headquarters, where another shoot-out ensued in the church yard above ground. Beckett arrived and wounded the Atavus with her skrill, while Lili tried to reach out to Da'an's essence inside the beast. Liam arrived at Lili's side, and was able to approach, palms raised and Shaqarava glowing. The Commonality harmonic emanating from Liam penetrated the Atavus as he clasps hands with him and in an explosion of unearthly light and energy, the Atavus changed back into Da'an.

Da'an was unscathed by his nightmare transformation, but the same can't be said of the relationship between Liam and Doors. The Liberation leader, ready to expel Liam from the group, waited to confront Liam upon his entering the hideout. But Doors and the Resistance members were astounded when Liam walked in, not alone, but with Da'an, thus opening a new chapter in their struggle against the Taelon occupation.
25 A Stitch in Time
Major Liam Kincaid and Agent Ron Sandoval were on security duty before the opening of a major museum exhibit commemorating the Taelons' arrival on Earth. Liam admired a Taelon archway, which suddenly began to hum and glow. When he placed his palm against a symbol imbedded in the structure, he suddenly disappeared into the archway. Almost immediately, Liam was ejected from the archway, landing dazed and confused on the museum floor.

He realized that time had elapsed in his absence, and the strange experience made him worried about his friends. Liam raced to Liberation headquarters where he was horrified to found the entire group lying dead on the floor, victims of a gun battle. He accessed the computer to found out that two days had passed since he disappeared in the archway. Returning to the museum, he re-entered the archway and went back in time two days, reappearing in the present, but terrified of what he'd seen in the future.

Zo'or instructed Sandoval to found out more about the suspicious bond between Liam and Da'an. Zo'or and Sandoval proceeded to a medical research center where a major clinical breakthrough pioneered by Dr. Jeremy Brill was being announced. Brill was able to manipulate brain waves to cure mental illness. But it soon became obvious that the Taelons were forcing him to use the procedure in reverse, causing paranoia and mental breakdown in other patients.

Liam sought out Augur, who was the one person missing from the massacre at Liberation headquarters. Augur told Liam to trust no one until they could pinpoint the murderer. But Liam had a disturbing dream which revealed him to be the killer, leaving him completely distraught and fearing his complex alien/human makeup would cause him to turn on his friends.

Liberation leader Jonathan Doors, highly suspicious of Liam ever since he brought Da'an to their sanctuary, was growing increasingly agitated and paranoid, alarming Captain Lili Marquette. Lili was even more worried when Augur told her Liam believed he was destined to kill them. Liam, in turn, sought out Da'an for help, trying to found out if he could change the future by using the power of the his Kimeran forefathers.

We soon learn that Zo'or, in an attempt to destroy Liam, was beaming dangerous brain wave emissions to him from the Taelon mother ship. Augur discovered the Taelon offensive and tried to reach Liam, who, acting increasingly out of control, was back on security detail at the museum exhibit. Lili confided in Doors about Liam's dream of the massacre, but instead of offering support, Doors demanded that Resistance members shoot Liam on sight. Liam flew his shuttle to the Taelon mother ship, trying to get more information on the brain wave experiment, and was horrified to learn that he was indeed one of the targets.

Liam went back to his quarters and was preparing to commit suicide using the Shaqarava, when Augur stopped him with some startling news. Augur revealed that when Liam was born, he copied Doors' DNA to give Liam an adult identity on Earth, meaning that Doors was the real target of the deadly brain waves. The two men recognize the danger to Resistance members who were locked underground with Doors. They raced to the hideout, broke through security and, in a hail of bullets, Liam disabled Doors, who had been driven to madness by the Taelon brain wave emissions.

Liam convinced the others to sedate Doors, who was brought back to sanity with a reverse program created by Augur. A disaster avoided, Augur took possession of the Taelon archway, keeping the structure and its secrets in his control.
26 Dimensions
Major Liam Kincaid took Augur on a clandestine trip on a Taelon shuttle to show him how the spacecraft worked. Unbeknownst to them, Liberation leader Jonathan Doors had sabotaged the craft, planning to kill Liam. Although Doors found out Augur was on board, he refused to abort his plans. An explosion while they are in interdimensional space made the craft veer out of control and the shuttle crash landed in a strange wilderness area. While their surroundings indicated they were still on Earth, Liam and Augur found themselves in a strange parallel dimension where they were suddenly confronted by an armed brigade.

Leading the soldiers was a beautiful woman named Maiya, a commander among her Imerian people. As Maiya prepared to take her prisoners back to the camp, the group was confronted by Taelon fighters. The Imerians used strange weaponry to defeat the Taelon troops, with Liam making a daring maneuver to save Maiya's life. The prisoners were then taken back to Maiya's Imerian home base, where they were introduced to her husband Jason, who was also the Imerian's spiritual leader. Liam and Augur were stunned to see that Jason was a parallel identity of Taelon protector, Agent Ron Sandoval.

Back on Earth, Da'an and Zo'or were embroiled in another confrontation about the Taelons' plans to enslave and bio-engineer their human hosts. Sandoval informed Da'an and Zo'or that Liam's craft had disappeared. In the parallel dimension, Liam and Augur investigated the Imerian's technology, which was remarkably advanced in contrast to their primitive way of living. They discovered the Imerians were fighting a Taelon invasion led by another Imerian warrior woman, Kayla, who was the parallel version of Lili Marquette.

Kayla's troupe overpowered the Imerian defenders and took everyone prisoner aboard the Taelon mother ship where the parallel Zo'or was in charge. Liam and Augur managed to escape back to the shuttle, but Augur was captured by another Taelon contingent. He was taken aboard the mother ship and met the parallel dimension's Da'an. Augur tried to convince Da'an that on their own Earth, he was a benevolent Taelon who respected humanity. Meanwhile, Liam met up again with Maiya who had escaped from the massacre and they flew the damaged shuttle to the mother ship to rescue their friends. Once on board, Liam and Maiya were quickly detected and taken to the Taelon leaders for questioning. As Kayla interrogated Maiya, we learned they were sisters, estranged by their different allegiances. Liam was taken to the parallel Da'an, who sensed the truth in Liam's story of another reality on a different Earth and agreed to help the travelers return to their world.

Augur managed to repair the shuttle sufficiently for interdimensional flight as Maiya, Jason, Liam and the other Imerians made it back to the spacecraft. As Kayla and her forces confronted the fugitives at the landing bay, Jason was mortally wounded. The parallel Da'an let Liam and Augur leave, along with Maiya who insists on joining them because of her promise to the dying Jason to honor their debt to Liam. Liam and Augur try to convince the Imerians to let them help in the impending assault. The Imerians discover evidence that Liam is a Companion agent. Jason had them imprisoned, but then decided to set them free in exchange for saving Maiya's life. Liam and Augur made their way back to their damaged shuttle with the hope of repairing it and returning to Earth, but Liam decided instead to return to the Imerian camp to help fend off the Taelon attack.
27 Moonscape
Augur was in Russia attempting to buy top research secrets from a failed research scientist named Dr. Smerdyakov when the two men were captured by the police. Back in America, Augur's computer-generated companion, a holographic Captain Lili Marquette, received his distress signal and alerted Major Liam Kincaid. When Liam consulted with Da'an, he learned that Augur and Smerdyakov had been convicted of treason by a Russian court and sentenced to die. The men sat in a jail cell awaiting execution when a mysterious figure appeared. The imposing man, Lazarus, told them that they would be spared if they "cooperated." When both men consented, Lazarus whisked them away to a Taelon scientific facility.

Meanwhile, Agent Ron Sandoval spots the Imerian warrior and Liberation operative, Maiya, in a cafe. She stops cold at the sight of Sandoval, mistaking him for her dead husband Jason, his double in her parallel world. Something about the woman took Sandoval aback and he pursued Maiya, who fled. Sandoval, curiously attracted to Maiya, found her, but she ran away from him again at the sight of his skrill. When Lili Marquette later met up with Sandoval, he ordered her to trace the mysterious Maiya, putting the whole Liberation movement at risk.

Augur and Smerdyakov, still detained in a cell on board the mother ship, watched a pre-taped message from Zo'or which informed them that they were part of a bio-engineering project to create a warrior species capable of fighting the Jaridians. Lazarus put Augur through a series of tests to determine if he was a suitable candidate, even though Lazarus himself seemed to be suffering painful memories of his own indoctrination. Da'an and Liam arrived at the mother ship to inspect the project. Da'an challenged Zo'or about the morality of his plan. When the Synod leader could not be swayed, Da'an sent Liam into the facility to free Augur. It soon became apparent to Liam that Augur had already been programmed to become a killing machine. Liam sensed that Lazarus, who had admitted to being the program's first subject, was conflicted about the project. Curiously, Lazarus also seemed to know a lot about Augur and Da'an.

On Earth, Lili and Maiya tried to keep Sandoval off Maiya's trail by finding her Earth "double". Scanning through computer records, they found her to be Isabel Martinez, an anthropologist currently working in the Amazon basin.

Maiya astounded Lili when she made the connection that since Maiya and Kayla (Lili's double in the alternate dimension) were sisters, then Isabel must be Lili's sister on Earth.

Back on board the mother ship, Zo'or, Sandoval, Liam and Da'an watched as Augur was pitted against another bio-engineered subject. Both Augur and his opponent were programmed to see each other as virtual Jaridians. Only after a violent battle does Augur realize he had been fighting Smerdyakov, whose mind had been transplanted into a young, healthy body.

Suddenly, Smerdyakov collapsed as his new body rejected the transplants. When the subjects were removed from the battleground, Lazarus transferred Smerdyakov back into his old body and began to plot against the Taelon project.

Liam later snuck into Augur's cell to help him remember his real identity so he would want to return to his friends in the Liberation. Lazarus burst into the room, but instead of fighting Liam, he helped him heal Augur. When they finally succeeded, Lazarus took Augur to a space shuttle and instructed Liam to get Da'an off the mother ship. In the medical laboratory, Smerdyakov had used the computer to deprogram the Taelon virtual glass barrier, setting off the destruction of the mothership. As alarms went off, Sandoval prepared to evacuate Zo'or. Lazarus appeared, armed, and announced they would all die in the impending Armageddon.

Augur was ready to fly to safety, but his sense of honor compelled him to rescue Liam from the mothership. He hurried to a computer console where he hacked away, repairing the virtual glass shield with only seconds to spare. A Taelon guard burst into the room and fired at Lazarus, who died in Liam's arms as the destruction countdown stopped. Augur then fled to safety on Earth.

With the mothership saved, Sandoval called Lili to demand results on the search for Maiya. Lili told Sandoval that the woman he was searching for was an anthropologist named Isabel Martinez, and that her whereabouts were unknown, as she roamed the globe on her scientific surveys. Sandoval was uncharacteristically emotional as he commanded Lili to find her, leaving Lili staring at Sandoval's computer screen, wondering if this elusive Isabel was actually her sister.
28 The Sleepers
Deep in the Australian outback, a scientist discovered a miniature space probe, which emitted a violent pulse of energy, killing the scientist. Meanwhile, on the Taelon mother ship, alien scientists were trying to trace a probe which sent out a frequency that had disrupted the Taelon Commonality. Without their shared psychic connection, the Taelons' life forces would be depleted, eventually killing all members of their race. The Taelon Synod leader, Zo'or, ordered Agent Ron Sandoval to do a worldwide "sweep" of suspected Resistance members, putting the American Liberation movement in jeopardy.

At the Flat Planet Cafe, Augur held a spirited debate about material wealth with Maiya, who was working as a bartender at the Liberation hang out. Suddenly, riot police, led by Sandoval and Captain Lili Marquette, swarm the cafe. Sandoval, shocked to see Maiya, was drawn to her even in the midst of the pandemonium. He was furious with Lili, who lied to him about Maiya's whereabouts. Lili had tried to hide Maiya's true identity as an Imerian warrior from another dimension. Sandoval had been led to believe that Maiya was an anthropologist named Isabel Martinez who worked in Peru. In fact, Isabel was Maiya's double on Earth.

Augur and Maiya were taken away with the other suspected Resistance members and imprisoned in a Taelon jail. Lili and Sandoval followed the prisoners and witnessed them being cut down by an energy force and taken to a lab in comatose states. Major Liam Kincaid confronted Da'an who admits the Taelons had begun "harvesting" their captives' psychic energy to mend a rupture in the Commonality. Da'an became concerned when he learned that Augur and Maiya were among the prisoners. Word about the Taelon "sweep" spread beyond Taelon headquarters where U.N. Secretary to Taelon/Human Relations, Joshua Doors went public about the illegal detention of Earth's citizens. He vowed to fight for their release, at the same time intimating that his father, Liberation leader Jonathan Doors, may come out of hiding to make a bid for the U.S. Presidency.

Maiya, Augur and the others lay hooked up to Taelon machinery which turns them into "sleepers," depleting their psychic energy and channeling it to the Commonality. In his unconscious state, Augur dreamed that he was walking the street of a suburban community where he encountered his dead father, Lincoln. Maiya pleads telepathically with Liam to save the prisoners, when she too was whisked into a dream world.

She found herself back in her own Imerian world, rejoined with her dead mother Allegra. Allegra told Maiya it's the day of her wedding to Jason, Sandoval's double in the parallel dimension.

While the prisoners' souls were happy in their dream worlds, Da'an went to the Taelon lab where he discovered that some of the subjects were close to death. Da'an confronted Zo'or, who insists he would continue to round up Resistance suspects and sap their psychic energy until they could repair the Commonality. Fearing for the lives of his friends, Liam took matters into his own hands. He went to Dr. Melissa Park, asking her to duplicate the Taelon procedure on himself so that he could attempt to find his friends on the psychic plane and bring them back. Dr. Park resisted, but Jonathan Doors ordered her to proceed. Before Liam was immersed into a "near death" state, Doors wishes him a safe mission, his earlier hostile feelings towards Liam obviously changed.

With his life forces diverged into the Taelons' psychic field, Liam entered Maiya's dream world and interrupted her wedding to Jason. He pleaded with Maiya to return to Earth's reality, but she was so happy to be back with Jason, she refused. Back on Earth, Lili and Sandoval used the computer to narrow in on the Commonality rupture, which was being caused by the Jaridian probe in the Australian Outback. They flew in the shuttle to locate the probe and began a life and death struggle to destroy it. The probe deployed a defensive force field, as well as aggressive tentacles that struck out at Lili and Sandoval, eventually gaining a hold on Sandoval.

As the other laboratory subjects began to flatline, Augur, Maiya and Liam hovered near death. Liam appeared in Augur's dream world, but failed to convince him to return to Earth to fight the Taelons. Liam was then summoned by his own father, Ha'gel. As Augur's dream world dissolved around them, Ha'gel tried to convince Liam to leave his earthly form to join with his alien ancestors in a swirling vortex of higher consciousness. As he struggled with his conflicted desires, the spiritual entities of Augur and Maiya, having left their dream worlds, appeared, calling Liam back from the vortex.

Meanwhile, in the Australian Outback, Lili rescued Sandoval from the probe's deadly grasp and destroyed it with a detonation device. As Sandoval and Lili fly to safety in the shuttle, the probe's destruction repaired the rupture to the Commonality. The "Sleepers" in the Taelon lab were able to re-enter their bodies and burst free of their bonds, aided by Augur and Maiya, who destroyed the entire lab. Zo'or and Da'an were elated when they realized the threat to the Taelons was over.
29 Fissures
As two technicians tested a new interdimensional pathway from New York to Bangkok, a strange glowing light appeared, then hid inside a control panel. One of the men stayed behind to make some adjustments and was attacked by a creature, which was attracted by the energy emitted by the technician's power tool.

Da'an and Major Liam Kincaid interviewed the surviving technician to establish the cause of his co-worker's death. In the background was a TV tuned into an interview with U.S. President Thompson, who was discussing his platform with newswoman Catherine Shaw. Suddenly, the broadcast broke up as a power outage hit, but this went unnoticed by Liam and Da'an who were engrossed in their own discussion.

On board the Taelon mothership, President Thompson warned Agent Ron Sandoval about the spreading power blackouts hitting all parts of the country. Sandoval bluntly asked Zo'or if the Taelons were responsible. Zo'or denied the accusation. Meanwhile, Liam went to Augur and tested his theory that the blackouts were only occurring in cities with portal terminals. Augur agreed that this was too much of a coincidence. Captain Lili Marquette told Sandoval and Zo'or that Earth's engineers were tracing the crisis to an incompatibility as Taelon systems mesh with human systems. She added that the engineers were racing to put a series of buffers in place in an attempt to restore power.

Liam met with Dr. Park, who was examining the dead technician's body. They found small puncture wounds in his flesh consistent with bite marks. Following a hunch, Liam went to the portal terminal to inspect the crawlspace where the technician died. He removed the facing on a power unit and found it infested with tiny glowing creatures feeding off the power source. Liam took one of the creatures to Augur and they examined its strange biology. They started to suspect that the creatures had arrived from another dimension and that they would destroy every power source on Earth, including the energy-based Taelons.

As the power crisis spread globally, President Thompson and the Taelons tried to reassure Earth's people and their governments. But there was an obvious crisis of confidence as world leaders started to demand the removal of Taelon systems from their countries. Sandoval still harbored suspicions that the creatures were part of a Taelon plot and he commanded Lili to help him access top secret files.

When she was almost caught scanning through Taelon security files, Lili grew increasingly confused and concerned by Sandoval's orders, realizing he was following his own agenda.

Meanwhile, Liam and Augur tried to trace the true origins of the creatures, which Da'an had told them were unknown to the Taelons. As these creatures grew and multiplied in horrifying numbers, they devoured Earth's energy sources, wreaking havoc and causing hundreds of deaths. Liam and Augur devise a plan to return the creatures to their own dimension, using a space shuttle to draw them into a portal. On board the mothership, Sandoval informed Zo'or about the creatures' threat to the Taelons. Zo'or ordered the mothership sealed, but his orders came too late. The ship was already infested with creatures which began to kill off the Taelons. To protect themselves, the Taelons must stop emitting energy by putting themselves into a near-death state of "Sahmbaad." Sandoval swore to protect the Taelons in their vulnerable state and to captain their ship until the creatures were destroyed. But Sandoval was still following his own secret agenda, and Lili caught him using strange equipment on Zo'or's silent body.

Liam got clearance to land on the mothership and he retrieved one of the craft's huge power coils -- the strongest power source on Earth. He hooked it up to the shuttle, then he and Lili piloted the machine down to New York City where they hovered above a skyscraper and activated an energy stream into one of the interdimensional portals. Betting that they could channel the creatures back to their dimension by baiting them with the power from the mothership coil, they saw the creatures slowly begin to arrive. But the shuttle itself was being destroyed by the creatures and the stress of the huge power coil. Lili slid down a rope to safety onto the roof, but Liam had to stay on board the dangerous craft to keep the portal open. Once all the creatures had been drawn to the shuttle, Lili gave the "all clear," and Liam jumped to safety as the shuttle exploded into a million pieces.

Lili returned to the mothership to confront Sandoval about his covert activities, but he admitted nothing, and demanded her continued obedience. As she spied on him from the bridge, she saw that Sandoval had copied Zo'or's handprint, giving him access to the Taelon leader's personal files. She was left to wonder where Sandoval's loyalties lay.
30 Redemption
Captain Lili Marquette and Jonathan Doors met in the Liberation hideout to examine a computer graphic of a CVI-implanted brain. Major Liam Kincaid joined them and realized they were discussing Siobhan Beckett, the Taelon security officer who gave birth to Liam after "joining" with the renegade alien, Ha'gel. Lili and Doors informed Liam that Beckett's CVI had broken down, destroying her will to serve the Taelons and endangering her life. Liam then learned that Beckett was missing, and he swore to find her before the Taelons tracked her down.

Beckett, an expert cave climber, had journeyed deep inside her favorite cave, seeking to clear her mind of its new conflicting thoughts. As she scaled the slippery walls, her degenerating CVI took a turn for the worse and her ear began to bleed. Distracted, she lost her balance and fell onto a ledge. Knocked unconscious, Beckett lapsed into a hallucinogenic dream, in which Da'an appeared, announcing that she was on trial for crimes against humanity for her collaboration with the Taelons. If she was found guilty she would be executed, but if she was found innocent she would be set free to start a new life. Jonathan Doors appeared as the prosecution, charging that Beckett gave up her free will to join the Taelon forces, and was committed to furthering their agenda to enslave the people of Earth.

Another figure emerged in Beckett's hallucinogenic trial -- Captain Liam Kincaid for the defense. Liam argued that Beckett joined the Taelons after they united Ireland in peace, which had been her prime goal in her previous service as an Irish anti-terrorist operative. Doors then called Lili Marquette as a witness. She testified to Beckett's unswerving allegiance to the Taelons and her determination to kill any resistors. Doors and Lili recounted several incidents which illustrate Beckett's ruthless drive and blind subservience to her Taelon masters. Liam prepared a rebuttal.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Liam went to Augur to help in the search for his mother. Knowing that Beckett probably headed for a cave, Augur tapped into Beckett's personal files containing her climbing journal.

They discovered that Beckett's favorite cave was in the Austrian Alps and Liam hurried to find her. Aboard the Taelon mother ship, Agent Sandoval was confronted by Zo'or. Aware that Beckett's CVI was malfunctioning, Zo'or demanded that Sandoval find and kill her.

As Beckett lay in her deep hallucinatory state, Doors called Sandoval as his next witness, who testified about Beckett's model performance as a security implant.

Liam countered with personal questions about Beckett's attraction to Sandoval, and her decidedly "human" reactions to their encounters. Beckett's mother then took the stand, telling the court about her daughter's dream of peace for her war-torn nation, and her desire to bring her own children into a better world. Liam then made Beckett take the stand, where she recounted her career as an anti-terrorist agent in Ireland.

Beckett admitted she willingly killed opponents first for her country, then for the Taelons until, despite her CVI implant, she began to question the Taelons' motives.

Doors compared Beckett's obedience to the Taelons with the Khmer Rouge and the killing fields of Pol Pot's regime. In his final summation, Liam told the court that Beckett, like much of humanity, made mistakes while dreaming of a better future.

Da'an weighed Doors' and Liam's arguments and announced the judgment. He felt that Beckett acted in the true belief that she was bettering the world for her fellow human beings, but was still responsible for her actions. Finding her guilty, he did change the sentence, however. He assured her that she would not die alone and adjourned the court. Liam found Beckett just as she came out of her hallucination. She pleaded with him to fight the Taelons and save the planet. After voicing her final regret that she never had a child, Liam decided to channel his alien energies into her brain, allowing her to relive his birth. Exonerated of her collaboration with the Taelons and happy in her memories of motherhood, Beckett dies in Liam's arms. As Liam swore to avenge her death, he looked up to see Sandoval, and wondered how many of their confessions and promises he had heard.
31 Isabel
Major Liam Kincaid dropped by to see Maiya who was struggling to learn her new job as a bartender at the Flat Planet Cafe. Suddenly, overcome by pain and weakness, Maiya began to dimensionally "phase" and lose cohesion. Liam was horrified to see that Maiya might not be able to survive outside of her parallel world. Captain Lili Marquette met with Augur seeking information about the parallel universe and about her double who existed there -- Maiya's sister Kayla. Lili also wanted background on Isabel Martinez, Maiya's double on Earth who, theoretically, could be Lili's sister. Augur told Lili that since Maiya's presence in their dimension violated the physical laws of the universe, neither Maiya nor Isabel would survive in the same universe unless they "merge." Agent Ron Sandoval, the dimensional double of Maiya's dead husband Jason, tracked Maiya to the Flat Planet Cafe and ordered Lili to bring her to the Taelon mother ship. Liam told Lili to watch out for Maiya while he went to search for Isabel Martinez. Liam traveled to an Inuit village where Isabel, a cultural anthropologist, was meeting with the community's elders.

Isabel admits she has been suffering from mysterious seizures, which Liam explained by telling her about Maiya. Though she was suspicious and afraid, Isabel finally agreed to travel with Liam to met with Maiya.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Doors officially left the Liberation as he publicly launched his bid for U.S. president. Augur bought the underground headquarters to use as his home on the condition that Doors could use it as a stronghold should the need arise.

Liam summoned Augur to met with Isabel and Lili to assist in "merging" Maiya and Isabel. Lili reported that Maiya was on board the mother ship and that in her presence, Sandoval's CVI was picking up interference from across dimensions -- Jason's memories of his life with Maiya and the parallel world.

The team members realized they must get to Maiya fast. They arranged to accompany Jonathan Doors in the guise of his security contingent as he prepares to discuss his candidacy with the Taelon leader Zo'or aboard the mother ship. Before they began their mission, Lili showed a picture of her father to Isabel, who recognized him as her own father. Lili must confront the fact that her father had another life she never knew about.

Liam and Augur planned a diversion on board the mother ship to give them time to bring Maiya and Isabel together. Sandoval grills Maiya about her associations on Earth. Though she was growing weaker, Maiya taunted Sandoval with comparisons to her husband.

The Resistance team arrived on board the mother ship with Isabel disguised as a member of Doors' security detail. Doors met with Zo'or who offered to endorse his candidacy if Doors would support the Taelon bio-engineering program. Doors told Zo'or he would never join sides with the Taelons. Meanwhile, Liam put the diversion plan into action by sabotaging a shuttle in the landing bay, causing it to burst into flames. When Sandoval and Lili responded to the emergency, Liam rushed Isabel to the lab where Maiya awaited. The women, shocked at seeing their identical being, pledged to help each other survive. As they reached out to one another they were consumed in a violent "merging" whirlwind. They both drop to the floor, neither one showing signs of life.

At the landing bay where the shuttle fire was contained, Zo'or instructed Sandoval to return Doors to Earth. Maiya, now conscious, was the only one to survive the interdimensional merging. As Isabel lay dead, Maiya slipped into her security uniform and joined Doors' entourage as they boarded the shuttle. Sandoval found Isabel's body, and believing her to be Maiya, confronted Liam about her identity. Liam admitted he brought "Maiya" back from another dimension without reporting it to Zo'or. Sandoval accused Liam of gross insubordination and vowed to see him imprisoned. But Liam countered that Da'an was fully aware of Maiya's presence, leaving Sandoval fuming.

Jonathan Doors caused irreparable damage to the Taelons when he appeared on television to tell the public that Zo'or tried to buy him off. Doors vowed to uncover all of the Taelons' secret experiments and agendas. As Augur showed Liam and Maiya the conversions he had made to the former Liberation hideout, a grieving Lili entered and confronted Maiya, wanting to know why her sister died while Maiya lived. Maiya told Lili that Isabel's consciousness was inside her, and to prove it, consoled Lili with shared stories about their father.
32 Between Heaven & Hell
In the Taelon mother ship laboratory, technician Peter Bellamy worked to extract DNA from an alien subject. On another level of the space craft, Zo'or and Da'an argued about Da'an's current bioengineering experiment to accelerate human evolution. Zo'or told Da'an he'd fight this project to the end, but Zo'or was actually sabotaging the results by tainting Da'an's serum with the alien's DNA. Back in the lab, the alien subject suddenly awakened from sedation and began to wreak havoc. The Taelons flooded the lab with anesthetic gas and order was restored long enough for Agent Ron Sandoval to warn Bellamy that he must carry through Zo'or's plan.

Da'an met Dr. Belman and her scientist daughter, Joyce, at a genetic research facility where they would introduce their experiment to an eager public. The team first talked about miraculous Taelon regenerative abilities. Next, they brought "Max," a severely injured chimp, to the stage and, following an injection of Da'an's Taelon serum, demonstrated how the primate was able to regenerate his damaged organs.

Meanwhile, as Dr. Belman announced to the ecstatic audience that they were awaiting Presidential sanction for the procedure to be used on humans, U.N. Secretary to Taelon/Human Relations Joshua Doors told President Daniel Thompson that he'd fight his approval of the experiments to the bitter end. When the President refused to take his threat seriously, Joshua resigned his position, telling him he'd manage the campaign of another presidential contender.

In the Texas research facility, Major Liam Kincaid introduced himself to Dr. Joyce Belman as the enthusiastic audience surrounded her mother, barraging her with questions. Joyce told Liam that her mother had been blocking her involvement with the project, despite her scientific qualifications. It became clear that while Joyce was eager to try the experiment on a human subject, Dr. Belman was not. When Da'an informed Dr. Belman that Zo'or was trying to block the project and pushed her to try the serum on a human subject, she refused, widening the chasm between mother and daughter. Back in his cage at the animal testing facility, Max became increasingly violent. Unbeknownst to Dr. Belman, Max was injected with the tainted serum, causing his unexpected behavior.

Joyce, determined to prove herself to her mother and her Taelon superiors, sneaked into the lab, cut open her arm, and injected herself with the same serum. She was flooded with powerful sensations and watched, amazed, as she healed herself.

Captain Lili Marquette joined Dr. Belman to check on the ape's condition. Dr. Belman told her that Joyce didn't report back to the lab, so she didn't know about the setback with Max. Meanwhile, Joyce revisits a childhood haunt which holds beautiful memories of happy times with her mother. Liam, responding to her invitation to join her, noticed her changed appearance. She admitted injecting herself with the Taelon genetic accelerant. At first, Joyce refused Liam's request to go back with him to the lab, but she finally gave in. When Dr. Belman tried to convince her daughter to submit to testing, Joyce told her she knew all about her Liberation activities because the alien DNA had given her acute psychic powers. Sandoval arrived and took Joyce to Zo'or for questioning.

Joshua Doors held a press conference where he announced that his father, Liberation leader Jonathan Doors, would run for president. Hearing the announcement which was supposedly made on his behalf, Doors was aghast, but Lili and Augur advised him to consider the option. Back on board the mother ship, Zo'or and Sandoval grilled Joyce about the effects of the alien DNA, but Joyce's powers had grown far beyond those of the Taelons, and she escaped.

Sandoval pursued Joyce and tried to shoot her with his skrill, but she was immune to its blasts, allowing her to take Zo'or and the ship hostage. In fact, Joyce had cut off all power to the mothership, intent on sending it crashing to Earth, eliminating all human and Taelon life. Da'an and Liam tried to reason with her, but she had destroyed the ship's interdimensional drive, putting it on a collision course with oblivion.

Liam met with Da'an in an attempt to understand Joyce's transformation. Da'an told Liam that the Taelons and Jaridians used to be one race, but split apart on different evolutionary paths. Joyce now held all the vital DNA components of both races, making her a formidable adversary. Now she wanted to "join" with Liam to make a new race. At first he refused, but then realized that he might be able to kill her desire to destroy the world if he does "join" with her, thereby reminding her of her humanity. Lili, who was on the mother ship, contacted Augur in the hope that he could repair the interdimensional drive unit. Seconds before the ship would crash into Earth, Lili and Augur's efforts succeeded, and the mothership veered off into interdimensional flight. Liam and Joyce ended their "joining" and Joyce emerged free of her malevolence, a newly sensitive being. With disaster averted, Joyce returned to the animal research facility and took Max's head in her hands, healing him. Then Joyce reconciled with her mother before disappearing into interdimensional space. That same night, Jonathan Doors accepted his son's challenge to run for President.
33 Gauntlet
A powerful Jaridian being held for research aboard the Taelon mother ship escaped from the cryogenics lab when a power surge interfered with his containment tank. The Jaridian killed a lab technician and took Captain Lili Marquette hostage inside her shuttle, and forced her to fly off the mother ship. Agent Ron Sandoval sent Major Liam Kincaid in pursuit and Zo'or ordered Liam to shoot down Lili's shuttle.

After disappearing into interdimensional space, both Lili and Liam's shuttles were drawn into a tractor beam that pulled them off course and inside a huge alien vessel. The Jaridian commanded Lili to follow him into the craft. They're stunned to see that the landing bay was filled with crewless alien vessels, some of which were corroded from eons of neglect. Liam's shuttle also landed in the docking bay. When he exited into the mysterious space ship he found the walls covered with writing and art, which he could interpret.

As Lili and the Jaridian proceeded into the space vessel, they encountered a water-filled chamber where they were attacked by serpent-like creatures. Liam also stumbled into a water trap and when he fought off one of the serpents, he found it was a mechanical device. Struggling out of the water chamber, Liam was seen by the Jaridian who tried to kill him with a shaqarava blast. As they fought in vicious hand to hand combat, the Jaridian noticed Liam's shaqarava. Liam told the Jaridian that he was part Kimera and that the strange vessel belonged to the extinct alien race. Liam showed Lili and the Jaridian the writing on the wall and explained that the ship was a repository for the accumulated knowledge of the Kimera race. In order to gain the Kimera knowledge, they must prove themselves worthy by running a gauntlet to the core of the ship. Both Liam and the Jaridian know that the peaceful Kimera would not have designed such a lethal space craft and agree that the vessel's programming must have been corrupted.

On the Taelon mothership, Da'an confronted Zo'or about the Jaridian's escape. Da'an demanded Zo'or's resignation as head of the Synod, since not only was it possible the Jaridian would bring interdimensional flight technology back to his home planet, but his contact with humans would allow him to tell the Jaridian's version of the conflict between the two alien species. Zo'or sent Sandoval out to find the fugitives and kill them all if necessary.

Meanwhile, Liam, Lili and the Jaridian must make their way through a gauntlet of lethal laser beams. Using his superior eyesight, the Jaridian negotiates the course, only to find a dead end. As the walls start moving together to crush the trio and force them into the laser beams, they work together to climb over the walls to safety. When they paused to staunch the Jaridian's wounds, he revealed that the Jaridians and the Taelons used to be one race, until the Taelons separated, giving up the shaqarava and the dark side of its power in their quest for spiritual perfection. But the psychic "Commonality" they created destroyed their ability to reproduce. Now the Taelons wanted to force a union with the Jaridians by using humans as foot soldiers against them in the total war.

Astounded by the Jaridian's revelation, Lili and Liam continued to make their way deeper into the ship. Liam dropped down a black well that led to a doorway. When he pulled the door open the doorway exploded, smashing him into the ground. When Lili and the Jaridian reached Liam, he showed no vital signs. Lili frantically tried to revive him, but it took the Jaridian's shaqarava to bring Liam back to life. They entered the inner chamber where they found a hologram of a Kimera woman. She informed them she could not reveal the ship's secrets, which enraged the Jaridian. When he threatened her, she struck him down with a blast of power. When it seemed she would next turn on Liam and Lili, Liam reasoned with the hologram and convinced her that the ship's programming must be corrupted since the Kimera never hurt other species. The hologram image followed the only recourse it could and began a self-destruct sequence to destroy the ship.

Liam and Lili collected the injured Jaridian and raced back through the Kimera ship to their shuttles. Liam put the Jaridian on board one shuttle and sabotaged the interdimensional drive unit, giving the Jaridian enough power to fly home before the unit incinerated, destroying its secrets. The Jaridian was grateful to Liam for saving his life, but vowed to return to Earth to confront the Taelons. Lili and Liam boarded their shuttle and returned to Earth, where Da'an's attempt to oust Zo'or had failed, ensuring the Jaridians, Taelons and humans would meet again.
34 One Man's Castle
Sparrow, a scientific genius confined to a wheelchair, entered into a partnership with Da'an to invent new assistive technology for the disabled. Da'an brought Major Liam Kincaid to Sparrow's company, Artelligent, Inc., to discuss the biosurrogates Sparrow had engineered with genetic information from a Jaridian replicant held by the Taelons. Sparrow planned to transfer his consciousness into a biosurrogate to escape the prison of his body. While the men talked in Sparrow's office, a reporter sneaked into the biosurrogate lab and photographed the inanimate bodies. The light from the flash activated one of the specimens, which grabbed the reporter in a steely grasp.

Alerted to the trouble, Agent Ron Sandoval arrived at the lab and found the reporter and a guard, both dead. The biosurrogate had escaped wearing the guard's clothes. Sandoval's investigation confirmed that the biosurrogate was indeed alive and programmed with full Jaridian instincts, but was devoid of any consciousness of its own. When Sandoval met with Zo'or and Captain Lili Marquette, Lili discovers that Sandoval and Zo'or had been tampering with Da'an's benign research and had programmed the biosurrogates into killing machines. Sandoval returned to Artelligent, Inc. to confer with Liam about capturing the biosurrogate and to inform him of its lethal capabilities.

Liam went to Augur who he found with Sparrow. They started a satellite scan to track the missing surrogate on Augur's computer, then headed to the Flat Planet Cafe, where Sparrow got his first glimpse of Maiya as she tended the bar. He was transfixed by her beauty as much as she was fascinated by his wheelchair, and they sparked off the beginning of a friendship.

In another part of town, the biosurrogate was in search of food. Entering a diner, he took a police officer's meal. The cop pulled his gun to arrest him, but the biosurrogate calmly took the gun, shot the officer, then returned to the counter to eat his food.

When he left the diner, a second cop chased him to a park, but using his Jaridian cloaking device, the biosurrogate disappeared.

President Thompson came on board the Taelon mother ship demanding to see Zo'or. He wanted to corroborate their stories since the public would find out that their president had endorsed the biosurrogate project, despite its potential dangers.

Back at Artelligent, Inc., Sparrow was informed that his project had been taken over by the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a military operation. The news was devastating to Sparrow since his consciousness transfer was set for the next day and he wanted Maiya to see him in a new physical form.

Meanwhile, the biosurrogate continued to wreak havoc, killing another police officer. Lili leaked information about both killings to Doors, who went on national television to inform the American people about the Taelons' and President Thompson's complicity. But in fact, Doors was secretly plotting with Augur to access Sparrow's computer files to use the biosurrogate technology for the Liberation cause. Sparrow, focused on Maiya again, asked Augur for help in completing his "transfer" into a biosurrogate body.

Liam investigated a third murder committed by the biosurrogate. This time, the victim was a teen-age boy. Liam met with Sandoval, who informed him that a second biosurrogate was missing from the lab. Sparrow had transferred his consciousness into the new body, unaware of the full Jaridian weaponry that had been programmed into the biosurrogate. Liam met with Augur, who helped Sparrow with his "transfer," then went to the Flat Planet Cafe, following a hunch that Sparrow would go there to see Maiya. Liam arrived at the cafe and found Sparrow and Maiya together. But the rogue biosurrogate burst into the bar and attacked Liam. It took all of Sparrow's and Liam's alien weaponry to kill the biosurrogate. They finally succeeded, blasting it into a billion particles. But Sparrow didn't survive the encounter, and they discovered that the Taelons had lied and it was impossible to save him.
35 Second Chances
Zo'or enlisted a private human business consortium to develop an enterprise known as Second Chances, a modern day "fountain of youth." Using a Taelon procedure, old and ailing candidates entered a chamber which transformed them into vibrant, healthy people 30 years younger. Major Liam Kincaid was immediately suspicious, but the entrepreneurial Augur warned him there would be a huge demand for the procedure if it was deemed safe. The Resistance members were unaware there had already been secret trials, and that at least one unsuccessful candidate had been killed after begging for the operation to be reversed.

Liam approached Captain Lili Marquette to help investigate, but found her distant and distracted. She shipped off to met with Resistance members in the Pacific Northwest, led by a female firebrand named Hayley Simmons. Hayley and her fighters told Lili that Jonathan Doors could no longer lead the Resistance effectively since he had announced his presidential candidacy, and they asked Lili to step forward to take his place.

Meanwhile, the Taelons were preparing for the first live, televised Second Chances procedure. Behind the scenes, Da'an demanded that Zo'or give the Synod a full accounting of this clandestine commercial partnership. But Zo'or pushed ahead, choosing as his subject an aged and infirm lady named Pearl Bell, who was particalized in a special chamber then emerged as a gorgeous young woman.

As expected, people clamored for the procedure. Doors appeared on television to warn people they were selling their souls by lining up for Second Chances, but his words were soon forgotten when the now beautiful Pearl also went on television to thank the Taelons for her new lease on life. Pearl also revealed that the Taelons performed a successful heart operation on her son, a story Liam knew to be false. The Resistance began to suspect that Zo'or was using the age-reversing procedure to implant false memories in people, insinuating loving and referential bonds with the Taelons, which never really existed.

Hayley, Lili and the other Resistance members confronted Doors and asked him to step down as leader, and Liam told Da'an he must move forcefully against Second Chances. Da'an informed Liam that it was too late, as Pearl had been asked to introduce a large group of subjects who had just completed the procedure. Hayley and her troops crashed the reception, where a Resistance leader named Randy began to bait the group. His taunts caused one man to snap. The man stole a gun from a security guard and began firing into the crowd. In the ensuing melee, the Resistance members kidnapped Pearl, spiriting her off to one of their doctors for examination.

Dr. Hart confirmed their suspicions that the Taelons had implanted false memories into Pearl's brain. Liam realized he must break into the Second Chances headquarters to find evidence of Zo'or's hidden agenda. Meanwhile, Agent Ron Sandoval started a spin campaign to convince the public that the disastrous event was engineered by the Resistance. Hayley accompanied Liam, while Lili entered the Second Chances facility as a Taelon agent and shut down the security grid to give them access. Liam and Hayley discovered personal files on all the Second Chances subjects, proving that Zo'or had their backgrounds checked so that he was able to implant plausible memories. Liam and Hayley grabbed the files as evidence and barely managed to escape the building after a security alert.

The Resistance made the Second Chances files public and the FDA shut down the enterprise. However, news reports revealed that some people still wanted to undergo the procedure, despite the threat to their personal freedom. In the face of such dangerous human naivete, it was Liam, not Lili, who stepped forward to lead the Resistance, telling Da'an he'll fight the Taelons and their secret agenda in any way he knows how.
36 Payback
The Taelons had invited the press and public to the opening of a new portal station. Da'an and Zo'or were both present and listening to a speech being given by Dr. Jeffrey Whitfield, the human Director of Portal Research. Major Liam Kincaid and Captain Lili Marquette were also on hand for security. In the crowd, a nondescript man, Arnold Creighton moved toward the stage. Suddenly, a strange flash of energy radiated from Dr. Whitfield's body and he collapsed in incredible pain. By the time Lili reached him he was already dead and Creighton had disappeared.

Liam met with Zo'or and Agent Ron Sandoval to discuss Whitfield's death. Zo'or refused to shut down the portals, sparking Liam's suspicions that the transportation devices were somehow connected to Whitfield's mysterious death. But Dr. Hart, who performed Whitfield's autopsy, told Liam and Sandoval that Whitfield died from a massive dose of cyanide, which somehow exploded from a capsule in the middle of his chest cavity. Without injection marks or the possibility that he swallowed the capsule himself, Dr. Hart was at a loss to explain Whitfield's strange demise.

The Taelons called a press conference to reassure the public that the portal systems were safe. As Sa'al, the Taelon engineer in charge of the new portal, stepped up to the podium, he was confronted by Jonathan Doors, who used the opportunity to further his anti-Taelon presidential platform. Doors and Sa'al exchanged heated words and the Taelon suddenly clutched his stomach as light radiated from a hole in his skin. Liam and Lili rushed to his aid, but Sa'al exploded in a blinding flash, his plasma essence vanishing into the air.

Confident that just one person was responsible for both attacks, Liam and Sandoval narrowed the field of suspects by viewing news footage and security scans of everyone present at both public events. They stopped at a picture of Arnold Creighton, a former MIT professor and outspoken critic of the Taelons. The group tracked Creighton to a radical, alternative university where he was now employed. Upon their arrival, Sandoval, Liam, Lili and their assault team were cornered by a group of hostile students and Sandoval shoved one protestor to the ground.

They proceeded to Creighton's lab, where their arrival activated a video monitor. Creighton appeared on screen and declared war on the Taelons.

As his transmission ended, an object suddenly dropped out of thin air and Liam screamed for everyone to head for cover as a high-tech bomb destroyed the lab. Liam and Lili enlisted Augur to dig into Creighton's background.

He discovered that Creighton was researching the quantum displacement of subatomic particles and may have created a miniature teleportation device, an invention beyond even Taelon knowledge. The device could instantaneously transport any object to any place, giving Creighton the power to kill someone from the inside out.

When Doors went public with the students' secret footage of Sandoval assaulting them on university property, Zo'or suspended Sandoval from his duties, leaving him free to focus on the hunt for Creighton and his teleportation device. Meanwhile, Da'an called a meeting with human leaders to apologize for the university incident. Zo'or told Sandoval to leak information about the meeting, laying a trap for Creighton, in spite of the danger to Da'an. With Liam at his side, and unaware of the set up, Da'an entered sealed chambers to meet his human guests, with Augur monitoring them from his base as extra security.

But Creighton had discovered the site of the meeting and sent in a spy camera to locate DaÆan. Lili joined Augur on counter-surveillance and they both helped Liam track the miniature video camera. When Creighton pinpointed the meeting room, he dropped an explosive device in its midst. Liam got DaÆan out with only seconds to spare. But Sandoval had also been tracking Creighton from the Taelon mothership and found his transmission coordinates. He and Lili burst into CreightonÆs basement command center. With teleporter in hand, Creighton pressed the activation key and vanished in front of them. Augur and Liam traced CreightonÆs transmission signal to a warehouse and they entered the building to a gruesome sight. Creighton had teleported himself into a wire rack, and thin steel rods now pierced his body. In agony, Creighton told Liam and Augur he couldnÆt let the Taelons have his invention. He programmed the teleporter to transport into itself, creating a huge anti-matter explosion. The scientist and his device disappeared without a trace, leaving the Taelons and the Resistance in a race to discover the technology for themselves.
37 Friendly Fire
Working in a secret laboratory, Resistance fighter Paul Chandler and scientist Terry Wu studied a stolen Taelon shuttle.

Suddenly two men burst into the hideout, and in the ensuing gunfire Chandler's cohorts were killed and the lab was incinerated. At the last minute the shuttle took to the skies, but who was piloting the craft was unknown.

Jonathan Doors informed Major Liam Kincaid and Captain Lili Marquette of the incident just as they were called to duty by Agent Ron Sandoval. Liam and Lili traveled to the lab site where they found evidence that the attack was an inside job, pointing to a traitor within the Resistance. Lili also found her friend Chandler's dog tags in the ashes, leaving her grief-stricken but relieved that Paul must had been a victim instead of a culprit. Mourning Paul's death at Augur's place, Lili and Liam were called to join Sandoval at a remote location where he'd tracked the stolen shuttle. As they burst into a work shed, the three were surprised to find only a radio broadcasting Thomas Paine's anti-Taelon radio show. In seconds they discovered they'd walked into a trap as the shuttle descended and fired on them, and they barely had time to escape with their lives.

As Zo'or turned up the pressure to find the stolen shuttle, Liam and Lili confronted Thomas Paine at his rural radio station, but he denied any involvement with the stolen shuttle. Sandoval summoned the agents to a warehouse, where two suspects had taken cover. In the ensuing shoot-out one man died, but when Lili confronted the second man trying to escape, she was stunned to see it was Paul Chandler.

When Lili let him escape, Chandler sensed an ally for his mission, and he sneaked into Lili's apartment to ask her to join him in taking up arms against the Taelons. Lili promised him nothing, but again let him escape into the night.

Liam enlisted Augur's help in tracking the stolen shuttle, and Augur discovered the shuttle's engine had been damaged slightly and could cause a huge anti-matter explosion at any time. When Lili contacted Chandler to tell him about the dangerous engine fault, he again entreated her to join his cause. The pilots flew to a lakeside retreat, followed by Liam who tried to talk Chandler into giving himself up. But Chandler had the cottage rigged, and flew off in the shuttle as he detonated his sanctuary. Shaken by the renegade Resistance member's determination, Lili and Liam took Paul's VR helmet back to Augur, who decoded its memory. They're shocked to see Chandler was planning an attack on the Taelon embassy in Washington.

Knowing Chandler's shuttle would create an explosion equal to a nuclear attack if it hit the embassy building, Lili raced to Washington to get Da'an (Leni Parker) out of harm's way. Liam and Augur boarded Liam's shuttle to intercept Chandler in interdimensional space before he could complete his mission. As a dog-fight ensued between Chandler and Liam, Da'an refused to leave his office, telling Lili he wouldn't succumb to terrorism. As the shuttle entered normal airspace, the embassy suddenly transformed itself into an armed fortress. Neither Lili nor Liam could stop Chandler on his deadly path and his shuttle exploded ag`inst the Taelon embassy which diverted the cataclysmic blast up to the heavens. Chandler was dead, and Lili wondered whether his call to arms should be heeded by the Resistance.
38 Volunteers
A Resistance cell leader named Mitchell met with his fighters, including a brash new recruit named Julia, in an abandoned warehouse. Suddenly, the cell came under attack by a heavily armed group. The Resistance members escaped through a trap door, but were pursued by a "volunteer" squad of specially trained Taelon implanted teenagers lead by a young woman named Amanda. She cornered a wounded Mitchell in an alleyway, but Julia and another Resistance member, shadowing Mitchell, ambushed Amanda from behind.

Captain Lili Marquette, Major Liam Kincaid and Augur were surprised when Julia and her cell showed up at Augur's lair with the unconscious Amanda in tow. They decided to take Amanda to Dr. Melissa Park to have the Taelon implant removed, hoping to turn their captive's allegiance, but Dr. Park discovered that Amanda's implant didn't function like a CVI, and that her association with the Taelons was of her free will. Dr. Park also warned the Resistance members that Amanda's implant was killing her, because of its hyper-stimulation of her nervous system. As they tried to decide their next step, Amanda woke up and grabbed Dr. Park, holding her hostage. Some fast-talking from Liam diffused the situation, and Amanda finally agreed to cooperate.

On board the mothership, Zo'or ordered Agent Ron Sandoval to find Amanda before the missing volunteer revealed information about their secret operation. Liam and Lili tracked Amanda's mother to a seedy hotel, where the woman told them Amanda was a school dropout before she started hanging around at a Taelon Friendship Center and joined their youth program. The Resistance members sent Julia undercover, to join the Taelon Volunteer Program.

Meanwhile, Liam tried to break down Amanda's defenses, to find out more about the Volunteers. He confronted Da'an about the program, which the Taelon leader designed to help troubled kids. Da'an remained adamant that the Volunteers was a benign and benevolent program and was not the military conspiracy Liam was intimating. Liam realizes someone had tampered with the implants and the program to gain very different results and suspects Zo'or may be involved.

At boot camp, the squad commander started indoctrinating the recruits in Taelon loyalty and prepared them for a massive assault. Julia warned Liam and Lili, who mobilized the Resistance for a counter attack. Liam and Amanda infiltrated the Volunteer base, monitoring Volunteers as they were sent through an elaborate portal transportation system. They discovered the recruits were being sent after an unknown enemy in another galaxy. On board the mothership, Da'an asked Sandoval why his security access to the Volunteer Program had been revoked. Meanwhile, the squad commander saw Liam and Amanda on the base and raised the alert. Liam and Amanda hid in a room filled with corpses of young volunteers, all casualties of war. They continued to the portal control room, desperately trying to sabotage the system.

As troops closed in on them, they realized they had to destroy the portal from inside, risking their lives.

As Liam rushed to hold off a guard, Amanda leaped into the portal and yanked out its power conduit, trapping her in interdimensional space. Meanwhile, Julia had abandoned her volunteer unit and met up with Liam to escape through a portal together. After a heated confrontation with Zo'or, Da'an shut down the Volunteer program immediately, ending the Taelons' brutal exploitation of humanity.
39 Bliss
While she was relaxing at the Flat Planet Cafe, Captain Lili Marquette was approached by a man named Rick, who slipped an alien-looking orb into her hand. Lili was immediately overtaken by a powerful drug rush, which left her weakened and hallucinating. Augur rushed Lili to the hospital, where she was diagnosed as another victim of "bliss," a highly addictive and destructive street drug of unknown origin. Major Liam Kincaid arrived and discussed Lili's condition with the doctor, but unknown to the doctor, Lili had left the hospital for Augur's.

When Liam and Agent Ron Sandoval spoke to Zo'or and Da'an about the bliss epidemic, they denied any knowledge of the drug, even though the bliss orbs were Taelon in design. Liam and Lili confronted Rick at an old warehouse, where they forced the dealer to reveal his drug connections. Rick revealed the bliss was coming through the Taelon portal system from a main supply in Dublin, Ireland. Liam and Lili turned the dealer over to the cops, then proceeded to Augur's with Rick's case of bliss orbs. As Augur studied the orbs, it becomes obvious Lili was in acute withdrawal and couldn't be near the drug. Augur took Lili back to the hospital where they were shocked to see the emergency ward was overflowing with bliss addicts in terrible shape. Despite the doctor's warning that she may die without medical supervision, Lili begged Augur to take her back to his place to help her come down off the drug on her own.

Liam and Sandoval headed to Ireland to investigate whether the drug's point of origin had anything to do with Ma'el's tomb, which contained many ancient Taelon artifacts. They're met by Dr. Catherine Cox, the chief archeologist. Dr. Cox told the agents there had been an increase in the local population of "Taelonists," purist followers of the Taelons and their alien technology and culture. She took them to the Taelonists' primitive encampment, where they met Remi, the unofficial leader of the group. Liam and Sandoval learned that the Taelonists possessed two tablets inscribed with Ma'el's writings, but the group denied any knowledge of bliss or its origins. Because he could read the tablets, Liam realized they were a new archeological find, which had been kept secret from the public.

He enlists Dr. Cox to take them on a tour of the tomb's perimeter, where they find a cave marked with Taelon script. The cave was set up like a Taelon laboratory, complete with data terminals. Suddenly a holographic image of Ma'el appeared, and informed them that two thousand years ago the humans became addicted to a rare plant. Ma'el developed a counter-active agent and saved humanity, destroying all but a single sample of the plant.

Liam and Sandoval returned to the mothership to tell Zo'or and Da'an they suspected the Taelonists had found Ma'el's lab and were engineering the bliss epidemic. The Taelon leaders urged them to find the bliss antidote as soon as possible, as the fate of humanity hung in the balance. Liam and Sandoval returned to Ireland to discover the Taelonists had discovered a cache of orbs. While en route to the site with Dr. Cox, they were ambushed by gunfire. After they killed one of the snipers, they realized he's not one of the Taelonists. When Liam confronted Remi he declared his group was innocent of any violence and they had never held any weapons.

Meanwhile, Augur nursed a delirious Lili through her bliss withdrawal, worried as she slid in and out of consciousness. In her lucid moments they relived their friendship, and Lili remembered other events of her life. As Lili's life hung by a thread, Liam and Sandoval confronted Dr. Cox, who they realized could be the only person capable of exploiting Ma'el's tomb for her own gain. Found out, she trapped Liam and Sandoval in a Taelon prison made of shimmering energy walls. She admitted she started the bliss epidemic by giving the drug away free, part of her plan to find fame and fortune as the inventor of the antidote. As she escaped with the serum, she blasted the cave entrance to seal Liam and Sandoval inside, their oxygen quickly running out.

Suddenly, Remi appeared in the lab through a secret wall panel and deactivated the energy prison. Liam and Sandoval raced after Catherine Cox, driving her jeep off the road and grabbing the antidote. Liam flew his shuttle directly back to Augur's, where Lili lay apparently lifeless. He injected the antidote and Lili responded, her recovery the first in the end of the bliss epidemic.
40 Highjacked
The Taelons hired a political spin doctor to boost their image during the U.S. Presidential campaign. Paul Wagner advised them to enlist the help of a popular television talk show host by giving her an exclusive tour of the Taelon mothership. When Abby Franklin arrived on board the Taelons and their protectors realized she's no pushover, as she started drilling Captain Lili Marquette and Agent Ron Sandoval with probing questions about their relationships and duties with the aliens. During this time Major Liam Kincaid went into an isolated computer station on the mothership and entered a sequence of codes. Almost immediately the mothership careened into interdimensional space, its navigation systems locked into maximum velocity.

As the ship was being highjacked to some unknown destination, Abby captured the entire emergency with her video camera. Realizing some enemy must be trying to steal the mothership and all its technology, Da'an convinced Zo'or to eject the engine core, which would strand the mothership in interdimensional space. The maneuver stopped the mothership, but damaged the craft's vital systems. As the crew ran their diagnostic assessments, Sandoval, having caught Liam on security video tampering with the navigational computer, located and arrested him.

Liam was stunned by the accusation and the video evidence, and swore he didn't touch the computer. As Liam was taken to a holding cell Zo'or told Da'an he would remove him as the North American Companion for his Protector's treacherous actions. Lili told the Taelon leaders their predicament was worse than they feared, as the ship was trapped in a dead pocket of space; which was leeching all the remaining energy on board. Da'an confronted Liam in his cell and Liam begged to be released so he could find the imposter who had imperiled the ship. While Da'an refused to let him go, Lili was convinced of Liam's innocence and let him escape.

As Liam sneaked down a corridor he discovered Abby talking to an exact double of himself. Liam lunged at the imposter after he knocked Abby unconscious, but during the struggle the intruder morphed into the Taelon's spin doctor, Paul Wagner.

Abby woke up and leveled a gun at the two men. Suddenly, Wagner morphed into a Jaridian replicant, knocking out both Liam and Abby with a powerful energy pulse. When they came to, Liam and Abby returned to the bridge where they convinced the others that there was a Replicant on board, which came disguised as Wagner. In fact, Abby had her video camera rolling and caught the entire sequence of events. They realized the Jaridians were highjacking the ship to their homeworld and keeping the crew alive to tell them how to harness Taelon technology.

Liam and Lili struggled to repair the ship's engine, which would also reactivate the security system's capabilities to flush out the Replicant. Sandoval arrived while they were working in the computer core, but Liam quickly noticed Sandoval's skrill was missing which could mean only one thing - he was face to face with the Replicant again. As Liam drew his weapon the real Sandoval arrived and a shoot-out ensued.

Liam used his shaqarava to protect Abby and frightened off the Replicant ,which realized his opponent had alien fire power. Unfortunately, Abby had also seen Liam's strange powers, and, as a reporter, was determined to find out more.

But time was running out for everyone on board, as Zo'or ordered the destruction of the mothership to keep it from Jaridian hands. In a last-ditch effort, Lili and Liam headed off in their shuttles to punch a hole in the space pocket to release the craft.

But the Replicant was still interfering with power to the mothership and the shuttles, so in a daring decision, Liam fired on the mothership, ripping a hole in the hull which sucked the Replicant into space. As the mothership repaired itself, Lili managed to create an opening in the space pocket, and the three crafts slipped through into conventional space.

As Abby flew back to Earth, she viewed her footage of Liam and knew she owed him a hero's debt. She erased the evidence of his special powers, ensuring his future with the Taelons and the Resistance. Liam delivered the new computer codes he took from the mothership to Augur who ran them through his system to uncover some unsettling results: in a map of the expanding Jaridian and Taelon Empires, the Jaridians were clearly in the lead.
41 Defectors
Captain Lili Marquette and Agent Ron Sandoval were on duty aboard the Taelon mothership when they were alerted to two unidentified shuttles which suddenly appeared in Earth airspace. One shuttle was clearly chasing the other, but before contact could be made, the pursuing shuttle crashed into a mountain and the target shuttle disappeared from the air traffic control screen. Unobserved by the mothership, the Taelon pilot managed to land his craft and emerged from the shuttle in his natural "blue" form.

Meanwhile, Major Liam Kincaid informed Augur that Da'an had left the Taelon mothership without telling him where he was going. Suddenly, Lili called them at Augur's to ask for help in tracking the renegade shuttle, which was not from the Taelons' Earth fleet.

On board the mothership Zo'or was cryptic about the missing pilot, commanding Sandoval and Lili to apprehend him dead or alive. Lili and Sandoval realized the fugitive was an obvious threat, if Zo'or was willing to kill another Taelon.

During this time, Da'an was on a spiritual retreat in a virtual Taelon homeworld, immersed in a primitive sacred ritual. Back on Earth, the fugitive Taelon revealed himself to two boys whom he encountered playing in the woods. The kids were frightened at first, until the Taelon touched one of them and was able to cloak himself with a human exterior. He told the boys his name was Bel'lie and that he needed a place to hide. They took him to their clubhouse and swore to keep his location a secret. After communicating with Lili on the mothership, the Resistance knew they only had a thin margin to find the Taelon before Zo'or does, and they sent out extra troops to the shuttle crash site. When the Resistance fighters flushed the boys out of the bushes near their secret hideout, Liam worked quickly to win their trust to take him to Bel'lie.

Zo'or had also been maneuvering to get to the bottom of the Taelon defection, and went to Da'an's place of retreat to tell him about the shuttle crash. When Zo'or told Da'an the fugitive was Bel'lie, Da'an was deeply unsettled. Liam discovered why, when he confronted Bel'lie in the clubhouse and the defector told him he had come to help humans fight their Taelon oppressors. In the midst of their dialogue shuttles from the mothership attacked the area, forcing the Resistance to flee with Bel'lie. Liam had to decide whether to turn Bel'lie over to the Taelon forces, but decided to shelter him at Augur's instead.

Liam proceeded to the mothership, where he demanded that Zo'or tell him where he could find Da'an. Zo'or refused to let Liam interrupt Da'an's sacred pilgrimage, and re-issues his order that they find the defector at once. Liam returned to Augur, where he grilled Bel'lie about his mission. Bel'lie told the Resistance members that the Taelons were subjugating hundreds of planets in their war with the Jaridians. He told them he had come to Earth to take back human fighters to join forces with other renegade Taelons, and that his shuttle databanks contained proof of a Taelon underground. To further prove his integrity, Bel'lie agreed to sever his link with the Taelon Commonality despite the risk that he would regress into an Atavus, a primitive alien life form, which Taelon and humans alike would seek to destroy.

In the mothership shuttle bay, Lili barely had time to download Bel'lie's databanks from the recovered shuttle before Sandoval ordered the airship torn apart. She transmitted the information to Augur's, where Bel'lie talked to Liam about his crusade. When Liam tried to persuade Bel'lie to confide in Da'an, the Taelon shocked him by announcing Da'an was the architect of the Taelon strategy of galactic destruction, and that Da'an himself had banished Bel'lie to the farthest reaches of the galaxy for opposing his will.

Confused by Da'an's disappearance on his supposed retreat, Liam didn't know what to believe.

As Liam and Lili tried to find where Da'an had gone, the operation the Resistance had used to separate Bel'lie from the Commonality suddenly went wrong. Before anyone could stop it, Bel'lie regressed into an Atavus, and defended himself with shaqarava blasts as he escaped from Augur's hideout. Liam suspected Bel'lie may have aided his transformation so he could find Da'an and kill him, no longer prevented from doing so by his Taelon consciousness . He followed the Atavus to Da'an's office, then through the portal which led to Da'an's virtual retreat. Liam arrived on Da'an's virtual mountain top just as Bel'lie the Atavus attacked Da'an. Liam stepped in to defend the Taelon leader and, after grappling with the Atavus, sent him hurtling off a cliff. Liam turned to Da'an to confront him with Bel'lie's accusations, but Da'an could only say he was no longer the Taelon he once was. With the proof of Bel'lie's databanks, Liam and the Resistance were left wondering if Da'an was truly sympathetic to their cause, or was just using it as a ruse, or whether Zo'or had set up Da'an to be killed by Bel'lie in his own deadly game.
42 Heroes and Heartbreak
A heavily disguised Augur met an old MIT roommate named Harry Bookman who had hired Augur to work out complicated mathematical equations. Harry admitted he had been using Augurs formulae on a huge project for the Taelons, which would alter interdimensional space fields. Augur was furious at Harry's complicity with the Taelons and started to leave when Harry suddenly started to shimmer and dissolve before him. As he pleaded with Augur to save him, Harry explained that he accidentally absorbed a shard of ID space during an experiment. A huge energy ripple sucked Harry into a time/space rift, his global communicator dropped to the ground as he disappeared. Augur was then summoned to meet the mysterious person behind the Taelon project.

Augur hurried to his house to try to contact Captains Captain Lili Marquette and Major Liam Kincaid, who were incommunicado in a meeting on the mothership. Leaving his coordinates with his Lili holograph, Augur headed off to his rendezvous in a seedy Washington neighborhood. A white stretch limousine pulled up and a beautiful woman named Beverly Wu invited Augur inside. The mysterious woman informed Augur she wanted to hire him for her high-tech weapons company, and whisked him off through her private portal to inspect a test site. Meanwhile, Liam arrived at Augur's with his fellow Resistance member Julia, and learned that Augur had disappeared with an unknown woman. In fact, Beverly had transported Augur all the way to Antarctica, to reveal the Taelons' secret weapons project: a huge underground cannon capable of launching an immense ball of magma from the center of the Earth into ID space.

On board the mothership, Zo'or went to Da'an to tell him the Taelons' last engagement with the Jaridians had ended badly and their forces were in full retreat. Zo'or announced that he wanted to activate the Forge Project, Beverly Wu's Antarctic weapons installation, to strike at the Jaridians while they regroup. Da'an was against using Earth as a base of attack against the Jaridians, but Zo'or ignored his objections and took control of the project. Liam and Lili tracked down Jonathan Doors on the presidential campaign trail to ask for his help in finding Augur. Doors identified Beverly Wu from video surveillance tapes, and warned them that Augur was in big trouble if he was involved with the Forge Project. But Augur was already working alongside Beverly to breach ID Space, and after the exhilaration of a big breakthrough, ended up in bed with her.

Still trying to find Augur, Liam told Da'an a friend may be involved in the Forge Project, but Da'an remained willfully obtuse, and would reveal nothing.

At the South Pole, Beverly decided to try a full power test, despite Augur's reservations. When the cannon fired its load of magma it created a huge tear in ID space, which exploded into the research station, killing a technician. Augur was growing more concerned about the project, but Beverly convinced him to stay on and perfect her weapons trials. Liam finally traced Augur to the facility, and arrived via portal. Agent Ron Sandoval was also at the site, doing a security sweep.

Liam sneaked into a lab where he finally found Augur. Augur gave Liam the background on the Forge Project's scientific risks, and the likelihood of a lethal Jaridian response. He also revealed that Da'an had been in charge of the weapon's initial development. Liam escaped back to the mothership, now positioned above Antarctica, where he confronted Da'an, and tried to warn him about the dangers of the Forge Project. But Da'an only threw Liam's Resistance activities back in his face, and refused to intercede.

Taking matters into their own hands, the Resistance prepared a strike team lead by Julia to infiltrate the weapons facility. But Beverly had already given the order to fire the magma cannon at the Jaridian forces repeatedly, which ripped apart interdimensional space, creating a wormhole leading straight to the Jaridians. As the Resistance troops took over the control bridge, Augur struggled to mend the space rift, which sent a shock wave exploding onto the bridge. The blast destroyed equipment and wrought havoc, killing multiple crewmembers. Augur rushed to help Beverly, who had been crushed under a metal girder. As she died in his arms he confessed his love for her, but she was full of hate, cursing him for destroying her work.

Above the facility, the mothership prepared to flee into space because a Jaridian warship had entered the wormhole and was approaching Earth. In a last-ditch effort, Da'an and Liam boarded their shuttle and flew up to head off the Jaridians, firing on their menacing cruiser. After taking a hit, Da'an and Liam jettisoned their fusion matrix, and tricked the Jaridians into blasting the engine, creating a massive energy explosion. The ID tunnel finally collapsed on itself and closed the wormhole, sealing off the Jaridians. Earth was out of immediate danger, until the Jaridians discover how to cross interdimensional space to answer the attack.
43 Message in a Bottle
When a Jaridian probe entered Earth's atmosphere, Zo'or ordered Da'an to destroy it by shooting it down from the Taelon Embassy in Washington. U.S. President Thompson called Zo'or to express America's outrage that Earth was being used as an intergalactic battleground, and Zo'or sent Agent Ron Sandoval to find the probe and make sure it was out of commission. Captain Lili Marquette alerted Major Liam Kincaid, who gathered a team to capture the probe's Jaridian technology for the Resistance.

Liam proceeded to the probe's co-ordinates with Augur and Julia. Augur used a special field dampener to secure the damaged probe, while Liam diverted Sandoval, who also had arrived at the site. A shoot-out between the Resistance and Sandoval's troops ensued, with Sandoval's shuttle being blown into a million pieces, allowing Julia and Augur to escape with the probe. They removed it to a warehouse and started to study it when hooded commandos burst into the building and overwhelmed the Resistance members. Liam, Julia and Augur were taken to a fortified bunker inside Mount Weather, where they met the military group's leader, the head of Operation Dark Knight. Not only does the Colonel Zeke have extensive background information on the Resistance members' identities, he shocked them by introducing himself as the "real" Liam Kincaid, the individual Augur based Liam's Resistance identity on.

On the Taelon mothership Zo'or was furious at the loss of the probe, and expanded Sandoval's powers to give him license to kill to get it back and to destroy the Resistance. Sandoval leaned on Lili to find the probe and locate Liam, and to affirm her allegiance only to him. When Sandoval left, Da'an approached Lili ostensibly to ask whether she had found Liam. Lili realized Da'an wanted to speak privately to her. The Companion opened up to Lili and questioned his own leadership abilities in the face of Zo'or's growing ruthlessness. Lili does her best to reassure Da'an, despite his apparent complicity in many of the Taelons' evil plots.

Inside the Mount Weather complex, Liam tried to defend himself to Augur and Julia, until he was taken aside by the Colonel. He asked Liam to explain his foggy past and his two-sided relationship with the Taelons, but Liam gave away nothing. The Colonel sensed Liam's integrity, and decided to trust him despite knowing his real identity. He took him further inside the complex to an advanced research lab. Augur was there working on the probe with a scientist named Bettis. When they tried to access the probe's memory, they activated its weapons systems. The probe started firing, but when Liam raises his shaqarava, the probe recognized his energy signature and retreated. However, Liam was exhausted by his efforts, and had to be brought around by the Colonel, who was suspicious of his strange powers.

The Colonel decided to put all three Resistance members into a holding cell until he could find out more about their ties to the Taelons..

Locked in the brig, Augur did some calculations, and realized his field dampener wouldn't hold and the Jaridian probe would become active once more. his predictions came true as the probe burst to life in the lab, forcing the Colonel, Bettis and their forces to seal off the area and flee to another level, collecting their Resistance prisoners en route. The probe transformed into a Jaridian replicant, which assumed the form of Augur. The replicant started to cut its way through the lab's titanium door, and the team realized they need help to contain it. Liam called Lili on board the mothership and asked her to transmit Jaridian command codes the Taelons had managed to decipher. With Sandoval watching her every move, Lili took a chance and asked Da'an to help her access the mothership's mainframe, which he reservedly does. As Lili hurried to access her data, Sandoval discovered the probe's co-ordinates, and informed Zo'or of its location in the high security military facility in Mount Weather. Zo'or grilled President Thompson about the military's involvement with the probe. When Thompson denied any knowledge, Zo'or demanded full access for Sandoval and his storm troopers.

Inside the installation the replicant was getting closer, as its human targets moved higher into the facility. Lili was finally able to download the command codes, arming the Resistance members and the commando troops just as the replicant broke through their last line of defense. Liam loaded his global with the codes and met the replicant face to face. When it looked like the replicant would fire on Liam, instead it began to speak, saying that it carried a message from the Jaridian Empire. The replicant asked humanity to join the Jaridians in their fight against the Taelons, and told Liam it could help build an advanced communications device to speak with the Jaridian leaders. But before the replicant could transmit all its instructions, Sandoval's storm troopers breached the building, forcing the Colonel's squad to put the building on self-destruct. The Resistance members and military team barely managed to get out of the building, but Sandoval's Volunteers perished in the nuclear explosion.

Emerging in hand cuffs and claiming he had been able to escape his kidnappers, Liam was able to appear an innocent victim to Sandoval. When he said goodbye to the real Liam Kincaid in the Flat Planet Café, Liam learned the Colonel's secret military operation far exceeded Resistance resources, leaving him secure in the knowledge that the Taelons were facing an even greater fight from humanity than they thought.
44 Crossfire
Jonathan Doors and his Presidential Campaign manager and son Joshua held a press conference under the watchful eye of Major Liam Kincaid and Secret Service Agent Hannigan. Liam noticed a strange tall man who was pretending to video record Doors' speech while he cased the room. When Liam confronted him the man bolted from the building and ran to the Flat Planet Cafe. Augur and his patrons hit the floor as Liam and the man exchanged gunfire, which ended when the man turned his Taelon weapon on himself and was completely vaporized.

Liam took the man's videotape to Augur's where they examined it with Captain Lili Marquette and Julia. They realize the man was stalking Doors for some time, and when they reviewed the security footage from the Flat Planet Cafe, they discovered the man had a Taelon warrior implant. The Resistance members wanted to expose Zo'or with the video evidence, but Liam cautioned his team to lay low until after the Presidential elections.

On board the Taelon mothership, Da'an informed Zo'or that the Taelon Synod would meet to assess his leadership. Liam went to Doors in his campaign headquarters to warn him that the Resistance suspected Zo'or was plotting against him. While Doors took the threat lightly, his son Joshua was concerned and told Liam he would increase his father's security. Liam proceeded to the mothership where Agent Ron Sandoval warned him to maintain his allegiance to the Taelons, whoever becomes President. Liam did some legwork on board the ship, then returned to Augur's to tell his Resistance members a secret shuttle was sent down to Earth at the time the warrior implant was snooping around Door's campaign. Julia told Liam she had uncovered a link between the implant and an underground arms dealer named Margolis, and Liam sent Augur with her to find out who was buying Taelon weapons.

When Julia and Augur questioned Margolis, he confirmed he made a deal with a warrior implant, and offered to trade the weapons specs for tactical information from the Resistance. Suddenly one of the bio-engineered warriors burst into the hideout, and vaporized Margolis with a blast from a Taelon weapon. Julia and Augur fled the building, but the warrior caught up to them in an alleyway and attacked them. They tried to fend him off but the implant was impervious to grenades and even fire, and they were only able to escape him by racing off in their car.

Once safe at Augur's place, they examined Margolis' specs on a computer disk and discovered the implant warriors were arming themselves with weapons undetectable by security scans, such as those used at appearances by the presidential candidates. Liam suspected the Resistance was being set up by a plot against Doors and was reluctant to put their members in danger at the next public debate. Julia was incensed by Liam's hesitance, and left to find Joshua behind Liam's back to offer her unit's protection at the upcoming candidate's debate.

On the day of the debate, Lili, Liam and Sandoval accompanied Zo'or and Da'an to the convention center, where Julia had also arrived with her team. Thompson and Doors took to the stage and embarked on a heated debate about the Taelon occupation and Resistance movement. Liam saw Julia, and confronted her, furious to find her armed. But it was impossible to remove her unit without attracting attention, so he left to scope out the building. At the back of the convention center, Liam encountered a group of three men working on what appeared to be a video camera. When Liam demanded the men identify themselves, he realized they were bio-warriors and started a vicious fight with them. As Liam struggled, one of the men ran from the room. It was only after he disabled his opponents' implants that Liam could pursue the potential assassin. But when Julia and her team responded to his alert, she discovers they had indeed been set up, and they were arrested by the secret service. During this commotion, a real assassin, took aim from a catwalk above the stage, and hit President Thompson directly in the chest. Sandoval aimed his skrill in response, and obliterated the assassin.

The Resistance reconnoitered at Augur's, and monitored reports of Thompson's recovery and huge lead in the polls. They heard false information about Resistance links to the assassination attempt, and that Julia and her team were being held on conspiracy to commit murder. But there was even more grim news to come: Joshua Doors appeared on television to announce that his father was behind the conspiracy to assassinate Thompson and that the secret service had issued a warrant for Doors' arrest.

Liam headed out to find Doors, while on board the Taelon mothership, Zo'or and Da'an faced off once more, but this time Zo'or clearly held the upper hand. He threatened Da'an directly, and announced that the time had come to redefine the Taelons' relationship with humans. Lili tipped off the Resistance that hundreds of Volunteers were flying down to Earth, and warned as many cells to go into hiding as possible. In the midst of the panic, the election results came in and Thompson had been re-elected President, playing right into Taelon hands. Before he went back into hiding, Doors confronted Joshua, and discovered Joshua willingly set him up.

As Doors fled his campaign headquarters, he ran into Liam, who spirited him away from danger. The next day Thompson gave a press conference where he declared a national emergency and imposed martial law throughout the United States until the Resistance was crushed.

Taelon battle cruisers filled the sky, and civilian round-ups ensued, but Lili heard even worse news from Sandoval: Zo'or was arresting Da'an for conspiracy and treason. Lili contacted Liam, who had gone into hiding with Doors and Augur, and told him she wanted to overload the power supply to the mothership, which would kill all the Taelons, and everyone else, on board. While Liam and Doors argued over her suggestion, Lili lost contact with them when Volunteers stormed their safe house. Lili faced her decision alone, her finger moving to push the override button that would seal all their fates.

3rd Season

No. Title / Synopsis
45 Crackdown
Volunteers storm a hideout and whisk Jonathan Doors away. Liam Kincaid holds his own until Volunteer Renee Palmer jabs a weapon into his neck. As another Volunteer places Liam under arrest for conspiracy, Renee kills the Volunteer, rips off her fake implant and rescues Liam and Augur. As the trio dashes through the courtyard, Liam and Augur suddenly realize that Renee has vanished.

Meanwhile on the Mothership, Lili fearing the others are dead, overloads the engines to destroy the ship. Lili is arrested as a traitor as Zo'or performs a series of Taelon override commands to regenerate the Mothership.

Back at Augur's lair, Liam and Augur watch reports about the arrests of suspected Resistance members and the collapse of the Underground's entire network of cells. Fearing the woman who saved them is a double agent, Augur sets out to identify Renee. When a newscast announces the death of Lili Marquette in the Mothership explosion, Liam storms into the Taelon Embassy and confronts Da'an with accusations that Zo'or is planning to take total political control. Da'an dismisses these charges and Liam resolves to prove the attempted assassination was not executed by the Resistance. Liam arrives on the Mothership and demands to take Lili s body back to Earth for a proper burial, but Agent Sandoval rejects his request. Liam says his last goodbye before Erika Vosser ejects Lili's body into the unnerving silence of space.

Liam, determined to find the identity of the assassin, returns to the crime scene, slips one of the DNA samples into his pocket and leaves Medical Examiner Dale Anders to continue his work under the watchful eye of Tate. After Augur identifies Resistance member Albert Phillips from the DNA, Liam leaves to search for him and finds that Phillips was taken by the Taelons more than a month earlier.
Meanwhile, as Doors paces in his cell on the Mothership, Vosser arrives with Zo'or, who proposes that the time has come to set aside their differences and establish a mutually beneficial alliance.

On Earth, Sandoval, ensuring that nothing interferes with his personal agenda, directs Tate to guarantee that Medical Examiner Anders will not interfere. Liam goes to see Anders at his office, but finds him dead as Tate makes his escape. Liam sees that Anders  files have been pilfered and the Thompson File is missing.

Meanwhile, President Thompson rides the crest of popularity, but Chief of Staff Hubble Urick expresses his concerns about the state of emergency and Zo'or's political demands.

Later, Augur finds that Albert Phillips  DNA sample is over a month old. Liam leaves to retrieve a new sample from the catwalk in the auditorium where the attempted assassination took place. When Liam arrives, Tate, unbeknownst to Liam, is installing a time bomb. Liam collects more samples just before the bomb explodes and then lunges for safety. After testing the new DNA samples, Augur discovers the killer is Judson Corr, who murdered the wife of the late William Boone.

Liam gives Urick the disk of evidence, telling him and the President that false accusations have been made in the assassination attempt. President Thompson rescinds the State of Emergency and orders all suspected Resistance prisoners being held on the Mothership be returned to Earth. When Liam spots Doors in the Shuttle Bay of the Mothership, he proposes they set aside their differences and work together against the Taelons. But Liam is shocked when Doors offers his hand in the Taelon gesture of mutual respect to Zo'or, confirming a newly formed association. Sandoval then assigns Liam to search for a woman masquerading as a Volunteer.

Before Liam can respond, he sees a TV crew recording an announcement about the new alliance between Doors International and the Taelons, supervised by Renee Palmer. While Augur repairs his computer equipment, shut down by a virus during his search to identify Renee, he retires Holo-Lili to lay Lili Marquette to rest.

But, at the end of a long, dark Taelon corridor in solitary confinement, Lili Marquette awaits her fate.
46 The Vanished
As the Jantzen family settles in for the night, Volunteers break into their home and arrest Lawrence Jantzen, as his wife Claire and son Ty watch in horror. Later, at the Taelon Embassy, Claire and Ty present their case to Da'an, and Liam Kincaid pledges to Ty that he will locate his father. Enlisting Augur's help, Liam discovers similar cases all over the world.

Meanwhile, on the Mothership, Erika Vosser leads Lili Marquette from her solitary confinement cell and tells her that Zo'or imposed the death sentence upon her for treason and then staged a mock funeral. Unnoticed, they depart the Mothership in a shuttle and make their way to Sandoval's (Von Flores) secret facility.

Meanwhile, Renee Palmer tries to convince Da'an to lend her a few of the detained Resistance sympathizers to be used as test subjects. Disguised as a brunette, she then goes to Sandoval's apartment to search for information.

At Sandoval's secret facility, Vosser and Tate begin an implant procedure on Lili. Later, when Vosser checks Lili's vital signs, Lili punchs Vosser in the face and tries to make an escape. She discovers a makeshift prison of Resistance sympathizers, including Lawrence Janzten. When Vosser and Tate recapture Lili, Tate brings Lili to the horrifying realization that she now has a CVI aural/optic implant, making her their eyes and ears.

In the makeshift prison, Jantzen rigs a solar-powered message, hoping someone will discover he is still alive. Liam confronts Renee in her office and she explains that she was attempting to rescue Jonathan Doors at the safe house. She then reveals that she is also searching for Jantzen and tells Liam about the mysterious locator signal and information she obtained from Sandoval's computer. She informs Liam that Alcott Inc. is the manufacturer of the CVI technology. Liam's research reveals that the CVI shipped was an experimental covert surveillance CVI, confirming Renee's theory of human experimental implants and the possibilities of shipping prisoners out of the solar system.

Augur deciphers the location of Jantzen's transmission and Liam and Renee leave to free Jantzen and the other prisoners. Back at Sandoval's facility, Lili rips off her dog tags, scratches a message onto them, and tries to wedge them out her cell window. She accidentally cuts her finger and, to her astonishment, sees that her blood is black. When Sandoval finishes making arrangements with Tate to blow up the facility, he enters Lili's sealed tent and, examining her cut finger, tells her that her physiology is no longer Earth-based. Sandoval ushers Lili into a nearby shuttle and sends her into interdimensional space.

Meanwhile, Renee and Liam enter the prison just as Vosser finishes planting the explosive devices. At Tate's urging, Sandoval boards the ID Portal and leaves. As Liam and Renee follow the voices of the prisoners, shots are fired. After taking out Vosser, Liam and Renee free the prisoners. Amid the chaos, Liam doesn t notice Lili's dogtags, etched with the words FIND ME, lying in the gutter.

The next day, Liam approaches Sandoval with his discovery of the rogue Volunteer's identity - Erika Vosser. From a distance, Liam and Renee watch Lawrence Jantzen and his family in the park while space cruisers fly overhead and Lili speeds through space on a flight to the unknown.
47 Emancipation
Three uniformed Volunteers named Peter, Alan and Ehrengraf enter the Earth Abides Political Club. When Ehrengraf meets opposition as she interrogates a party member, she skrill blasts the club. Liam Kincaid is assigned to find the renegade Volunteers and stop the abuse of power.

Augur, who has suffered great losses during a market correction, sorts out the last of his art pieces to put up for auction as the holo-accountant balances his books. Liam asks Augur to help him locate the Volunteers, but Augur informs him that the Resistance is no longer his fight. Augur insists that Liam use his own devices to solve the skrilling incident.

Renee Palmer, anticipating a backlash from the attack, asks Liam if he knows how to get hold of the new user-friendly Skrills used in the incident - Skrills operable by non-officers without CVI implants. Liam and Da'an visit Dr. Linford at the Skrill Development Centre to discuss the theft of a Skrill prototype. They learn that the Skrill Queen, the mother of all Skrills in service, has been stolen. Meanwhile, Ehrengraf, Peter, and Alan, who have taken the pregnant Queen, return to their hidden loft where they are keeping her.

When Zo'or discovers the Skrill Queen has been stolen, he demands that Sandoval recover her. Renee identifies Sylvia Ehrengraf, a committed Resistance fighter and member of the hard core Resistance cadre Black Wednesday, as one of the renegade Volunteers. Liam and Renee team up to apprehend Ehrengraf and rescue the Skrill Queen.

The rogue Volunteers then attempt to kidnap the President of the Society of Secular Humanity, Gregos Dinesen, but Dinesen shoots and mortally wounds Alan.

Back at the loft, Noah Lockhart, a biogeneticist at the Skrill Development Centre and committed member of Black Wednesday, checks on the pregnant Skrill Queen. He also examines the Skrill bonded on Ehrengraf's arm because she experiences pain and nerve damage with every Skrill blast.

Sandoval interrogates Dr. Linford when he discovers that Alan participated in her compatibility survey for the new Skrill prototype. Dr. Linford claims her innocence and provides Sandoval the equipment needed to bring the Skrill Queen safely to term. Renee convinces Augur to give her information about the vigilante Resistance group and she tracks down their secret hideout. Renee and Liam take off to apprehend them, but when they arrive at the loft, Ehrengraf manages to escape with the Skrill Queen. Sandoval arrives and takes charge of Lockhart and Peter while Liam and Renee track down Ehrengraf to the medical center. But Ehrengraf is unwilling to surrender the Skrill Queen. She points her Skrill at Liam and starts to blast wildly as she is overcome with pain. The blasts get progressively weaker and Ehrengraf and the Skrill die in a final violent spasm. Renee wants to keep the Skrill Queen in custody for the Resistance, but Liam won t allow it. He scoops up the Queen to  bond  with her and is horrified to see how the Taelons have snatched the Skrill nestlings from their parents to be reengineered into weapons. Liam vows to ensure the safety and survival of the Skrill and the human race. Liam and Renee take the Skrill Queen to the Brazilian rain forest and they watch her maternally guard her nest. Suddenly, the Skrill Queen shimmers and a beautiful bird-like energy creature emerges becoming the newest addition to the ecosystem.
48 Déj Vu
Detective Patricia Sherman requests that Liam Kincaid help her look into the deaths of four people, all of whom supposedly died from overloaded synapses. Meanwhile, in front of the flagship Mneme salon, Dr. Ray Suriyama answers questions for the press about the Mneme, a new Taelon/Doors venture that allows people to relive their most cherished memories. Da'an reports the progress of the Mneme project to Zo'or and Zo'or informs Da an he will now take over the project. When Da an agrees with this decision rather quickly, Zo'or suspects he has ulterior motives and tells Sandoval to increase his surveillance of Da'an. Meanwhile at the Flat Planet Café, Augur watches the grand opening of the Mneme salon on television with his new silent partner in the establishment, Dr. Belman. They watch as Renee Palmer invites Mayor Carter Dubois to be the first client. The Mayor relives an erotic memory with a young Asian woman, but tells the audience he experienced childhood memories of playing baseball. During the reception, Da an explains to Liam the operating principles of the Mneme, giving Liam a possible insight into the mysterious deaths - memory overload.

Later, at Club 101, Liam asks Giselle if her late boyfriend could have purchased an illegal Mneme memory. She acknowledges the possibility and tells Liam that a guy named Gavin Frost runs a black market Mneme operation in the alley behind the club. Liam and Renee find Gavin, and just as Liam is about to purchase a memory ride, Sandoval arrives on the scene. Sandoval proceeds to discuss issues with Gavin, his business partner, and Renee and Liam steal the truck with the Mneme machine. They bring it to Augur for examination and the next day, Gavin is found dead.

While scanning the Mneme, Augur finds several discs stored in a compartment. Liam decides to test his theory of memory overload and plugs in a disc, which contains memories belonging to SI War veteran Lieutenant McKee. Augur detaches Liam from the machine when he begins screaming in pain and Liam concludes that Gavin was selling stolen memories.

Renee discovers the requisitions of all the stolen Mneme parts were made by Sanches, a Doors International clerk and employee of Dr. Suriyama. She terminates Suriyama s employment and as he leaves, Suriyama tells Renee that he possesses the experimental discs and her memories. Liam confronts Da'an about the use of the Mneme to eavesdrop on people through their memories. Da'an is baffled because he is under the impression that humans want to share and evolve toward a unity or commonality like the Taelons.

Renee fears that Suriyama will flee and take her memory disc with him. She and Liam return to the Mneme salon, but when they enter the facility, they are caught in a Mneme field and bombarded with their own memories. With the last of his strength, Liam fires his energy pistol at the power supply disrupting the Mneme machines. The room clears and Dr. Suriyama is found dead. Sandoval enters, explaining how he had Suriyama under surveillance for some time, and exits without an explanation. Renee and Liam suspect that Sandoval is involved, but know they will never be able to implicate him in the bootleg Mneme machine deaths. Later, Liam goes to see Lieutenant McKee in a rest home and they discuss the outcome of the battle they ve both experienced. Liam then presents McKee with the Mneme disc, returning his memories.
49 Once and Future World
A smuggler named Gonsalves lands an inflatable motorboat on a beach and makes his way to an archeological site. He begins digging and finds a knotted rope, an amulet, two small idols and a polyhedron that begins to glow in his hand. Alerted by a metallic clank, Gonsalves escapes from the Security Patrol Sentry and races to the motorboat with the loot. Later at the Rizzori Gallery, Companion Protector Liam Kincaid investigates the authenticity and origin of these very objects. Sandoval gives U.S. Customs Agent Carl Praeger 24 hours to complete his investigation of the smuggled artifacts before he takes possession of them. Liam leaves the showroom and sees Renee Palmer who has been sent by Doors International to look into the possibility of these objects being of Taelon origin.

Liam and Renee decide to remove the artifacts that night, before Sandoval can claim them. Liam enters the gallery and Renee acts as a look-out in the back alley. A guard making his rounds approaches Liam, and Renee fails to set off the decoy firebomb outside, forcing Liam to pepper spray the guard. Liam grabs the box of artifacts and makes a speedy exit. Later, Augur confirms the polyhedron and the idol are of Taelon origin and identifies the tangled rope as an Inca Quipu.

Zo'or and Da'an order Sandoval to retrieve the polyhedron because they believe it could be the link between humanity and the Taelons that the Taelon scout Ma'el left behind. Meanwhile, in exchange for immunity to smuggling charges, gallery owner Vera Rizzori tells Liam that Customs Agent Praeger is her silent partner and Gonsalves is the name of her artifact supplier. Liam goes to search Praeger's office and is attacked by Gonsalves. Renee steps out of the shadows and demands Liam's release. Gonsalves flees and Renee intentionally lets him go.

Later, Augur pinpoints Rio La Yapana as the source of the smuggled artifacts and Liam and Renee depart for the exotic locale. They make their way through a fisherman's shantytown and spot Gonsalves. Sandoval's shuttle lands and Liam goes after Gonsalves while Renee stays with Sandoval. Liam and Gonsalves fight in the market, but Gonsalves lands on his own knife, killing himself. Liam attempts to contact Renee, but she ignores his call.

Liam continues the search for the Taelon site and discovers a dim chamber full of ancient equipment. He begins to record the items in the chamber on his global, but he stops when he hears a weapon being cocked. Liam turns around and comes face to face with Renee, a scientific team and Jonathan Doors. Renee tells Liam that she purposely tried to prevent him from finding Ma'el's ship and Doors tells him that it is imperative that the Taelon technology stay in the hands of humans. Doors also tells Liam that he discovered Ma'el's ship years before the Taelons landed on Earth. Doors, Liam and Renee agree to work together. Liam goes to the Mothership and gives the polyhedron, the only Taelon artifact found at the site, to Da'an and Zo'or as a memento of Ma'el's visit to Earth. Sandoval confirms great finds of Inca relics during his search at the ancient site, but regrets to inform that he found nothing of Taelon ancestry.
50 Thicker than Blood
While hiding his identity, Da'an hires Max Pratt, a professional hit man, to seek out Augur. Meanwhile, Sandoval visits the Kobe Club which specializes in high tech sensory fulfillment and deprivation. Known only as an anonymous number at the venue, Sandoval orders three hours of total memory block. As the Geisha is "putting him under" with electrodes, Sandoval mutters "I have no choice. I do what I do for the knowledge to destroy them," after which something goes wrong and he falls unconscious. Emergency medical technicians pick up Sandoval and take him to the Bethesda Naval Hospital ICU.

Liam and Renee meet with 10 Resistance leaders whose cells have been discovered and destroyed. In order to avoid one cell from crushing the entire network in the future, Liam proposes that he be the only communication link between cells. Resistance globals will be able to receive his untraceable transmissions, but will be unable to send any. Reluctantly, the leaders agree and put their trust in Liam. Back at the hospital, Dr. Allison Curzon and Dr. Harlowe run tests on Sandoval and discover he has a rare blood disorder caused by genetic mutation. Dr. Curzon injects Sandoval with a yellow serum that revives him. Liam is temporarily put in charge of protecting Zo'or, who cancels his engagements pending Sandoval's return. Sandoval is told he will die unless he gets blood from a first-degree relative. He doesn't believe any exist and orders a worldwide search for a DNA match.

Augur's secret past catches up with him when he finds his ex-partner-in-crime, Max, waiting for him. Augur and Max had hacked Federal main frames until the IRS caught up with Augur, whose subsequent testimony against Max sent him to sensory deprivation prison for six years. Now a hardened criminal, Max threatens to kill Liam unless Augur provides him with the Resistance's communication codes. Max delivers the information to Da'an, who is caught red-handed by Zo'or with knowledge of the Resistance that he has not shared. To prove his loyalty, Da'an uses his newfound information source to send out a simulated message from Liam summoning all the Resistance leaders to an emergency meeting. Liam receives the transmission but is unable to send a counter message and several leaders are killed. When Liam angrily confronts Augur about his betrayal, Augur explains he did what he had to do to save Liam's life and offers to help discover who hired Max. Although their relationship is now marred, Liam accepts Augur's offer. Meanwhile, Max contacts Zo'or and asks for a hundred million dollars in exchange for the Resistance's leader.

Even though Liam reports to Sandoval while he is in the hospital, it is not until Augur informs Liam that there is a DNA search that he realizes he is the only one who can save Sandoval from dying. Liam reveals to Renee that he is, in fact, Sandoval's son and was created using Sandoval's body by the alien named Ha'gel. Despite Renee's protests that Sandoval is the enemy, Liam feels compelled to donate his blood. To preserve Liam's anonymity, Renee offers to draw the blood which is dropped off at the hospital.

Augur discovers that a Taelon invention, "smart money," makes it possible to trace cash transactions to the previous owners. Posing as a new client, Liam meets with Max in hopes of getting some of the cash with which he was paid. Max is surprised to see his "target" wants to hire him and teases that Zo'or is prepared to pay a fortune to reveal his identity. The two battle with needle swords - light saber-like weapons which can cut through anything but themselves. Liam manages to kill Max and recover a $100 bill which implicates Da'an. Seething, Liam confronts Da'an, who justifies his actions claiming that he had to regain Zo'or's trust and assures Liam that he is protected because he is indispensable to the Taelons' survival. Sandoval recovers and learns that somewhere he has a son.
51 A Little Bit of Heaven
A teenage girl barely escapes from the small town of Taelonville, Indiana through an interdimensional (ID) portal. Her twin teenage pursuers, Belle and Steve Hartley are worried that her memory wasn't sufficiently erased before she escaped. Although the twins look like regular teenagers, their glowing eyes suggest they are Taelons. Belle and Steve return to their house and hook themselves up to IVs and electrodes. Meanwhile, Dr. Park calls Liam to share her examination results from a Jane Doe patient, the same girl who escaped from Taelonville. She explains that in addition to having amnesia, the teenager's three-month-old fetus was seemingly removed, not by surgery, but by Taelon ID travel technology. Liam shares these findings with Renee and she probes Zo'or for more information. But Zo'or knows nothing about reviving the human genetic research project, nor the use of ID technology to perform non-invasive surgery. Zo'or orders Sandoval to find out if a covert operation exists.

Meanwhile, Liam goes to Taelonville to do a little investigating on his own. He enlists the help of the local sheriff, Bob Highland, who explains that the Taelons restored the town after a nuclear meltdown. Highland introduces Liam to Carrie Drake the proprietor of a local restaurant, and the Hartley twins, none of whom admit to having seen the teenage girl. While Belle and Steve privately lament how Da'an abandoned them, Highland praises how the Taelons saved the twins from the radiation poisoning that killed their parents.

Back on the mothership, Sandoval questions Da'an about the use of ID technology and convinces him to share his knowledge before going to Zo'or. Da'an explains his part in saving the town of Silent Falls, now Taelonville, and his attempt to create a Taelon/ human hybrid, which he now feels may help the Taelons triumph in the coming Jaridian invasion. Unconvinced at first, Zo'or finally agrees that the continuation of the project could serve the Taelons' needs.

Meanwhile, Belle and Steve kill Carrie Drake and successfully carry out a plot to frame Liam for her murder. Liam contacts Renee for help. Upon her arrival, she gives Liam a long, deep kiss, transferring to him a lump of gray goo made up of millions of minute programmable robots. Renee leaves and Liam transforms the goo into a lock-pick. He escapes from his cell, tying up the sheriff. Liam meets up with Renee in an alley where she programs the robot goo to seek out traces of ID technology throughout the town.

Meanwhile, Highland frees himself and pursues Liam and Renee with a pack of men. The nanorobot goo discovers Steve and Belle's attic and sends a message to Renee. Renee and Liam enter the house, unaware that they are being watched by one of Highland's men. When they go to the attic they see a maze of melded human and Taelon technology and five artificial Taelon wombs, all but one of which hold Taelon/human infants. Belle cradles a baby and Steve threatens to blast the other infants. Suddenly, Highland and his men burst into the attic and a gun battle erupts. Belle takes the baby and manages to escape through a portal door. Highland arrests Steve and reconciles with Liam. A Taleon ID shuttle arrives and collects the remaining Taelon/human infants.

Later at the Taelon embassy, Sandoval reports to Liam and Da'an that Belle and the baby have not been found. Liam exits the room and Belle appears with the child. Da'an greets them with open arms and Belle pledges her allegiance to the Taelons. Da'an then assures her that he will get Steve released from jail.
52 Pad'Ar
Liam and Augur are at the Flat Planet Café watching an ultimate warrior competition, known as Pad'Ar, on the monitors. The restaurant is packed and several of the customers wear JackPatches, virtual reality-like devices manufactured by Doors International that allow the wearer to see and feel everything that happens in the ring. Liam doesn't trust the JackPatches and watches closely as wearer Vernon Getz experiences mild seizures while wearing the device. Vernon comes to and Arcadia Frost, the most popular Pad'Ar warrior, defeats her opponent. The following day, Renee brings Arcadia, who is sponsored by Doors International, to the Flat Planet Café to greet her fans. Liam makes his concerns regarding the JackPatches known to Renee and notices that Vernon is not around. Renee leaves to go work out with Arcadia and Liam goes to see Da'an to learn more about Pad'Ar. He learns that Pad'Ar was originally a means to solve disputes among the Taelons in ancient times that evolved into a sacred ritual. Da'an also tells Liam that he does not share Zo'or's enthusiasm for the way in which Pad'Ar has escalated into a popular form of sports entertainment for humans.

Later, Liam goes to Mercy Hospital and learns that Vernon is being treated by Dr. Catlett. She tells Liam that other cases similar to Vernon's have been reported across the country and she is trying to establish a link between the JackPatches and the disorders.

Meanwhile, Arcadia and Renee attend a Pad'Ar match on the mothership and witness the death of Pad'Ar warrior Sturm during the fight.

Shortly after the match, Dr. Kronkeit announces that Sturm's death was caused by an undiagnosed neurological disorder and insists that all Pad'Ar warriors submit to a test to ensure they are not predisposed to the same condition. Renee informs Liam of Dr. Kronkeit's findings and Liam proposes the possibility of reverse neurofeedback from the JackPatches.

On the mothership, Zo'or reprimands Sandoval for not choosing better subjects to be Pad'Ar warriors and expresses his concerns about the effect that Sturm's death may have on their future plans. Zo'or and Sandoval have offered the nations of the world the first supersoldier, the Pad'Ar warrior, and a bidding war has begun between the top military powers. Meanwhile, Augur discovers that the neurological disorder that caused Sturm's death only affects people over the age of 60. Liam goes to see Dr. Catlett and discovers that she and Vernon were planning to defraud Doors International by suing for seizures caused by the JackPatches. He arrests them both for insurance fraud, but the mystery behind Sturm's death still remains.

Renee becomes suspicious of Arcadia's age and asks her what her favorite childhood toy was. Arcadia, suspecting nothing, tells her it was the Crash Baxter ray gun that her father got for her at a World's Fair. Augur scans Arcadia's DNA. He discovers that she and all of the other Pad'Ar warriors are former military soldiers between the ages of 65 and 90 that have been living in VA hospitals. Further analysis reveals that all of the Pad'Ar warriors have one common DNA strand, which leads to the discovery that they are improved bio-surrogates. Renee and Liam confront Arcadia with this information and she tells them that Sandoval offered her this new life. They conclude that Zo'or and Sandoval are creating perfect soldiers to fight the Jaridians. Arcadia returns to the mothership and is attacked by two Pad'Ar warriors who are under orders from Sandoval to destroy her. Arcadia kills one of the warriors and Liam arrives in time to destroy the other. He takes Arcadia to Augur's lair where Renee and Arcadia apologize to each other and renew their friendship despite their differences. Liam and Renee reveal their ties to the Resistance to Arcadia and relocate her to ensure her safety.
53 In Memory
Lili Marquette awakens on a shuttle thousands of light years away from Earth. A laser beam cuts through the shuttle's hull and a Jaridian enters the chamber. Suddenly, a Taelon warship arrives and engages the shuttle in battle. The shuttle takes a direct hit and is engulfed in white light, leaving Lili's fate uncertain. Later, Lili finds herself a patient at a military hospital. Dr. Michael Reed tells Lili that she has been in a coma for three years and that her CVI has been removed. Liam soon arrives and Lili learns that the Taelons, defeated by the Jaridians, have left Earth forever. Liam tells Lili that she is responsible for saving Earth and that Sandoval is scheduled to be executed.

Soon, Lili is debriefed by Colonel Bramson and learns that Sandoval's last request is to speak with her. She reluctantly agrees when she realizes that this will be her only chance to find out why Sandoval sent her out on a shuttle in the first place. But Sandoval only reveals to Lili that he now has his own Resistance, made up of faithful Taelon followers, and that they will kill her. Lili then goes to have lunch with Augur and finds out that he is the CEO of a large company and has a wife and child. Dr. Reed and Colonel Bramson watch Lili and Augur from across the cafeteria and they mysteriously discuss the need to win Lili's trust.

Later that night, Tate, one of Lili's old enemies, tries to kill her, but Liam thwarts the assassination attempt. Security is tightened the following day and Dr. Reed suggests to Lili that watching Sandoval's execution may aid in her recovery. Lili agrees, but leaves in disgust when Sandoval screams that his CVI made him commit his crimes. Later, Liam gives Lili her old dogtags. To her surprise, the words "FIND ME," which she had previously etched on them, are not there. Lili then looks at a cut on her hand she received before the coma and notices that it hasn't healed. She returns to her room, reopens the cut, and is horrified when black blood oozes from the wound. Lili realizes something is terribly wrong and faces the possibility that she may not even be on Earth.

Lili confronts Liam and he informs her that they are really on an asteroid and Lili is part of an intricate scheme by the Taelons to gain more information about the Resistance and the Jaridians. He claims that he, Augur and Dr. Reed are prisoners and they didn't tell Lili the truth because they wanted to protect her. Liam hands Lili a tiny, broken ID drive from a grounded shuttle and tells her that they can all escape if she fixes the mechanism. To confuse Lili even more, Dr. Reed and Colonel Bramson inform her that they never removed her CVI and suggest immediate surgery. Lili agrees, but during the operation she has visions of Jaridians performing the procedure.

The following day, Lili fixes the ID drive and Dr. Reed tells her that they're leaving that night. After dark, Lili and Liam rendezvous with Augur and Dr. Reed at the shuttle hangar and engage a group of Volunteers in a gun battle. Suddenly, Sandoval and more Volunteers arrive and Sandoval seriously wounds Liam. Lili kills Sandoval while Augur and Dr. Reed get Liam on the shuttle. Liam dies as Lili installs the ID drive and the Volunteers lower their weapons and begin to walk away when shuttle power is restored. Suddenly, the surrounding landscape dissolves into Jaridia and the Volunteers morph into Jaridians. Augur, Liam and Dr. Reed also transform into Jaridians and inform Lili that they created a faux Earth from her own memory to trick her into fixing the shuttle's ID drive, enabling them to travel to Earth to battle the Taelons. Lili is horrified to realize that she has just given the Jaridians the means for interdimensional space travel.
54 The Cloister
When Zo'or experiences a series of violent dreams and has difficulty maintaining his human appearance, Da'an realizes that Zo'or is entering the Taelon reproductive cycle, the ka'ath'am. Believing that Zo'or is a threat to himself and those around him, Da'an suggests that he withdraw from all public appearances, but Zo'or refuses. Later, Liam Kincaidand Sandoval escort Da'an and Zo'or to the Palmer mansion to participate in an Energy Sharing Ceremony with a group of women known as The Cloister. These unique women can alter their bodies' energy to match the Taelons' energy level, allowing them to physically and spiritually bond with the Taelons.

Later, Renee joins Liam at the mansion and recognizes Sister Elizabeth, an ex-Resistance member, and fears that she has divulged Resistance secrets to The Cloister and the Taelons. Liam questions the head of The Cloister, Sister Margaret, about Sister Elizabeth's background and Renee questions Sister Elizabeth about her motives for entering The Cloister. Later, Sister Margaret finds Sister Elizabeth dead and floating in a meditation water tank. Forensic Officer Eric "Rabbit" Salinger concludes that she died from drowning and electrocution by an unknown energy source. Suddenly, the Interdimensional Shuttle explodes and destroys the mansion's electric generator and all means of transportation. Liam observes Da'an leaving the scene of the explosion, but Da'an refuses to offer Liam any explanations as to why he was there.

Later, Zo'or sees a series of violent images of Sister Elizabeth's murder while being questioned by Metro Homicide Detective Mitch Corelli. Meanwhile, Sandoval catches Renee in the act of searching Sister Elizabeth's room, but she covers herself by stating her concern about the murder and its impact on Doors International. Sandoval has already searched the room and found Elizabeth's diary, which contains information about her previous ties to the Resistance. He reveals this to Renee, confirming her suspicion that Sandoval had beaten her to the diary.

"Rabbit" informs Liam that Sister Elizabeth was pregnant, but their discussion is interrupted when another Cloister member, Sister Jenna, is attacked. She identifies her attacker as a Taelon, but can't say whether it was Da'an or Zo'or. Liam learns from Sister Margaret that every woman in The Cloister, except for her, is pregnant.

"Rabbit" and Liam eliminate the possibility of any non-Taelon energy source as the cause of the deaths and attempt to identify the killer by isolating Taelon energy signatures. They watch the tape of the ceremony and determine that Da'an must be the killer because he was the last Taelon to touch Sister Elizabeth. But after replaying the tape frame by frame, Liam notices that Sister Margaret transformed into a Taelon blue state after touching Zo'or. Suddenly, a piercing scream sends Liam running to the meditation room to find Sister Margaret, glowing Taelon blue, attacking Renee. Liam restrains Sister Margaret and she begins to emanate energy pulses, slowly killing herself. Before she dies, Sister Margaret confesses to murdering Sisters Elizabeth in a jealous rage because she could not procreate.

Liam theorizes that Sister Margaret must have shared a special link with Zo'or because of the way she channeled his energy. Liam also calls attention to Da'an's strange behavior and suspects him of tampering with evidence to cover up for Zo'or, but Da'an deflects the accusations. Back on the mothership, Da'an reprimands Zo'or for his total disregard for public safety and Taelon interests while experiencing the ka'ath'am. But Zo'or is more concerned with the fact that he is the only Taelon who will never reproduce. Zo'or, the last of the Taelons, demands to know why Da'an concealed the truth. He figures that Da'an wanted to keep the secret that without humanity, the Taelons are a doomed race. But Da'an insists that he only wanted to protect his child, who is none other than Zo'or!
55 Interview
Veteran news reporter Shelly George discovers a Taelon probe in a forest and is engulfed by high-voltage electronic pulses when the probe ruptures. Four years later, Shelly, now the producer of "The Eli Hanson Show," is determined to broadcast the first live television interview with a Companion. Renee Palmer helps Shelly get a meeting with Zo'or to pitch the idea. Obviously quite ill, Shelly excuses herself while Zo'or considers the proposal. Shelly adjusts her electronic Synaptic Nerve Suppressor to relieve a wave of pain. Meanwhile, Liam Kincaid expresses his concern to Renee about the interview because he believes that it might increase public support for the Companions.

Zo'or agrees to the live interview, but soon after he and Sandoval are alerted to a security breach in the Taelon Archives. Meanwhile at the Taelon Embassy, Da'an assures Liam he has taken the necessary steps to insure that mankind will be aware of Zo'or's contempt for humanity. The next day, Shelly meets Troy Sarrazin, a known anti-Taelon activist, who gives her a disk containing secret Taelon information. As the TV crew sets up for the broadcast and the audience filters in, Renee recognizes Troy, who is in disguise, taking a seat in the audience gallery. She brings this to Liam's attention and Liam approaches Troy and asks him to leave quietly. Sandoval also notices Troy and immediately dispatches Volunteers to apprehend him. Troy panics and runs, but is eventually tackled by Liam. Sandoval orders Liam to escort Troy to the shuttle that will take him to the mothership. Thinking there may be other extremists in the audience, Sandoval implores Zo'or to cancel the interview. But Zo'or refuses because he doesn't want to appear intimidated and weak.

Eli Hanson takes the stage and introduces a video montage that highlights the Taelons' accomplishments. After Liam leaves the building with Troy, Shelly activates a security system override that locks all the studio doors. She then walks onstage and tells the audience that she will expose the dark side of the Taelon agenda. A Volunteer rushes the stage and Shelly fires a wave of energy from her electronic Synaptic Nerve Suppressor. Volunteers surround Shelly and she calmly announces that she is dying from exposure to Taelon radiation and intends to kill Zo'or with the next blast from her Suppressor.

Shelly airs the stolen Taelon archival tapes and Liam discovers he is locked out of the studio. Renee contacts Liam on his global and informs him that Shelly has taken over the broadcast and has left a suicide note in her office. He sends for Augur to help break the electromagnetic field and Augur ascertains that the fallout from breaking the electromagnetic pulse would kill everyone in the building. Augur begins to repair the interdimensional portal as a possible entrance into the studio and Liam retrieves a Taelon shuttle crash pack that will form a protective glass bubble around him should Shelly fire a blast at him from her Suppressor.

Liam jumps into the portal and materializes on stage. Shelly fires at him and activates the crash pack. But the crash bubble encases her and the pulse blast from her Suppressor. The electromagnetic pulse blast explodes and Shelly disintegrates. The electromagnetic field within the bubble expands and causes the bubble to contort. Zo'or places his hands on the bubble just as it's about to explode and absorbs all the energy, saving everyone's life. Liam is grateful to be alive, but tells Renee that because this entire fiasco was televised, Zo'or now looks like a hero, which is the last thing they wanted. Meanwhile, Da'an, who provided Troy with the Taelon archival footage, visits the imprisoned activist on the mothership and ponders the impact of its airing.
56 Keep Your Enemies Closer
En route to a diplomatic assembly, Liam Kincaid and Zo'or are called back to the mothership by the Synod for an emergency meeting. Upon reentry from ID space, their shuttle collides with an old space booster and hurtles towards Earth, crashing in Sunlight Basin, Wyoming. Naraina Durrant, a resident of a local commune of natural purists known as the Children of the Earth, rescues Liam from his crash bubble and assists him in the search for Zo'or. Meanwhile on the mothership, Da'an greets T'than, the Taelon War Minister who has called the emergency meeting to propose that Da'an take Zo'or's place as the Synod leader. T'than later questions Sandoval about Zo'or's private ambitions.

Renee Palmer discovers that Liam and Zo'or are missing and Da'an assures her that Zo'or is still alive and linked to the Commonality. Da'an instructs Sandoval to broaden his search for the missing shuttle. Meanwhile, Liam tries to call for emergency assistance, but his global hisses with static. Liam and Naraina continue to look for Zo'or's crash bubble and are approached by Jason, Kyle and Byron Durrant, Naraina's father and leader of the commune. Liam is unable to stabilize the pulsating ID drive of the pod, so he detaches it and dumps it over a cliff just as it explodes. The air clears and they discover the crash bubble containing the wounded Zo'or. The group, with the exception of Liam, is in awe of Zo'or, for they have cut themselves off from the outside world and had no idea that Taelons even existed. Kyle and Naraina help Liam contain Zo'or's remaining energy and they bring him to Kyle's home at the commune.

Byron announces to his followers that he will fast and search for clear vision of the truth and decide whether to provide further assistance to Liam and Zo'or. Naraina brings some food to Liam and explains to him her father's vision of the Star Saviors. She says that her father believes that beings from the sky, the Star Saviors, will come to their commune and help its inhabitants return to present-day society. Later, Liam witnesses Byron handing Jason an energy weapon from a secret compartment in his cabin and overhears him instructing Jason to stand guard and protect the commune. Concluding that Byron is quickly drifting into madness, Liam enters the cabin after they leave and retrieves energy clips from the rifles locked in the secret compartment.

Later that night, Liam asks the residents of the commune for help and confronts Jason about the objects in the secret compartment. Meanwhile in his cabin, Byron secretly watches reports from Washington on Zo'or's supposeddeath on his global.

Renee, unable to ascertain any information about Liam or Zo'or on the mothership, leaves to join Augur, who has pinpointed the location of the shuttle using old NORAD maps tracking NASA debris still in orbit. Renee immediately dispatches a rescue unit. With the help of Naraina and Kyle, who realize that Byron is bordering on lunacy, Liam escapes the commune with Zo'or, while Jason secretly trails them. They return to the wreckage site and Liam and Naraina wire Zo'or to the shuttle, hoping Zo'or will provide enough energy to power the shuttle and get them to safety. Byron's group of devoted followers approaches the shuttle site with energy weapons and open fire as the shuttle takes off. Byron is about to fire the energy blast that would bring the shuttle crashing down, but Naraina shoots an arrow that pierces his gun, rendering it useless. Liam maneuvers the shuttle to safety. Later on the mothership, Da'an greets Liam with a Taelon touch of affection and questions Liam about the wisdom of rescuing his enemy Zo'or.
57 Subterfuge
On the mothership, Zo'or discusses with Ram, the Latin American Companion, his idea to make President Thompson an advisor to the Synod. Ram opposes the plan and leaves to find his Protector, Tonio Arias. Meanwhile, Tonio is approached by Sandoval, who secretly attaches a microchip to Tonio's skrill. Ram and Tonio enter the ID portal and emergency lights begin flashing. With the exception of Zo'or and Sandoval, the crew on the bridge watches in horror as Ram and his Protector are killed in ID space.

Meanwhile, Liam Kincaid and Da'an wait for artist Hannah Klein, who is going to make a fractal-sculpture of Da'an. Hannah arrives and it's obvious there is a mutual attraction between her and Liam. Da'an suddenly senses a disturbance in the Commonality and Sandoval contacts Liam through his global and informs him of Ram's death. Zo'or later informs T'than that his ally Ram is dead. T'than becomes suspicious of Zo'or because Ram's death shifts the balance of power in the Synod to Zo'or's favor. Meanwhile, Liam travels to El Salvador to investigate Tonio's home and is disturbed by how overly neat it is. Sandoval contacts Liam and tells him that Tonio is now a suspect because the lab confirmed that Tonio was holding something that created a vortex in the ID field. Later, Liam goes to see Renee and tells her that Tonio's CVI would have prohibited him from murdering Ram. Meanwhile Sandoval goes to see Hannah at her loft. It becomes apparent that Hannah has been hired by Sandoval to find out what ties Liam has with the Resistance. Hannah vows that Liam will tell her every secret he ever knew.

Liam and Renee go to the Flat Planet Café and give Augur a disk that contains all the data from the portal accident. Liam and Sandoval return to Tonio's home in El Salvador and locate a secret room that contains an array of anti-Taelon newsletters and Resistance propaganda, along with a photo of Hannah Klein. Liam looks at the photo in shock, while Sandoval feigns concern.

Renee learns that Hannah's father was an ID technician before he was killed and Sandoval assigns Liam to get close to her to find out what she knows. T'than tells Da'an about his proposal to bring all the Taelons to live on Earth after reengineering it to duplicate their homeworld. Da'an doesn't approve of this idea because it will virtually wipe out the human race. Da'an exits and Zo'or, who was eavesdropping on the conversation, enters. He tells T'than that the Taelons' greatest weakness is the Commonality and that it should be destroyed. Meanwhile, Hannah files her report with Sandoval, which states that Liam is a loyal Companion Protector with no ties to the Resistance. Sandoval doesn't buy this report, so he implants a locator microchip into Hannah's arm to track her movements.

Later, Hannah waits for Da'an at the embassy. T'than arrives with Sandoval, who has rigged the security alarm to go off. As soon as it does, Sandoval instructs Hannah to take T'than through the portal. Liam enters the room and thinks that Hannah is going to kill T'than when he sees them together inside the portal. Liam leaps into the portal and the three of them disappear into ID space. Liam notices the glowing chip on Hannah's arm and she tells him that Sandoval put it on her. Liam overloads his ion pistol and it tears a hole in the vortex, releasing them from ID space. T'than and Liam survive, but Hannah dies in Liam's arms. T'than and Da'an know that Zo'or was behind T'than's assassination attempt. To further gain Da'an's allegiance, T'than tells Da'an that he has changed his mind about recreating their homeworld on Earth.
58 Scorched Earth
Liam Kincaid and Renee Palmer watch a holographic docudrama that Renee produced about her close friend, Colonel Dennis Robillard, who heroically averted nuclear conflict during the SI War. The film also deals with the destructive Quantum Vortex weapon that was mysteriously launched during the war and killed 100,000 people. Neither China nor India claimed responsibility for the weapon and no one ever found out who was responsible for it. Liam commends Renee on the film and she tells him that she's trying to persuade Robillard to join Doors International's co-ventures project with the Taelons. Sandoval reaches Liam on his global and tells him that an embassy has just been bombed. Later, Doors informs Renee that there has been a security breach at the company, but he has no idea what was stolen. They decide not to tell Zo'or about the theft because they fear that he will limit their access to Taelon technology. Liam feels that the embassy bombings may lead to another international conflict. He goes to Robillard to seek his help with the investigation, but Robillard declines. Renee tells Doors that she wants to approach Robillard about joining the Resistance, but Doors thinks it's too risky. Liam goes to see Da'an at the Taelon embassy and receives a warning on his global that the embassy is about to be destroyed. Liam and Da'an escape through a portal just as the embassy is struck by an energy projectile.

Sandoval leads the investigation on the embassy attack and Zo'or immediately blames the Resistance. Sandoval is shocked when his forensic unit discovers that the embassy was assaulted by a Quantum Vortex. Doors visits Robillard to try to convince him to join the co-ventures project, but Robillard makes it clear that he will never use Taelon technology. But as soon as Doors leaves, Robillard pulls out a Taelon device and begins to work on it. Meanwhile, Sandoval learns that traces of radiation found only in Doors/Taelon co-venture technology were found at the assaulted embassy. He brings Renee in for questioning and Doors tells Zo'or about the break-in to try to get Renee off the hook. Sandoval decides to release Renee and tells her that the favor will be returned some day.

Meanwhile, Augur and Liam hack into Doors Internationals' database and discover that the theft was an inside job, designed to point suspicion at Renee. Everyone soon realizes that Robillard is the one responsible for thebombings.

Renee and Liam go to Robillard's research facility and find him working on a recreation of the Quantum Vortex. They think Robillard is the one who launched the weapon in the SI War, but Robillard informs Liam and Renee that it was actually the Taelons who were responsible for that bombing. Liam tells him that's impossible because the Taelons had not yet arrived. But Robillard insists that Taelons had secretly inhabited the Earth years prior to the war. Robillard continues by saying he intends to use the Quantum Vortex to destroy the mothership, killing every Taelon. Renee knows that the shockwave created by the mothership explosion will destroy the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. But Robillard believes that would be an acceptable loss to rid the world of Taelons. Robillard arms the weapon with 30 seconds to detonation. Liam contacts Sandoval on his global to warn him of the attack, but Sandoval doesn't have enough time to put the mothership into ID space. Liam quickly reverses the polarity of the Vortex, which will cause a tornado inside the facility when the weapon fires. Liam pulls Renee into the Vortex and the weapon detonates, instantly killing Robillard.

Later, Zo'or and Da'an discuss the repercussions of using the Vortex during the SI War. They wanted to prevent nuclear holocaust, but keep humanity in a state of war so the Taelons could come in and play saviors. Da'an now believes there must have been a better way to accomplish this and admits to Liam that the Taelons did indeed interfere in the SI War. Auger spreads the story about the Taelons firing the Vortex, but most people either believe they were doing the right thing, or they don't care one way or the other.
59 Sanctuary
Zo'or absorbs the contents of an ancient Taelon vial discovered near Ma'el's ship and suddenly collapses. The Taelon healer Mit'gai informs Liam Kincaid that Zo'or has contracted Pesh'tal, an ancient deadly plague for which there is no known cause or cure. Mit'gai warns that an epidemic could start among the Taelons, but the risk to humanity is unknown. Liam informs Renee Palmer about Pesh'tal and she suggests using the virus to create a biological weapon to fight the Taelons. Renee and Liam recruit Augur to research Pesh'tal and the possibilities of designing a weapon. Meanwhile at the Taelon Embassy, T'than is appointed by the Synod to oversee matters during Zo'or's incapacitation. Later, Liam pockets a vial of Zo'or's infected energy for Augur's research and Zo'or disappears.

Meanwhile at the Bushnell Psychiatric Institute, Kelly and Tom sneak out while Dr. Elaine DeParis finishes bed checks. Zo'or portals to a park across the street from the Bushnell Institute and exchanges pleasantries with the newsstand proprietor Saied. Zo'or walks through the park and comes across Kelly and Tom, who suspect that Zo'or is lost. They bring Zo'or back to the institute and put him in an abandoned fallout shelter. Unbeknownst to Kelly and Tom, they are observed by Max, another patient at the hospital. Meanwhile, Mit'gai informs Liam that humans exposed to the virus are in danger and will experience psychotic episodes. He also tells Liam that Zo'or will eventually release enough neutron energy to cover a 50 mile radius that will cause a plague of madness and turn humans into homicidal psychopaths within in minutes.

Liam and Sandoval learn that Zo'or is in New York City and Liam is approached by the newsstand proprietor Saied who informs Liam that Zo'or entered the Bushnell Institute. Liam becomes suspicious after talking to Tom, who is extremely nervous. Liam and Renee gain access to the hospital when they pose as a couple looking for accommodations for a relative. Max approaches Liam and tells him that hes seen Zo'or. Orderlies escort Max away and Liam and Renee leave the hospital believing that Zo'or is somewhere in the building. Meanwhile, T'than orders Sandoval to ensure that Zo'or is found dead and Sandoval accepts the position as T'than's Companion Protector. Later, Mit'gai develops anti-toxin patches for the virus and informs Sandoval that Zo'or will reach the lethal level of toxicity in a matter of hours. Meanwhile, Augur isolates the Pesh'tal virus, develops a Pesh'tal Geiger counter and pinpoints Zo'or's location at the hospital. Protected by the anti-toxin patches, Liam and Renee go to the institute. Max observes Tom and Kelly leaving the fallout shelter and informs Dr. DeParis. She and a couple of security guards find Zo'or and are zapped by an energy wave that pulses from Zo'or's body. Liam and Renee discover Zo'or's hiding room, but Zo'or has left the shelter through another door and is running for the portal. Liam reaches Zo'or before he can get away and applies an anti-toxin patch to Zo'or's neck. After recovering, Zo'or confronts T'than about his ambitious plans and Renee confirms the anti-toxin patches negate any possibility of using the virus as a weapon against the Taelons.
60 Through Your Eyes
At the Taelon Embassy, Da'an presents the Taelon Galactic Database to reporters as Liam Kincaid patrols the periphery. Scott Pierce steps into an alcove and pulls out a Hammerlin CD-57 Pulse Gun with an attached transducer. Pierce fires energy pulses that penetrate the virtual glass of the embassy and runs away. Liam and Da'an are stunned to see gaping holes in the virtual glass that is impervious to all human weapons. Sandoval and Liam find the CD-57 gun and the transducer. Liam requests all surveillance videotapes to identify the shooter. Sandoval tells Liam that he does not want information about the attack released to the press. But later on the mothership, Sandoval informs Zo'or that he has leaked all the information to SatNet News, as per their plan.

Renee later informs Liam that the Taelons had initiated and lost a lawsuit against Hammerlin Guns, arguing it was possible to modify the pulse weapon to make it a more powerful. Later, Chief of Staff Hubble Urick meets with Renee to attain her support for his future political career. Augur identifies Scott Pierce from the tapes, but discovers that Pierce is a patient at St. John's Neurological Center. Later on the mothership, Zo'or enters a secret room that holds Pierce's comatose body. Zo'or inputs instructions into a machine and Zo'or's Taelon energy is transferred into Pierce's body. Sandoval enters the secret room and cautions Zo'or about the dangers of being inside Pierce's damaged body. Sandoval cannot guarantee Zo'or's safety, but Zo'or/Pierce insists the risk is worth it to further his knowledge of human experiences.

Zo'or/Pierce goes to a bar and Sandoval monitors Deegan and the two thugs he hired to attack Zo'or/Pierce. But Zo'or/Pierce beats up the thugs and kills Deegan. Sandoval enters the bar and finds the exhilarated Zo'or/Pierce with blood on his hands. Later on the mothership, Sandoval and Zo'or tend to Pierce's battered body, and Sandoval again cautions Zo'or about the continuation of his experiments.

At St. John's Neurological Institute, Liam meets with Dr. Nigel Fields and learns that Pierce has been in a coma for three months. After being denied access to Pierce, Liam leaves and Dr. Fields reports Liam's inquires to Sandoval. Disguised as hospital staff, Renee and Liam sneak into Pierce's room, where they learn from his wife Erica that the Taelons are helping Scott recover from his coma. Later, Renee and Liam meet with Butler, a specialty arms dealer, and learn that either the Taelons or the government produced the transducer used in the embassy attack. Meanwhile, Augur traces the energy signature of Zo'or/Pierce's travels and speculates Pierce is a Taelon.

Concerned for Zo'or's safety, Sandoval tells Da'an that Zo'or/Pierce attacked the Embassy and is conducting transference experiments. Zo'or insists to Da'an that in order to manipulate humans to ban energy weapons, the perpetration of a high profile crime is necessary. Hubble Urick requests Renee's presence at a fundraiser in honor of Zo'or and asks her to be an adviser on Taelon relations. Later, Liam traces Zo'or and Pierce's movements and confirm they are the same person. Just as Liam finds the transfer room, Zo'or/Pierce portals out. Liam globals Renee at the fundraiser to inform her of his findings just as Zo'or/Pierce materializes. Liam portals in just as Zo'or/Pierce is about to kill Hubble Urick. Liam tackles Urick and Sandoval prevents Zo'or/Pierce from firing. Sandoval and Zo'or/Pierce return to the mothership and Zo'or transfers out of Pierce's body. Upon recovery Zo'or orders Sandoval to dispose of Pierce, who has now emerged from his coma. Liam learns of Zo'or's plans and he creates a diversion to take the body. Da'an confronts Zo'or and Zo'or channels his experiences to Da'an, which troubles yet intrigues Da'an. Zo'or believes the human survival instinct will help save the Taelons from the Jaridians. Liam and Renee reunite Pierce with his wife and allow them a few moments of happiness before they are told the truth and hidden from the Taelons.
61 Time Bomb
Renee Palmer, Peter Sayers and Dr. Denise Kerlew attempt to penetrate a bulkhead found below the control deck of Ma'el's ship with an ultrasonic lance. Suddenly, Taelon energy spews out of the bulkhead, killing Sayers instantly and knocking Renee and Dr. Kerlew unconscious. Despite Jonathan Doors' disapproval, Liam Kincaid brings Augur to the secret Peruvian site of Ma'el's ship to aid in the rescue. Augur determines Ma'el's dormant ship has come alive and is healing itself from the cut made by the ultrasonic lance. Augur remains at the monitor controls and Liam enters the control deck of the ship. He finds a groggy Renee and a barely conscious Dr. Kerlew. Just as Renee and Liam get Kerlew off the deck, the ship begins a sequence of self-destruct commands. Liam stops the sequence, but activates the control deck, trapping him and Renee on board.

Meanwhile on the mothership, Zo'or summons T'than and challenges him to p'raj'rath -- a duel to death. Da'an explains to Sandoval that the game board foovlashaa is played to the extreme where one player channels all his mental energy into a last move and ceases to exist. Da'an appeals to the Synod to prohibit p'raj'rath, but his request is rejected. Later, Liam and Renee gain access to the upper deck of the ship, but they drop into a black vortex and land on a cryo deck where they find numerous pods. A man named Salvius Julianus emerges from one of the pods and introduces himself as a Roman citizen. Julianus informs Renee and Liam that his last awakening was in the 1700's and his final awakening was to occur upon the arrival of the Taelons. Liam goes to the control deck and arranges the hazmat helmets to transmit visual images to Augur and Doors. They watch as Julianus arrives on the control deck and begins to revive the ship's control console. Julianus discovers the Taelon mothership and begins transmitting a signal to it. He then traps Liam and Renee in virtual glass, believing they are Taelon spies. Renee and Liam learn of Ma'el's death and discover that Julianus was offered immortality in exchange for waiting for the main force of Taelons to arrive on Earth. He was then to judge the Taelons intentions toward the planet on behalf of Ma'el.

Later on the mothership, Sandoval and Zo'or outline a plot to ensure that Zo'or will win the foovlashaa match. Zo'or and T'than begin the multidimensional game and Da'an tells Sandoval that Zo'or is losing. Sandoval calculates the next move on his CVI, transmits the information to a small receiver inserted into Zo'or's skull, and Zo'or gains the advantage. Alarms summoning the mothership to battle stations sound just as T'than is about to die. Ma'el's hologram suddenly appears and declares that it's time for judgement. Ma'el's image is replaced by a hologram of Julianus, who declares a death sentence for all Taelons on Earth and on the mothership for not heeding Ma'el's directions to stay away from Earth and from interfering with the humans. Julianus powers up Ma'el's ship to take off on a suicide mission to the mothership. Augur sends Taelon control tones through the hazmat helmets, releasing Liam and Renee from their glass prisons. Doors and Augur run for their lives through the Inca tunnels as Maels ship shoots skyward. Liam and Renee become helpless under G forces and Julianus is impaled on the control console. Once in orbit, Liam and Renee jump onto the cryo deck and eject from the ship in Julianus' pod. Ma'el's ship continues its collision course, but detonates before it reaches the mothership. Zo'or does not continue the foovlashaa game, leaving Da'an and T'than contemplating future political shifts. The cryo pod spins towards Earth and Liam and Renee hope the Taelons understand the value Ma'el had placed upon freedom for humanity.
62 The Fields
On their way to the Flat Planet Café, Renee Palmer and Liam Kincaid stop to chat with Devon Zide, a member of the Church of the Companions. Meanwhile, Reverend Travis Murray, a leader in the Church of the Companions, and a group of Volunteers transport Gina Richardson, Devon's girlfriend, to an unknown location against her will to serve on a Mission. The next day, an upset Devon meets with Liam to ask for his assistance in locating Gina.

On the mothership, Zo'or and Sandoval discuss 'the fields' and the 'dependency' of all Earth based Taelons. Liam visits Reverend Murray and the Reverend refuses to disclose Gina's location because she has taken a vow of silence and has been sent on a Mission. As Liam leaves, he overhears Reverend Murray discussing 'the fields' on his global. Liam questions a very fatigued Da'an about the Church of the Companions and 'the fields,' and Da'an suggests that Liam further question Reverend Murray. After Liam exits, Sandoval produces a container that holds an organic substance. He drops a pinch into Da'an's palm, which is immediately absorbed by the Taelon, re-energizing him. When Liam tries to contact Devon, he discovers that Devon has also disappeared. Just as Volunteers usher Devon to an unknown location, Liam calls Reverend Murray, but the Reverend tells Liam that Devon has left the faith and he has no knowledge of his whereabouts.

Later, Liam and Renee convince Augur to give up his vacation to assist them in finding Devon and Gina. Liam, posing as Robert Brice from Denver, is invited by Samuel, a missionary of the Church, to attend dinner and a sermon. After the sermon Liam is introduced to another newcomer, Susan Evans, who is actually Renee in disguise. While everyone prepares for bed in the mission dormitory, Liam receives a global message from Devon. Liam discusses Devon's message with Renee and she tells him that she's feeling ill. Samuel explains the food is enhanced with a Taelon additive that acts as a purifying agent and assures Renee her body will adjust.

On the mothership, Reverend Murray and Sandoval tell Zo'or that a 'field' has been confiscated by local authorities and that Cary Truit, a human member of the Church, has died from an adverse reaction to the additive. Augur analyzes the additive and confirms that it's a complex alien vegetation and determines that Devon was medicated while leaving his message for Liam. Augur goes to see Liam and Renee at the church and informs them of Cary Truit's death and his procurement of a crystalline substance discovered on her body. Augur also tells them about the increased Volunteer activity in the Medical Examiner's office, which leads them to believe that Sandoval is involved.

Later, Augur reports the discovery of a human component in the crystalline substance discovered on Cary's body and the possible location of 'the fields.' During the night, Samuel destroys Liam's global and portals Liam, Renee and other church members to a Mission. Liam and Renee enter an artificial environment where other church members are harvesting a bizarre alien crop. On the mothership, Reverend Murray discusses the productivity of each 'field' with Zo'or, assuring him the Taelons' steady increase in demand for the 'kryss' shall be met. Da'an voices his objection to Zo'or that the 'kryss' project is located on Earth. Zo'or notes the objection but stresses that the project will bring Taelons closer to humans and reiterates the necessity of humans to defeat the Jaridians. Augur realizes Liam's global isn't functioning and sets out for Norton, Maryland - the location of 'the fields.'

While Liam and Renee work in 'the fields," they find Devon and Gina and have a meal of alien vegetation. Upon arriving in Norton, Maryland, Augur discovers the Church has purchased all the land in the area and via a satellite hook-up, finds the underground 'field' location. As everyone beds down for the night, Renee screams and is overcome by pain. Volunteers pin Renee down and siphon the spore 'kryss' out of her body. Liam watches in horror as this repeatedly happens to other Missioners until it's his turn. Liam suddenly realizes that church members are 'the fields.' As Volunteers systematically collect the 'kryss' and leave, Samuel explains the 'kryss' is a substance necessary for the Taelons to survive on Earth. While Liam helps unload the 'kryss,' he spots Sandoval and overhears him suggesting a joint venture to Samuel. Just as Sandoval thinks he's recognized Liam, he's notified of a security breach and leaves.

Augur enters the underground 'field' location, knocks out a Volunteer and locates Liam on the Volunteer's global. As Liam is escorted back to his workstation, Augur draws Liam's attention and they disable the Volunteer. Liam and Augur create a diversion by torching the homeworld Taelon crop. As the Missioners are roused to put out the fires, Renee locates Devon and Gina and they meet with Augur and Liam. As the fire escalates, Sandoval orders his Volunteers to leave, deserting the Missioners and Samuel. Augur leads Liam, Renee, Devon and Gina to safety. Finally, Samuel decides to abandon the homeworld crop and the Missioners escape through emergency portals.

Later, Liam demands an explanation for the Taelon use of humanity to harvest 'kryss.' Da'an justifies the program as necessary for Taelon survival. Liam vows to continue to look for homeworld crop plants and to shut them down. Da'an assures Liam that another method to sustain the Taelons has been discovered, but he will not disclose the method.
63 Apparition
Late at night, Carson Briggs is alone in the New World Commonwealth Bank pouring over paperwork. He suddenly hears a hopeless cry and a blue phantasm begins to swirl around him. He is chased and tortured by the energy. The energy pushes him down onto the floor, whirls around him in a circular motion, and sets him on fire.

Meanwhile, Liam Kincaid is in a deep sleep and dreams of the exact same horrifying events that are happening to Carson Briggs. As Carson curls into the fetal position, Liam sits up and gasps for breath.

The next day, Liam hears of Briggs' death on the news and he goes to the death scene. He recalls the events of his dream to the investigating officer Ed Galvani. To ensure his credibility, Liam offers a piece of evidence the police had not yet found -- Briggs' ring. The ring is designed after the bank logo, but is also the ancient Taelon hieroglyphic for impurity.

On the mothership, Zo'or discusses Briggs' untimely death with Sandoval. Zo'or informs Sandoval that he wishes to continue with his Special Agenda and orders Sandoval to ensure the investigation is finished quickly. Shortly after Sandoval leaves, the lights dim and Zo'or hears the same hopeless cry Briggs had before he died. Zo'or cries out and the lights become brighter.

Liam tells Renee about his dream and Briggs' death. He's suspicious of Taelon interference and asks Renee to help him investigate. When Liam visits Briggs' home, he discovers circular burn marks throughout the house. Suddenly, a blue energy appears and Liam follows it. He discovers a Taelon datalog. The energy takes the shape of the deceased Taelon Ku'don, who manages to force out the word "exile" and disappears. Suddenly, Liam hears loud banging and he hides the datalog as commando leader Fisk leads a group of his men into the house. Liam overpowers one of the commandos and escapes as Fisk reports to Sandoval. Later at Augur's lair, Liam explains to Renee and Augur how Ku'don lead him to the hidden datalog.

Later at the bank, Renee is discussing a loan for Doors International with Samuel Priest when Fisk enters the office and indicates that Renee's global is a breech of security. When Renee exits, Priest begins to reprimand Fisk until Sandoval enters. Sandoval realigns the positions of authority putting Fisk in charge of the Special Agenda and threatens Priest. Later, Augur plays the tapes Renee took of her meeting at the bank and points out pyschographs that indicate Priest was terrified. When Liam meets Galvani at Briggs' home, Liam discovers Briggs was burned from the inside out. Augur's findings also confirm that Briggs died of Taelon radiation and proposes the specter of Ku'don as the possible perpetrator.

On the mothership, Zo'or is studying a datalog when he suddenly hears an unearthly howl and the phantom light of Ku'don appears and exclaims "exile." Abruptly, the bridge initiates auto lockdown and emergency decompression. Just as Zo'or is about to be sucked into space, Sandoval's laser cuts through the control box until manual override is activated. When order is restored, Zo'or commands Sandoval to purge the ship's log of the event. Meanwhile at the Taelon Embassy, Da'an tells Liam about Taelon spiritual afterlife and confirms that if Ku'don's spirit was soiled with money, it would be banished from the Commonality.

Renee Palmer, disguised as Renee Hale, temporary worker at Ozouri Accounting, taps the phone lines of the New World Commonwealth Bank building. Later that night, Liam is startled from his sleep and his palm explodes into a blue flame, branding him with a circle and a dot. Ku'don appears to Liam pleading, "destroy them." Meanwhile at the bank, Fisk searches for Briggs' records and Sandoval authorizes him to re-code and break any links with Briggs. On the mothership, Da'an learns of Zo'or's blasphemous lust for money and the reason for Ku'don's malevolent spirit. Ku'don was Zo'or's accountant for Zo'or's secret Taelon ventures. Because profit and money is blasphemy for a Taelon, Ku'don's spirit is now soiled and cannot rest. Zo'or demands Da'an perform the hjarth'ra to banish Ku'don from the Commonality for eternity.

Renee finishes her overtime work for Ozouri Accounting, sneaks down the stairwell and embeds a dart into a portal. Under Augur's guidance, Liam enters the bank, proceeds to the vault door, attaches explosives and sets the timer. Just as Liam is captured by Fisk, and the explosives are about to detonate, Ku'don opens the vault door. Liam throws the explosives into the lobby and runs into the bank vault. He downloads all of Briggs' files while Fisk locks the front of the vault and proceeds after him. Fisk enters the vault and detonates deadly gas. Liam and Fisk fight hand to hand until Liam delivers the final blow and grabs Fisk's mask. As Liam tries to open the vault doors, Ku'don appears in a serene state and thanks Liam for cleansing the impurity and setting him free. Ku'don disappears and burns a hole in the vault, allowing Liam to escape.

Later, Sandoval tells Zo'or about the bank's insolvency and Fisk's death. In Augur's lair, Renee and Liam talk about the laundered money of the Taelon co-ventures. Just as Augur is about to e-mail financial statements to the news agencies, the accounts begin to disappear. In a secret room, Zo'or stands alone, surrounded by gold.
64 One Taelon Avenue
At One Taelon Avenue, Senior Scientist Dr. George Sato begins a test with an ID shuttle prototype. Colonel Bud Ackers is sealed in the cockpit and Sato and Joshua Doors take their places in the control booth. Sato is informed the temperature in the shuttlecraft is rising and Ackers cries out to abort the test. Sato complacently continues and the craft explodes, sending everyone ducking for cover while Sato calmly watches.

Later, Joshua Doors tries to persuade Renee Palmer to leave Doors International and join him at One Taelon Avene. Jonathan Doors encounters his son in Renee's office and the two exchange opinions about business and the ID Shuttle Program. Joshua restates his offer to Renee and leaves. Jonathan Doors, concerned about his son, asks Liam Kincaid to find out what's really going on at One Taelon Avenue.

At One Taelon Avenue, Renee meets with Joshua while Liam is tracked by Control, covert artificial intelligence, as he investigates the accident. After Liam questions Beeks about Ackers accident, he enters Sato's office and discovers the Taelon-designed Control System. He peruses reports until Sato enters and shoves him out of his office. Liam forcefully holds Sato but as soon as Sato calms down, he becomes paranoid and begins rambling. Control calms Sato and Liam offers him help, but Sato continues rambling and staggers out of his office. Liam tries to exit Sato's office, but he becomes locked inside. He calls Renee for assistance, but both of their globals cut out. Renee leaves to find Liam, but she becomes trapped in the elevator. Control informs Renee that assistance is on the way and Renee calmly waits. Control then tracks Sato to the test lab and begins a bio-purge function. Sato tries to escape the reconfiguring energy walls but they trap and disintegrate him.

Meanwhile on the mothership, Zo'or and Da'an review the micro-camera coverage of Sato's demise. Da'an is concerned that Control may be overriding the Taelon programming and creating its own agenda. Sandoval reports he has begun an investigation at One Taelon Avenue, but is ordered by Zo'or to close his investigation and allow the local police and the building security to handle matters. Later, Renee and Liam question Joshua about the ID flight project accident reports, but Joshua does not have any answers and does not seem to care to investigate.

Joshua again approaches Renee about joining One Taelon Avenue. When Liam meets with Sato's wife Arlene, she suggests her husband was murdered by the project. She tells Liam that as the project progressed, her husband became more obsessed and insane. Later, Jonathan Doors draws parallels between Sato and Joshua's schizophrenic behavior and involvement with One Taelon Avenue. On the mothership, Zo'or initiates contact with Control. Zo'or assures Da'an that Control is suppressing human creativity and any possible threat to Taelon interests, but Da'an is concerned about Control's increasing aggression and independence. Zo'or tries to initiate override measures but Control has mutated beyond Taelon authority.

Meanwhile Control exerts its will over Renee and she accepts a position at One Taelon Avenue. Later, Renee delivers Sato's project discs to Augur's lair and assures Liam and Augur there is no evidence of a conspiracy. Jonathan and Joshua Doors discuss business and Joshua expresses his intentions to raid or merge with Doors International and offers Jonathan the position of Chairman Emeritus. Jonathan shakes Joshua while he pleads with him to come to his senses. When Jonathan leaves, Control again exerts its will over Joshua. Augur hacks into One Taelon Avenue's system, but does not find anything unusual. He meets with Zims, a comp-system engineer who worked on the building. Zims explains that the Taelons installed The Artificial Intel program with Control Core and escaped after installation through underground routes. When Augur purchases the plan disc from Zims, he discovers Sandoval has also purchased a copy. Meanwhile, Renee, now employed at One Taelon Avenue, persuades Jonathan to meet and discuss a full partnership on the Shuttle Program with Joshua.

Augur's analysis reveals that Control Core is sending electrochemical signals into the One Taelon Avenue building that manipulates free will and also affects Taelon intellect. Augur suspects that Control Core is now acting on its own without Taelon directives. Augur supplies Liam with a neural-adrenaline simulator wristband to block the Control Core's cerebral manipulation. Augur and Liam visit Renee just as she is about to return to One Taelon Avenue. Liam grabs her as Augur clamps on a wristband. Renee quickly returns to herself. She then realizes Jonathan is on his way over to meet with Joshua, which Control Core could perceive as a threat. When Jonathan enters One Taelon Avenue, Control marks him as "Terminate." Zo'or and Da'an discover that Control is operating irrationally and has activated the purification function throughout the entire facility. Sandoval is ordered by Zo'or to evacuate the building and destroy the operational hardware. At One Taelon Avenue, Joshua is on his way to meet his father. Upon Control's command, he pulls out a weapon and is ready to execute Control's orders. Augur informs Renee and Liam of Jonathan and Joshua's locations and tells them that the building has initiated the purification function.

Meanwhile, Sandoval plants Taelon grenades at the heart of the Control Sphere. Control tries to exert its will upon Sandoval, but it doesn't work. Sandoval removes the bio- engineered control core, stores it, and detonates the grenades. Joshua meets his father and draws his gun. Jonathan offers Joshua his simple and honest sentiments hoping to cut through Control's manipulation. Joshua lowers his weapon, but Control realizes it has lost its power and forms an energy wall to kill Joshua. Jonathan pushes his son out of the way, but the energy wall singes Jonathan and sends him over a balcony. Free from Control, Joshua tears down the stairs and holds his father as he dies in his arms.

Da'an and Zo'or watch the elaborate funeral procession of Jonathan Doors from the mothership. Doors' death launches an investigation into One Taelon Avenue and a debate about entering into technological co-ventures with the Taelons. Sandoval enters the bridge and opens the containment case that holds the Control Core, sending both Taelons into catatonic states. Sandoval pockets the Control Core and Da'an and Zo'or come out of their stupors. Sandoval reports on the containment measures at One Taelon Avenue and leaves the Bridge with his new weapon. Renee, Liam and Augur watch the funeral coverage and Renee announces that Joshua will be elected to run Doors International. Augur questions whether Joshua will continue to support the Resistance.
65 Abduction
On the Mothership, Da'an enters a secret research deck where Dr. Andrea Mazar is deciphering Ma'el's logs. Dr. Mazar pulls out a pulse pistol and fires at Da'an, leaving him flickering between flesh and energy. Dr. Mazar stands over Da'an and a barrage of painful memories of a car accident flood her mind. She grabs her laptop computer, Ma'el's logs and heads to the portal station. Volunteer Joan Price hands Dr. Mazar a backpack and she escapes through the portal as alarms sound.

Meanwhile, Sandoval convinces Mit'gai to harbor Da'an in the medical lab. Liam Kincaid arrives on the mothership and Sandoval refuses to let him visit Da'an. Sandoval assigns Liam to find Dr. Mazar and terminate her on sight for the attempted murder of Da'an. Later, Liam and Renee Palmer learn that Dr. Mazar is a chaos theoretician specializing in quantum mathematics, who boarded the mothership over three years ago and never left. Upon questioning Volunteer Joan Price, Liam discovers that Dr. Mazar was an orphan and her husband had been killed during a Resistance action.

Later, Zo'or questions Mit'gai about the rigid restrictions placed on Da'an's visitors because he wants to interrogate Da'an about Dr. Mazar. Meanwhile, a recovered Da'an becomes concerned about locating Dr. Mazar and keeping the knowledge of Ma'el's logs from Zo'or. At Augur's lair, Holo-Girl reports to Augur, Renee and Liam that Dr. Mazar's real identity is Emma King, the wife of successful businessman Philip King. Emma King was kidnapped and supposedly killed in a hostage situation for which Sandoval conducted the negotiations. Renee decides that Dr. Mazar may have Taelon implanted memories and she approaches Philip King as a Doors executive with a business proposition to determine if he's working with the Taelons. After her meeting, Renee reports to Liam and Augur that King is not a Taelon collaborator. Volunteer Joan Price alerts Liam that Portal Authority has traced Dr. Mazar to the Glad Stone Hotel in Chicago. Liam arrives at the hotel minutes before Sandoval and convinces Dr. Mazar to flee as he downloads her files to Augur. Liam escapes just as Sandoval orders the Volunteer Officer to blast the room. The Volunteer reports a missed hit and Sandoval orders the city to be sealed off.

Liam returns to Augur's lair and they determine that Dr. Mazar was interpreting a blend of Taelon symbols and Sumerian Hieroglyphs. Liam and Augur realize she cannot continue her work without a specific computer and they search for her computer source to track her down. Later on the mothership, Zo'or bursts into the infirmary and discovers a fully recovered Da'an. Zo'or questions Da'an about Dr. Mazar's attack, but Da'an claims to have no information. After Zo'or leaves, Da'an calls Sandoval and expresses the pressing urgency of locating Dr. Mazar. Meanwhile in an abandoned factory, Dr. Mazar receives delivery of a computer and begins to work.

Later, Augur informs Liam of the computer delivery and portals Liam into Dr. Mazar's room just as Sandoval and Volunteers burst through the door. Liam returns fire, detonates a smoke grenade, and he and Dr. Mazar escape through the portal. Later at Renee's office, Liam and Renee divulge to Dr. Mazar their Resistance ties and reveal to her that her true identity is Emma King. They also tell her that she has been implanted with fake memories. Emma admits to a compelling need to find someone on Earth and Renee tells her that she is looking for her husband Philip.

Meanwhile, Zo'or interrogates Volunteer Joan Price, while Emma completes the holographic image in Renee's office. Emma explains that in order to read Ma'el's extensive research document, it requires the touch of both a human and a Taelon. Renee refuses to share the information with the Taelons but Emma informs them after removal from the protective environment of the mothership, the relic is degrading and must be read immediately.

Later, Zo'or informs Liam of the enlightening conversation he had with Volunteer Price. Liam confirms finding Emma, terminating her and recovering the relic. He agrees to meet with Zo'or at the Taelon Embassy. Together, Liam and Zo'or open the document, a primer on the genetic manipulation of the human species. They discover humanity to be the missing evolutionary link between the Taelons and the Jaridians, and that without humanity both species will perish. Zo'or tells Liam that they will work together to discover the remaining pieces of information from the document.

Zo'or confronts Da'an about his exclusion from the research on Ma'el's document, ensuring such an omission will never occur again. Zo'or then approaches Sandoval about his betrayal, but Sandoval saves himself from execution by stating that he is compelled to serve all Companions. Meanwhile, Liam and Augur discuss the possibility of Augur replicating Zo'or's energy signature to open Ma'el's document and Philip King is reunited with his wife, Emma.
66 Arrival
Sandoval, Tate and a Black-Ops team await a special landing from ID space when the signal is suddenly lost. In the Free Republic of Rostok, Commander Yuri Kosygin and a soldier drop into a crater and discover two dead bodies in the Taelon shuttle. The soldiers are suddenly thrown by alien blasts and two unidentified assailants climb aboard a snowmobile and ride into a curtain of fog and snow. At the Taelon Embassy, Liam Kincaid and Da'an receive an invitation from Mikael Federov, the leader of the Rostok Republic, to bid on the retrieved Taelon craft at a private auction. Liam departs for Rostok and Da'an turns to attend to other matters, but stops and finds himself staring at his hands, intuitively extending them toward a pair of human hands.

In Federov's subterranean residence, Liam, Renee Palmer and guests wait for the auction to begin. Federov unveils the damaged Taelon shuttle, two alien cadavers for medical study and an alien weapon. As the bidding begins, Sandoval demands the return of the Taelon property. The Republic of Rostok does not recognize the accords Sandoval quotes and the bidders move on to watch a weapon demonstration. Sandoval returns to the mothership and replays the video of the alien weapon. Zo'or orders Sandoval to make a bid for all the items. Sandoval tells Tate to find back channels to deal with Federov directly and, with the Power Core from One Taelon Avenue, Sandoval is assured he has control over the Taelons and their money.

Liam, Renee and Augur examine the video of the auction items and spot a trail of black dots alongside the snowmobile. They decide a closer look is necessary and Renee returns to the Rostok Compound. She plants a decoding device to the side of the portal. Renee and Federov leave for dinner and Liam enters the secured storage area and discovers a male Jaridian in a frozen block of ice. Augur, Liam and Renee discover the shuttle was shot down by a Taelon energy cannon. The identity code on the fuselage confirms it to be Lili Marquette's shuttle.

Later, Sandoval meets with Federov to complete the bidding for the auction items. Sandoval offers an extra two billion dollars for the two crash survivors, provided they are delivered alive by Federov's army. Over a game of chess at Federov's residence, Renee agrees to help Federov for ten percent of the final bid. Renee suggests Federov go public with the shuttle craft footage and inform the public that it was shot down by the Taelons, to increase the bidding action. Later, Augur finds human blood in the samples taken from the shuttle and discovers that it matches Lili's DNA.

Meanwhile in a cave, Vorjak, a wounded Jaridian, huddles with the pregnant Lili. Vorjak blasts one of Federov's soldiers and they escape aboard his snowmobile. Liam and Augur return to the building where Lili was held prisoner and scan for DNA. They soon discover Lili's dog tags with the message 'Find Me' scratched on them. They return to the lair and Augur locates Lili after canvassing the military radio band in Rostok. But amid static, he loses her in the roar of gunfire.

Da'an and Zo'or watch the video transmission of Federov's press conference from the mothership and Da'an questions Zo'or's zeal in shooting down the craft without establishing contact. When Da'an and Zo'or learn that the craft shot down was Lili Marquette's, Zo'or orders Sandoval to resolve negotiations with Federov quickly. Da'an once again stares at his outstretched hands and contemplates his joining with Lili. Sandoval and his company meet with Commander Kosygin and his unit to exchange the gold for Lili and Vorjak, who have been captured. Vorjak is released from his bindings and confirms that Lili is pregnant. Vorjak believes a hybrid species of human and Jaridian will be the answer to Jaridian survival.

While Da'an reclines in an energy shower, Sandoval releases the Control Core and renders Da'an helpless. Meanwhile, Renee forfeits her percentage of the gold in exchange for the location of the fugitives. Lili is taken to a freighter and hooked up to medical gear as Tate and Vorjak monitor her vital signs. Her temperature rises and she convulses. Vorjak tells Tate that Lili must receive Taelon energy in order to sustain herself and the fetus. Sandoval then wheels in a gurney with an unconscious Da'an. Lili and Da'an are hooked up to each other with a matrix of medical equipment and she lifts Da'an's palm to her own.

Meanwhile, Renee and Liam board the ship and begin their search for Lili. Suddenly gunfire breaks out on the deck. Renee finds Lili and runs to cover her. Sandoval recognizes Renee, but cannot shoot her without injuring Lili, Vorjak and Da'an. Sandoval turns to skrill Liam and they each release a blast of energy. Sandoval is hit when the energies collide, but he escapes before the smoke settles. Liam approaches Lili and discovers she is partially transformed into a Jaridian. Scales are visible and Lili has begun the final metamorphosis before becoming a Jaridian mother, as she is the only hope to save the Jaridian species. Da'an realizes that Taelon energy is needed to save the hybrid child and a Taelon must be sacrificed. Liam and Renee try to suggest alternatives, but Lili is committed in her joining with Vorjak. She rises up and rails against Liam and Reneeà who will live and who will die?

4th Season

No. Title / Synopsis
67 The Forge of Creation
Aboard a freighter in the Caribbean Sea, Lili Marquette is about to give birth to her half-Jaridian child with the help of Taelon energy supplied by the captured Da'an. While Lili's Jaridian husband, Vorjak, attends to Lili and Da'an, Renee and Liam Kincaid try to contact Augur by radio so that he can autopilot Liam's shuttle to the ship, transport Lili to the hospital and Da'an to the Taelon mother ship. Unable to get hold of Augur, Liam sets the autopilot on the freighter to take them to Guadalupe. Suddenly, a glowing light consumes Vorjak, Lili and Da'an. As it fades, it reveals a golden orb in Lili's arms. It contains her new baby girl. With his energy expended during the birth of the child, Da'an turns into a crystallized form.

Meanwhile, a Volunteer Investigations team pursues Augur across the field of an athletic facility. Using a kaleidoscopic maze to project several images of himself, Augur is able to elude them. Realizing he may not be as lucky next time, he decides to look for help. Eventually, he finds his old friend J Street and asks her to help him disappear. She does so, creating a new identity for him with newly acquired diplomatic papers and a one-way ticket to Singapore. Street also agrees to help Liam and Renee while Augur is on the run.

On the Taelon mothership, Zo'or reprimands Sandoval for his misinformation about the fate of Vorjak and Lili, both of whom were thought to be dead. Sandoval is given five days to find and kill the Jaridian, or Zo'or will kill him instead.

Lili and Vorjak's baby develops a fever. Lili tells Liam it appears to be a metabolism that is spiraling out of control, which is dooming the Jaridians as a race. Literally burning up with fever, many Jaridians die in their 20's, while others don't even survive their mother's womb. She and Vorjak decided to have a baby of their own in the hopes that blending their two species, Human and Jaridian, would create a new life form and give the Jaridians a future. Liam insists they take the child from the freighter to a hospital, but Vorjak objects, fearing the Taelons will learn of the baby's existence and have her killed. Holding Liam and Renee at bay with a gun, Vorjak and his family escape through a portal.

Sandoval meets with Frank Tate about finding Vorjak and Lili. Tate informs him that the freighter is docked at Guadalupe, but neither was onboard. There were portal traces of Lili's DNA however, the last of which have been found in Seneca Falls, New York along with traces of another human and an alien. Traveling to Seneca Falls, Sandoval investigates a robbery at a hospital, where Vorjak has assaulted a security guard and stolen Taelon plasma in the hopes of reducing his child's fever. Planting a bomb in the hospital, Sandoval destroys all evidence of the Jaridian's existence, including witnesses on the hospital staff.

With the help of Street, Liam and Renee track Vorjak and Lili to a shuttle landing area near the hospital. They arrive just as Lili and her baby are boarding a shuttle. Fearing that Sandoval has booby-trapped the craft, Liam frantically inspects the ship and finds a bomb. He desperately throws it over a nearby fence, where it detonates in mid-air. Lili, Vorjak and their baby take flight in the shuttle.

Delivering Da'an's crystallized body to the Taelon Embassy, a mournful Liam is shocked when the Taelon suddenly regains his normal form and returns to life. Da'an explains to Liam that he had faked his death in order to escape from Vorjak. Liam returns home, where he receives one final transmission from Lili before their shuttle is out of range.
68 The Sins of the Father
A party for the new elite is in full swing at pro-Taelon Senator Edward Gale's posh Washington home when his daughter, Eva appears with a gun. She fires, wounding him in the arm before his security guards can subdue her.

The next day, Liam Kincaid and Renee Palmer meet with a holographic messenger sent by Hubble Urick. He informs them of the shooting and tells them Eva is in the hospital, having tested positive for Kryss, a substance used by Taelons in small quantities to help them adapt to Earth's atmosphere. Liam is surprised and angry, as the Taelons' Kryss facility was shut down eight months before and the Taelons swore they found a way to synthesize Kryss without enslaving humans. Yet Eva, whom the messenger tells them disappeared three weeks before to take part in an archeological dig, must have been enslaved in a Kryss factory to have traces of the substance in her bloodstream. Liam and Renee must prove the factory is still operating.

When Liam visits Eva in the hospital, she tells him that she can't recall anything prior to her father's party. However, she does admit that no drug induced her to shoot her father. She hates him because of his involvement with the Taelons. Her father loves the Taelons because they've made him rich and he regularly leaks information to the Volunteers. Liam shows Eva a sample of Kryss, which triggers fleeting memories of her and other humans being rounded up by a group of Volunteers wielding "stun sticks." While Eva is unable to tell Liam where the Volunteers took her, she remembers enough detail to sketch a drawing of the location.

Back at the Resistance lab, Liam and Renee determine that Eva has drawn the Freedom Space Station, which was about to be de-orbited when Gale got Congress to sell it to rogue Russian businessman, Mikael Federov, at a bargain price. Suspecting Federov is operating the Kryss factory in space, Renee visits Federov at the Freedom Station, which is officially being used as a holographic training ground for Volunteers, but is refused a tour by Federov. As he leaves Renee, Federov enters a room in another part of the station, where he meets with a mysterious Taelon who is addicted to Kryss. Federov hands over a vial of the substance in exchange for gold.

Liam checks with J Street to find out what happened to the others who were part of the archeological team in Palestine. She learns that of the 12 members, eight are believed dead although no bodies were found, and the other three were strung out on drugs like Eva. When Liam contacts the last member of the team, Lucas Walker, a sanitation engineer in Detroit, Walker verifies Eva's tale of being abducted by Volunteers. Meanwhile, Renee disguises herself as a Volunteer and returns to the space station, where she finds a Kryss lab and catches a glimpse of Federov and the mysterious cloaked figure who turns out to be Da'an. Renee's surprise is cut short when an alarm sounds and guards try to apprehend her, but she escapes.

When Liam confronts Da'an about his addiction, he falls unconscious, suffering a toxic reaction to an overdose of Kryss. After getting Da'an medical attention, Liam is contacted by Eva, who escaped from the hospital and found her way to the Fringes, a rough part of town. Convinced she is being followed, Liam, Renee and Street hurry to her rescue, arriving just as two thugs are abducting Eva. A gunfight ensues and Eva is able to break free. She tells Liam that she now remembers everything that happened to her.

Liam returns to see Da'an, providing him with synthetic Kryss and reminding him that, as an addict, he can't ever use real Kryss again-or it will eventually kill him. Meanwhile, Renee returns to the space station where she encounters Federov and Ronald Sandoval and triggers a security alarm. The two men take cover in the Kryss lab, where Sandoval sees the substance and the gold Da'an has been offering as payment. Federov tells him of Da'an's addiction.

At the Gale's home, Liam and Eva tell Gale what they have discovered, and inform him the Attorney General is expecting his surrender that afternoon. The politician complies and is charged with influence peddling on behalf of the Taelons.

Armed with the knowledge Da'an is addicted to Kryss, Sandoval pays him a visit and teases the Taelon with a vial of the substance.
69 First Breath
Renee Palmer interrupts an intruder who has broken into her apartment. After a brief tussle, the would-be thief flees, leaving Renee baffled as to how anyone could get past her sophisticated security system, which even includes a DNA scanner. She meets with Liam Kincaid and determines the break-in is probably linked to a project she is working on with the White House -- Hubble Urick has asked her to lobby the Fortune Top Fifty to support ratification of the Atlantic National Alliance (ANA), a global realignment in which 24 Western leaders have agreed to take steps to regain control of Earth from the Taelons.

That evening, Renee attends a party at the Taelon Embassy, where Hubble asks her to try to gain support for the ANA from one of the honored guests, Nobel Laureate Dr. Raymond Stephen Fuchs, the head of DonorMed, a company specializing in genetic biomedicine. He tells her she can arrange a meeting with Fuchs through his chief financial officer, Claire Yates, who also happens to be Renee's former Harvard roommate. Still upset that Claire disappeared without a word years earlier, Renee is at first reluctant to approach her old friend, but makes up with Claire and arranges a visit to Fuchs' offices.

On the Taelon mothership, Sandoval meets with Zo'or and tells him the ANA is gaining ground, but he is watching the situation closely. Zo'or replies he knows Fuchs is being lobbied and suggests Sandoval may need to do something more than just watch. Meanwhile, at the Resistance lab, Liam finds Renee's security system had been fooled by a tear spray containing her DNA. Renee tells him she did have a biopsy performed at Johns Hopkins Medical Center a month before, which may explain how someone could get a sample of her DNA. Since there is a DonorMed Clinic at the facility, Liam immediately suspects Claire and Fuchs of wrongdoing.

Renee visits DonorMed to check out Liam's suspicions. Fuchs tells her that he will consider supporting the ANA and then departs for the Taelon mothership to meet with Zo'or about acquiring purified Taelon energy that is vital in creating a new lifeform from raw DNA. Instead, he is met by Sandoval, who tells him Zo'or wants to proceed with caution and will send word soon about the energy. Frustrated, Fuchs storms away.

Claire meets Zo'or on the mothership and provides data from Renee's home computer that she downloaded while visiting her old friend. In turn, Claire is taken to a cell where Stephen, her lover whom she abandoned Renee for years earlier, is being kept. She enters and he appears out of the shadows. He is an angelic, carbon-genetic copy of his creator, Fuchs! The cloned Stephen tells her that what the doctor is ultimately trying to create is morally and ethically wrong. Stephen plots his escape from the mothership so he can stop Fuchs.

Liam provides Renee with a copy of her medical file from Johns Hopkins. Through security records, he discovers that Claire was visiting the DonorMed Clinic down the hall while Renee was having her biopsy. She has also shown up with Fuchs on Zo'or's confidential visitors' log. It seems that Fuchs is doing business with the Taelons, maybe even getting help in his genetic work. Liam later learns that Claire had once been abducted by the Taelons. They conducted synthetic brain chemistry experiments and used a chemical neuro-bonding process on her and a subject named Stephen.

Renee and Liam confront Claire and accuse her of conspiring with the Taelons. Claire explains she had to cooperate with them for Stephen's sake and admits the Taelons have been behind all of DonorMed's work. The next day, the three of them go to DonorMed to apprehend Fuchs, but they are not alone. Stephen has managed to escape the Taelons, and Sandoval hides in the shadows of Fuchs' lab, rifle in hand. When Stephen begins to grapple with Fuchs, Sandoval fires. The bullet enters Fuchs' back, passing through him and into Stephen. Both the creator and his creation fall dead to the floor.
70 Limbo
Renee Palmer and Ronald Sandoval watch as Joshua Doors of Doors International powers up a new cold fusion power plant, with a borrowed canister of Taelon core energy that Sandoval has been assigned to return to the mothership. There is a sudden explosion and Sandoval races to the plant's reactor well to recover the canister, only to find it has been stolen.

Sandoval returns to the mothership, where Zo'or, furious at the loss of the canister, fires a laser into the Pacific Ocean near Sandoval's birthplace, the Caya Islands, destroying the area with a tidal wave. Zo'or tells Sandoval that human blood will continue to be spilled until the canister of the core energy, the lifeblood of the Taelons, is found.

Hubble Urick hosts a reception to honor Taelon warlord T'than, but in actuality, the event is to give Liam Kincaid and Dr. Dupree a chance to employ a scanning device to measure the core energy in T'than. They suspect Zo'or's urgency over the missing canister is due to a lack of the energy among the Taelons. Their suspicions prove right when T'than's energy level registers so low that Dr. Dupree concludes he is dying.

Joshua returns to his office where an image of his deceased father, Jonathan Doors, appears on his computer screen and encourages him to stick with their plan. It is this cyber "Jonathan" that has stolen the core energy canister in an attempt to destroy the Taelons! Afraid of Taelon retaliation, Joshua visits the power plant to learn where the core energy is being hidden. Again, he is confronted by "Jonathan" on the power plant's computer and is told the energy canister is in limbo, suspended between a thousand different portals, inaccessible to anyone but "Jonathan."

T'than succumbs to his energy deficiency and prepares to enter a state of stasis onboard the mothership. Renee tells Liam and J Street that Jonathan Doors may have left a piece of himself behind in the Door's computer system in order to direct Joshua's actions as the head of the company. Street investigates by accessing Jonathan's computer, but an image of the cyber "Jonathan" invades her computer screen and warns her that this is a father-son matter and not to trespass.

Desperate to retain as much core energy as possible, Zo'or enters the stasis chamber and kills T'than, transferring any remaining energy into himself. Meanwhile, Renee confronts Joshua, accusing him of working with the cyber "Jonathan" to steal the canister. He denies the accusation, saying he is so fed up with his father that he is quitting Doors altogether.

Liam visits the mothership to see how the decreasing energy core is affecting the Taelons. He finds T'than's body and informs Da'an that there is a murderer onboard. Back at Doors International, Renee contacts "Jonathan" through her computer and accuses him of using Joshua as a pawn. She reminds him that his son will ultimately pay the price for his actions. The Taelons will most certainly seek revenge for the theft of their energy core.

"Jonathan" broadcasts a general announcement to the Taelons and Earth that he has the canister and will return it only if the Taelons confess to crimes against humanity and leave the solar system. Zo'or responds by sending Sandoval in search of Joshua. Joshua narrowly eludes Sandoval and meets up with Liam and Renee at the Resistance lair and agrees to help them access the mainframe computer at Doors and neutralize the cyber "Jonathan."

Joshua returns to Doors International where he is met by a hologram of "Jonathan." Upset at being betrayed, "Jonathan" eventually backs off because of his love for his son and, not wanting to risk harm to Joshua at the hands of the Taelons, voluntarily shuts himself down. With "Jonathan" gone, Joshua is able to locate the canister of energy but, instead of returning it to the Taelons, takes it back to the cold fusion power plant. Sandoval, Liam and Renee arrive just in time to see him insert it into the reactor well and blow the roof off the plant. Sandoval takes him into custody.

On the mothership, Da'an accuses Zo'or of killing T'than but says he can't report the crime to the Taelon Synod because of his love for Zo'or. As with Jonathan and Joshua, it is the love of a father for his son.
71 Motherlode
Two hooded men are about to be incarcerated in Federal Sensory Deprivation Prison No. 3380 when one of them suddenly breaks free. He is shot in the back and, believed dead, is left in a hallway on a gurney. When the attending guards leave, he revives and removes the containment shroud that saved him and a mask revealing himself as Declan Conners. Back near the facility's deprivation tanks, the hood is removed from the second prisoner to expose Augur. Despite protests that he is the victim of some mistake, Augur is lowered into one of the tanks where he floats between life and death in an oxygenated fluid.

Liam Kincaid and Renee Palmer meet with a holographic messenger sent by Hubble Urick. The messenger conveys Hubble's request that they investigate the President's suspicions of abuses of power, including false imprisonment and infringement of civil rights inside the Executive Branch.

On the Taelon mothership, Zo'or, worried about the safety of his $3 trillion stash in gold, summons Ronald Sandoval. Zo'or shows Sandoval a video of a call from a Swiss bank executive interested in handling the gold. Although the executive identifies himself as Gustov Drexler, he is really Conners.

Using the Resistance lab's computer, Liam and Renee learn of the existence of a government-run Amoralist Taskforce and come across photos of several of their targets, some of whom have the number "3380" next to their names. They notice that one of the task force's senior members is Heather North (Larissa Laskin), a federal prosecutor who tried a case against Augur five years earlier. Liam and Renee visit the Atlanta Federal Annex, where they believe the task force may be headquartered. Renee waits outside while Liam enters the facility and is apprehended by North and several agents. After telling North of his search for Augur and the significance of the number "3380," he is confined to a cell and drugged. That night, Liam awakens dazed on the steps of the annex, but remembers catching a glimpse of Sandoval while locked up.

Sandoval meets with North inside the annex, having ordered Liam's release for fear of a potential investigation by the Taelons. Sandoval has recruited her services to investigate the Amoralist bank scheme that threatens Zo'or. Meanwhile, Liam uses the Resistance lab's computer to gain access to Sandoval's personal data files, where he learns that "3380" is a reference to the sensory deprivation prison. Disguising himself as a guard, he visits the prison and finds Augur. Before he can rescue his friend, Conners sneaks past security, pulls Augur from the fluid tank and escapes with him through a portal.

Back at his hideout, Conners tells Augur he needs his help to steal Zo'or's gold from the Taelon Mothership. Augur refuses, but Conners has equipped him with an electronic cuff that will inject a deadly toxin. The device is set in conjunction with a heart-rate monitor worn by Connors. If Connors dies, so will Augur.

Conners and Augur visit the mothership and engage in a brief shoot-out with Sandoval and a guard, before making their way to the deck where the gold is being stored. Moments later, Liam and Renee, having figured out Conner's plan to use Augur to steal the fortune, arrive on the deck where they find Conners disguised as Zo'or. When the real Zo'or appears, Liam raises his energy rifle but is told not to fire by Da'an, who is standing adjacent to Zo'or. When he hears Da'an's voice, Liam realizes this isn't the real Da'an either, but Augur. Sandoval arrives and another shoot-out ensues, killing Conners. Augur falls to the ground, poisoned by the electronic cuff, but is whisked to the sick bay and recovers.

Meanwhile, Liam and Renee use the deck's portal to transport the gold out of the hands of the Taelons. They send it to Fort Knox where it can be used to benefit the smaller countries in the Atlantic National Alliance.
72 Take No Prisoners
A secret military base is being used to research and breed a deadly parasite, thought to have been exterminated by the Taelons, which has reappeared in a mutated form among blood worms in New Kenya. Dr. Sitro, the scientist heading the project, discovers that the worms will burrow into the neck of a human, eventually making their way to the brain. The victim is dead within an hour, but in the last few moments is impervious to fear. Sitro shares his findings with Ronald Sandoval and Zo'or, who contemplate how to use the parasites to their advantage.

Liam Kincaid and Renee Palmer meet with a holographic messenger sent by Hubble Urick, who shockingly reveals that the Atlantic National Alliance (ANA) has successfully negotiated amnesty for all Resistance members. Zo'or himself has guaranteed the safety of all who come forward on the specified "Day of Sanctuary." Although Liam is doubtful about the Taelons' sincerity, he and Renee convince Resistance member Haley Simmons to take the opportunity to come out of hiding. Though skeptical, Haley complies. She is hoping for the chance to be reunited with the sister she abandoned years before in order to pursue the fight against the Taelons.

The Taelons' willingness to give amnesty also provokes the suspicions of Justin Kalen, Director of Pan Global Security for the ANA. Using his knowledge of Sandoval's off-shore bank accounts, Justin coerces Sandoval into investigating the Taelons' real plans for the compliant Resistance members. Sandoval agrees to help but clearly has other intentions.

All hell breaks loose on the "Day of Sanctuary" as Haley and her team travel by portal to a waiting group of Volunteers. Unidentified soldiers suddenly attack, and the troops open fire without regard for their own safety. One of them detonates a bomb killing himself, several Volunteers, Resistance members and civilians. Haley is taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Renee escorts Haley's sister, Kathy, to the hospital, joined by Liam and another bomb-wielding kamikaze soldier who tries to kill Haley. As Liam overpowers him, the soldier goes into convulsions and dies. An autopsy at Dr. Curzon's lab reveals that the man fell victim to a parasite that had made him fearless. Meanwhile, Renee learns that the soldier was a Volunteer who had been assigned to a secret training base in Ohio.

While checking out the base, Liam meets Colonel Bastian, the man in charge of the Volunteers on the night Haley and the Resistance members were attacked. Bastian, who lost five men in the strike, is also eager to find out who launched the assault. He shows Liam an area of the base that is off-limits and protected by an energy fence. He provides him a blueprint of the base.

Liam and Renee visit Dr. Curzon, who has developed an antidote for the parasite. It must be injected into the victim within 60 seconds of being bitten. She has also learned that each parasite gives off an electromagnetic impulse that helps it find others like itself. With a scanner to help him track these impulses and a syringe containing the antidote, Liam returns to the base that night with Renee as lookout. While Liam searches for the parasites, Sandoval is in another area of the base ordering a group of kamikazes to kill Kalen.

When Liam finds the lab of Dr. Sitro, he sets a fusion grenade, but the doctor suddenly appears and opens fire. As Liam dives for cover, he loses the syringe and is bitten by one of the parasite-infested blood worms. He shoots Dr. Sitro and escapes from the building just in time for Renee to administer the antidote. The grenade explodes behind them, incinerating the lab.

The next day, Kalen picks up Sandoval in his limo. Sandoval tells him that he had to destroy the breeding facility. He exits the car, leaving behind a charred tactical global device that had belonged to one of the kamikazes. Kalen's limo pulls away. A few seconds later, it explodes.

When Liam returns to the hospital to visit Haley, he finds Renee waiting for him. She breaks the tragic news that Haley had an embolism in one of her arteries and died in her sleep.
73 The Second Wave
When the Taelons spot a Jaridian war fleet heading for Earth, they begin recalling Taelons from the planet's surface to escape in the Mothership. Unaware of the Jaridian threat, Renee Palmer is worried that the sudden withdrawal of the Taelons will create havoc on Earth, particularly since most of the planet's computer systems are linked to those of the Taelons. She notifies President Thompson of her concern and is asked to investigate further.

At the Resistance lab, Liam Kincaid asks J Street to tap into the computer systems of the Taelons, who have cut off all communications with Earth. Street does so and learns that the Taelons are powering up all of their weapons. She is able to download an image of the Jaridian fleet and informs Liam that the armada is headed straight for Earth. At that moment, they receive a mayday call from a female Resistance member onboard the Mothership. Street is able to transport the woman to the lab through the facility's portal just as the device overloads. Liam is shocked to see that the woman is Kira Dorn (Jennie Raymond), a Resistance member he had given up for dead. Kira tells him that she and her team had been ambushed by the Taelons eighteen months earlier and have been held captive on the Mothership. She asks for help rescuing her colleagues. Liam asks Street to try setting up an alternative portal system so they can transport Kira's team to safety.

Liam and the other Companion Protectors are called to a meeting onboard the Mothership, where Zo'or informs them of the Taelons' decision to leave Earth. Angry that the Taelons are abandoning the planet, Liam meets with Da'an, who shows him a video message the Taelons had intercepted six years earlier. It is a message from the Jaridians, warning Earth not to cooperate with the Taelons -- or else. Liam is furious that the message had been kept secret and is afraid of the consequences. Da'an provides hope, however, when he gives Liam a video disk of the message that contains proof it was never received by Earth, which may convince the Jaridians to have mercy on the human population.

Street arranges to use the Washington Portal Facility to bring Kira's team back to Earth. Liam, Renee and Kira watch as Street successfully transports several Resistance members home. But Liam's suspicions are aroused when he recognizes one of them as a man whose funeral he attended several months earlier. It turns out that the man is actually a Jaridian in disguise. As Liam approaches, the imposter draws a gun but is shot by Kira. During the skirmish, five other "Resistance" members disappear. Liam and Renee conclude that they must be part of a Jaridian scouting unit and initiate a search, hoping to use them to negotiate a truce with the invading Jaridians. Kira expresses doubt, however, that the Jaridians will bargain for the sake of five scouts. Instead, she provides Liam with stolen plans for the Taelons' most powerful particle beam cannon. Liam gives the plans to one of the remaining Resistance members, Karl Hansen, who begins to construct the weapon.

The following night, Liam and Kira search the area around the portal facility, where one of the Jaridian imposters had been spotted. Kira tries to seduce Liam, who suddenly realizes Kira is also a Jaridian! He reaches for his weapon but she grabs it from him and takes him prisoner. Liam gives Kira the video disk provided by Da'an, but the Jaridian tells him it is of no use. Earth must pay for cooperating with the Taelons. Kira is about to shoot Liam when Renee suddenly appears, shooting Kira's weapon from her hand. Kira flees into the night.

On the Mothership, Ronald Sandoval watches a monitor as the Jaridian fleet begins its final approach to Earth. Noticing that the fleet is having no gravitational effect on nearby comets, he reaches a stunning conclusion. The fleet is not real, it is an illusion!

Liam and Renee contact Street, asking her to have Hubble Urick send a combat unit to the portal facility. Liam goes ahead to the facility, where he finds the Jaridian Kira disguised as Karl. She tells him the cannon will destroy Earth's atmosphere, allowing the sun to incinerate the planet. She activates the weapon just as a Taelon battle cruiser appears above the building. As she sends a team of Jaridian imposters outside to fire at the cruiser, Liam attacks. Outside, Renee and the combat unit open fire on Kira's Jaridian colleagues, who realize too late that the "cruiser" is a projection. Meanwhile, Liam overpowers Kira, pushing the Jaridian into the cannon's induction coil, overloading the cannon and killing Kira in a shower of sparks.
74 Essence
In a stone-walled cell in Bosnia, Renee Palmer's younger brother, Richard, is being tortured by Balkan rebel Leko Keglevic. When his captors leave him alone for a moment, Richard breaks free and runs from the building. He is able to send a message via global communicator to Renee who, with Liam Kincaid, hurries to his rescue. They find him in the rubble near Keglevic's stronghold, and manage to whisk him away. As they escape, Ronald Sandoval's henchman, Tate, appears alongside Keglevic. Richard's so-called escape has been orchestrated.

On the Taelon Mothership, Da'an and Zo'or discuss Zo'or's desire for human emotions. Specifically, he is in search of what he terms the joie de vivre that gives humans the strength to overcome even the most deadly challenges-something the Taelons could use in their bid to survive. Unfortunately, Renee's refusal to give much-needed Doors International patents to pharmaceutical pioneer Randy Elston has reduced the Taelons' chances of acquiring this human passion for life.

At the rehabilitation center where he has been admitted, Richard tells Renee he had fallen into Keglevic's hands while he and several colleagues delivered supplies to refugees. He is suffering a breakdown, due to witnessing the execution of his captured friends. Elston meets Renee outside Richard's room and convinces her to cooperate with him, promising to use the resulting technology to cure Richard.

Liam and Renee visit Richard and tell him they have learned his colleagues weren't killed after all. They are waiting in Montenegro as part of a prisoner exchange. Richard refuses to listen, distraught by the memory of watching them die. What's more, they tell him he hadn't been held in a prison but in an abandoned soap factory. They begin to suspect there's more to Richard's capture than meets the eye.

Elston performs what appears to be a successful medical procedure on Richard, who then seems cold and distant when Renee and Liam visit him. Richard tells them he is still haunted by a voice, the only English he heard in the prison. What's more, he claims to have heard it in the operating room prior to Elston's treatment. Suspicious, Liam plays an audio tape recorded during the procedure. Liam immediately recognizes the mysterious voice as Ronald Sandoval, attempting to contact Elston.

Elston visits Zo'or onboard the Mothership, presenting two canisters of what he calls "human essence"-quantities of fear and love crystallized in the form of Taelon energy. Sandoval interjects, telling Zo'or these emotions are key components of the joie de vivre he seeks, and that they'll continue siphoning emotions from Richard until they have them all.

The next day at the rehab center, Richard knocks Elston unconscious and takes Sandoval hostage. He straps Sandoval to a table and begins to torture him with neural amplification. Without compassion, Richard intends to inflict deadly revenge on Sandoval. Renee and Liam arrive and Liam is able to overpower Richard and save Sandoval's life.

Renee visits Da'an and pleads for the Taelons to return her brother's emotions to him. She is successful. A few days later, she visits the rehab center again, relieved to enjoy the company of her loving brother once more.
75 Phantom Companion
Liam Kincaid and Renee Palmer visit the Taelon Mothership. The vessel, suffering from a loss of core energy due to the sabotage of Joshua Doors, begins to fall out of orbit. As it spirals toward Earth, Renee stumbles and is knocked unconscious. While Zo'or is able to regain control of the ship, Liam rushes Renee to the sickbay. Bleeding internally, she is listed in critical condition.

As a medical team struggles to help Renee, Zo'or quarantines the ship, concluding that a saboteur may be onboard. He is not the only one who suspects foul play. Liam is summoned to a meeting of Companion protectors during which his loyalty is questioned by the senior protector, Lieutenant Roberts. Liam defends himself both verbally and physically, knocking Roberts to the floor before leaving the meeting.

Liam returns to the sickbay, arriving just in time to see Renee being engulfed by a powerful, blob-like extension of the ship's organic wall tissue. Despite Liam's efforts, Renee is sucked through the wall. Liam quickly finds Da'an and asks for help. Da'an tells him that Renee must have been transported by a magnetic energy aberration caused by the ship's computer. He gives Liam a DNA tracing device to find Renee.

Deep within the ship, Renee finds herself the captive of Jack Malley, a former Companion protector who is believed to have died in a shuttle bombing. He tells her he had been saved by the Mothership-or "Mother," as he calls her-and is now the ship's protector, enjoying a powerful "communion" with the vessel. Malley uses this connection to heal Renee's internal bleeding.

In his search for Renee, Liam stumbles across Malley. Although Malley tells Liam that Renee is healed, he refuses to give her up, explaining that he is now her protector as well. Malley disappears with Renee into the innermost chambers of the ship.

After viewing a security videotape of Liam and Malley, Ronald Sandoval interrogates Liam, torturing him with electrical shock treatments to learn if he is the saboteur Zo'or is seeking. Able to see the interrogation through the wall of Malley's hideout, Renee begs Malley to use his connection to the ship to cut the power and save Liam from further harm. He complies.

Roberts confronts Sandoval about Liam's torture, and Sandoval releases him into Roberts' custody. Liam then breaks the news to Roberts that Malley is alive and holding Renee hostage. Malley, meanwhile, leads Renee into a chamber containing unborn Taelon embryos. He explains "Mother" will not permit the babies to be born until Zo'or's evil manipulation of the Taelon Synod has been stopped-and it is up to him to stop it.

Malley visits Zo'or, carrying one of the Taelon embryos in his arms. He tells him that "Mother" is relieving Zo'or of duty and that if he doesn't comply, the ship's malfunctions will continue, affecting everything including the unborn Taelons. Sandoval interrupts them and Zo'or orders him to fire on Malley. Malley is able to escape through a gravity well, but not before the embryo is hit by Sandoval's fire.

After finally locating Renee with his DNA scanner, Liam accompanies Renee to the area where the unborn Taelons are kept. There they meet Malley, distraught over the embryo that is now deteriorating in his arms. Angry at the death of the unborn Taelon, "Mother" fires a cluster of energy bullets, striking Malley down.
76 Dream Stalker
J Street asks Liam Kincaid to help her friend, Crash, a computer technologist who has been charged with murder, but claims to be innocent. Liam begins his investigation with a visit to Detective Sam Nepps, who informs him that Crash was arrested after the murder weapon was found-a high-tech knife containing an energy blade that had Crash's biochemical signature all over it.

Later in the interrogation room, Crash admits to Liam that he had become upset with Amp, the man he is accused of killing, when Amp tried to take full credit for work they had done developing computer codes for a major corporation. Crash tells Liam that a Grim Reaper-like person invaded his dreams the night prior to the murder and told him to kill Amp. As the murder in his dream was identical to what happened to Amp in reality, Crash is convinced that the Reaper committed the murder and framed him.

Meanwhile, at Doors International, Renee Palmer tries to negotiate an exclusive contract with Janis Jakes, the developer of a new kind of computer hardware that allows its user to choose dreams. Learning of Crash's case from Liam and Street, Renee questions Jakes about the possibility of technology that would allow one to enter the dreams of others. Jakes is uncooperative, but her assistant, Speed, tells Renee that such "dream-surfing" technology is indeed feasible. As she finishes her negotiation with Jakes, Renee receives a surprise visit from her old boyfriend and business competitor, Ken Matthews, who convinces her to go on a date with him.

Suspecting that the high-tech murder weapon may be Taelon in origin, Liam visits the Mothership to investigate the possibility of the Taelons' involvement in the murder. Da'an assures Liam that the Taelons are not involved. After watching the conversation on a security monitor, Zo'or (Anita La Selva) sends Ronald Sandoval in search of this new dream-surfing technology.

The next day, Street tells Liam that she has acquired a bootleg dream-surfing device that must be positioned within 25 meters of its sleeping target. Liam reminds her that it still doesn't explain how Crash's biochemical signature got on the knife. When Liam meets with Detective Nepps again, he learns of three other murders committed in a similar fashion. Liam suspects they may be dealing with a serial killer who is employing the technology to make people kill on his or her behalf.

On her date with Matthews, Renee is furious to learn that he is merely interested in partnering with her to land Jakes' business. That night, Renee dreams about using an energized knife to kill Matthews. Like Crash, Renee's dream turns out to be real. She is arrested for murder by Nepps the next day.

Liam learns that Da'an has also been attacked by someone wielding an energy knife. Although Da'an escapes unharmed, the biochemical signature on the weapon is traced to Sandoval. Liam addresses Zo'or in Sandoval's defense, explaining that like the others, Sandoval was set up by the unknown assailant. Grateful for Liam's help, Sandoval informs him that he was able to find a supplier of amplifiers for the new dream-surfing technology and instructs Liam on how to find him.

Upon visiting the supplier, Liam learns that he sold his last amplifier to Jakes. Believing Jakes is the "dream stalker," Liam accompanies Nepps to arrest her, and Renee and Crash are released from jail. Renee, unconvinced that Jakes committed the crimes, decides to visit the supplier's warehouse herself. At the warehouse she finds Speed, who attacks her with a knife. She struggles to escape his grasp, but falls from some scaffolding and is knocked unconscious just as Liam arrives. Liam rushes her to the hospital, where she slips into a coma.

While in the dream state of her coma, Renee is again attacked by Speed. As he mercilessly chokes her to death in her dream, Renee's body begins to die. At her bedside, Liam realizes what's happening and rushes out in search of the real Speed. Liam finds Speed on the roof of the hospital with a dream-surfing device. Speed pulls a knife and rushes him, but Liam is able to overpower his attacker, stabbing him instead. As Speed dies, Renee awakens from her coma.
77 Lost Generation
Bob Brody, a former Companion protector working as head of security for the New Life family planning group, is enjoying a quiet evening at home with his pregnant wife, Sue. Suddenly a bolt of electricity shoots from Sue's womb, knocking Bob to the floor. He writhes in agony as the CVI in his brain burns up, killing him within seconds. Traumatized, Sue goes into labor and calls for help.

That night, Detective Sam Nepps meets Liam Kincaid to inform him of the unusual death of Liam's former colleague Bob. Bob's wife, Sue, is in a coma, but the baby has survived and is in a neo-natal critical care unit. Liam hears that Bob's cause of death was officially listed as a brain aneurysm, but Nepps believes it was a CVI malfunction. Liam decides to investigate.

At Doors International, Renee tells Liam that New Life was started by the Taelons five years ago, and has a good reputation, having helped hundreds of infertile couples have children. Liam then visits the Taelon Mothership to ask Da'an about possible causes for Bob's CVI malfunction. Da'an explains that such damage could only have been caused by feedback from another CVI with an identical frequency, but insists such an occurrence is impossible since no two implants are alike.

While at the hospital, Liam and Renee spot Ronald Sandoval's right-hand man, Frank Tate, and immediately suspect that Sandoval is behind Bob's death. Posing as a married couple, they visit the New Life center where Bob had worked. Renee is given a blood test by the center's manager, Louise Jacoby (Lynn Griffin), and is told she is infertile. Shocked by the news, Renee visits her own doctor, who verifies that she is unable to become pregnant. Renee and the doctor conclude her infertility may be due to exposure to Taelon technology.

Onboard the Mothership, Sandoval meets with Zo'or, informing him that Bob's death was the result of a CVI malfunction that could not have been foreseen. He tells Zo'or that the New Life project is expected to produce 70 children with very unique capabilities per week. Zo'or is concerned that the attention being given to Bob's death may jeopardize the project, and orders Sandoval to ensure that Sue Brody remains silent about how her husband died.

At the hospital, Sue awakens from her coma and is told by Louise that she has a new son. Her happiness is quickly brought to a halt, when Sandoval enters her room and tells her that Bob is dead. He warns her that her and her baby's safety are dependent upon her remaining silent about the circumstances surrounding her husband's death.

Liam meets a despondent Renee at a bar to reveal what he's learned about Louise. He informs her that Louise was a biotech engineer involved in CVI research with the Taelons before working with New Life. He reminds her that if Da'an's suspicions were correct, the Brody baby must have a CVI with a frequency identical to that of his father. They verify this by visiting Sue and her new son, on whom Liam uses a scanning device to confirm the presence of a CVI.

Liam and Renee take their findings to Da'an, accusing the Taelons of implanting CVIs in the New Life program's unborn children. Da'an denies the accusation, insisting that the Taelons were initially involved in the project, but have long since abandoned it. He does, however, tell them that if the current New Life administrators were somehow implanting CVIs, they would need incubators. That night, Liam and Renee sneak into the New Life facility to see if such incubators exist. They are shocked to find the New Life incubators are actually zombie-like humanoid females who are regularly hooked up to a strange machine that beams Taelon energy into their wombs. Liam and Renee fight their way past security guards and return to the Mothership.

Pressured by Renee, Da'an admits that the Taelons had been firing energy beams toward North America and this may have contributed to the infertility of many women, including Renee. While he won't admit that the reason for the energy dispersal was to drive more women to the New Life clinics and create CVI babies, he does offer Renee a rejuvenation lattice that will restore her fertility. Renee asks Da'an if he has enough to help all the women the Taelons have affected. When Da'an replies that he doesn't, Renee refuses the lattice. She tells Da'an she'd rather remain infertile than accept a favor from a Taelon.
78 The Summit
At the Taelon Embassy, Da'an bids farewell to Liam Kincaid, telling him he is about to embark on a "final" journey. The Taelon refuses to reveal his destination despite Liam's protests that, as a Companion protector, he is bound by duty to know of Da'an's whereabouts. Da'an suddenly traps Liam in an energy field and makes his getaway. When Liam meets with Zo'or and Ronald Sandoval to figure out a way to find Da'an, Zo'or insists that he receive a viral neural implant so that Sandoval can monitor him while he searches for Da'an.

At Doors International, Liam alerts Renee Palmer that he now has a neural implant that allows Sandoval to see and hear everything he encounters. The danger of the implant is clear to Renee, particularly with regard to Liam's Resistance activities. She enlists the help of J Street to try to find a way to get rid of the implant without being seen by Sandoval.

Da'an arrives at the derelict Freedom space station and is met by rogue Russian chairman Mikael Federov. Da'an has brought a cold-fusion energy core with him that he installs in the station's power grid, bringing the station to life, along with a portal that transports a Jaridian named Balvak to the Freedom. Meanwhile, Street and Renee ambush Liam in an alley and use a gas grenade to knock him unconscious while staying out of sight of Liam and Sandoval, via the implant. They carry Liam to Augur's Lair, where Street utilizes a quantum teleporter to create a temporary "quantum twin" of Liam.

Zo'or informs Sandoval that he has found the space station Freedom hiding amid the rings of Saturn. He believes Da'an is onboard. Having learned of recent communications between the Jaridians and Da'an, he suspects the Taelon of setting up a transportation portal for the Jaridians, effectively providing them with a gateway for invasion. He orders Sandoval to the space station, instructing him to kill the traitorous Da'an.

The real Liam regains consciousness in the alley and is treated by a medical team until Sandoval intervenes, having learned of the location via Liam's implant. The "quantum" Liam, however, watches from across the street with Renee, his implant unreadable to Sandoval because of a slight variance in frequency. With Da'an now a fugitive, the real Liam is relieved of his Companion protector duties by Sandoval and taken into custody.

Da'an and Balvak prepare to begin what Da'an terms the "final moment," a joining of the two species to resurrect the original form from which they were both derived. An undercover Resistance worker contacts Renee and the "quantum" Liam, telling them of Da'an's whereabouts. They transfer via portal to the Freedom, only to be incepted by Federov, who holds them at gunpoint. The three walk to another section of the station, where they watch Da'an and Balvak come together in a bright glare. The two forms merge, creating a third form that flickers in and out. The "quantum" Liam recognizes it as an Atavus, a life form like those that existed eight million years earlier, before the Taelons and Jaridians embarked on different evolutionary paths.

There is a sudden explosion and Federov rushes to an exterior view port where he sees a Taelon battle cruiser approaching. It's Sandoval! Amidst the commotion, the Atavus hurls two bolts of Shaqarava energy, blowing out the view port before exploding in a shower of sparks. While Da'an is unharmed, Balvak is killed. As Da'an, Federov and Renee rush to a shuttle to escape the station, the "quantum" Liam stays behind to fend off Sandoval's storm troopers. The shuttle clears the station just as Liam triggers the cold fusion core and blows up the whole station, including himself.

Upon returning to the Taelon Mothership, Da'an removes the neural implant from the real Liam. With the cinders of a dead Jaridian in his possession, the recently condemned Da'an is now a hero to the Taelons.
79 Dark Matter
A huge dark mass collides with the Taelon Mothership, knocking everyone on board off their feet. As order is restored, Ronald Sandoval is shocked to see Zo'or standing like a statue on the ship's bridge, having been sent into a strange form of stasis by the collision.

Back on Earth, Liam Kincaid and Renee appear before a presidential committee chaired by Hubble Urick. They present video footage of the atrocities inflicted by the Taelons since Zo'or took control, including the annihilation of the Caya Islands by a Mothership induced tsunami, before asking the committee to speed up efforts to have Zo'or ousted. More specifically, Liam suggests a coup that will restore Da'an as the Taelon leader. A captain suddenly interrupts the meeting to bring news of the Mothership's accident.

With Zo'or and the other Taelons on board the incapacitated Mothership, Sandoval tells his cohort, Frank Tate, of his plot to take control of the ship. Meanwhile, Liam meets with Da'an at the Taelon embassy, and they discuss the situation on board the Mothership, which is no longer carrying out its usual self-healing process. Da'an says that the mass must have been dark matter, a substance from the "anti-universe" that slows down time for Taelons within its proximity. It freezes them in a kind of stasis, and the ship must be confusing it with the self-inflicted stasis that Taelons usually apply before a long journey. He tells Liam that the dark matter must be expelled, or else it will slowly devour the ship, killing all onboard.

On the Mothership, Sandoval tells Tate that now is the time to enact revenge on the Taelons for killing his wife and destroying his birthplace. He intends to recall all of the Earthbound Taelons to the Mothership where they will fall into the state of stasis and be at his disposal. After killing all of the Taelons, he intends to strip the ship of anything of value and send it on a direct course for Jaridia, home of the Taelons' mortal enemies.

At another meeting of the presidential council, Urick is ecstatic that they may finally be rid of Zo'or. Liam, however, does not think that all of the Taelons should die in the process, and meets with Da'an hoping to somehow get him onboard the Mothership so he can regain control. Da'an points out that he too will become incapacitated if in close proximity to the dark matter. Liam devises a plan where he and Renee will accompany Da'an on a shuttle that will take them close to the Mothership. He will then fly ahead in a pod, entering the vessel and using a photon bomb to get rid of the dark matter, clearing the way for Da'an.

Liam's plan works, but only to a point. He finds that the dark matter onboard the ship is adjacent to the Taelon's stasis chamber. If he detonates the bomb, he will kill everyone in the chamber. Liam is suddenly interrupted by Sandoval and Tate, who take him prisoner. When Sandoval attempts to detonate the bomb, he finds that he needs Liam's failsafe authorization code. As he attempts to get the code from Liam, Da'an transfers some of his Taelon energy to Renee, allowing her to enter the Mothership and trigger the ship's self-healing system. Sandoval leaves Liam with Tate to get a CVI device that will make Liam reveal the code. With Sandoval gone, Renee sneaks up behind Tate, knocks him out and frees Liam. Renee begins to grow weak as the Taelon energy inside her reacts to the dark matter. Liam transports her to safety via a portal.

The ship begins its final shutdown phase, bringing imminent death to Liam and everyone onboard. At the last moment, Liam's extraterrestrial father, Ha'Gel, appears and tells Liam that he must use his alien Kimera energy to save the ship. Ha'Gel warns him that by using the Kimera energy he will become fully human. The choice is a simple one for Liam and he touches hands with Ha'Gel. A burst of light consumes the dark matter, which disappears. The ship and all on board are saved, but Liam has become completely human.
80 Keys to the Kingdom
Onboard the Taelon Mothership, Zo'or and Liam try to hone Liam's telepathic skills in order to decipher an ancient manuscript encrypted by Ma'el and encased within a Taelon relic. Placing their hands on the relic, they succeed in making the object glow, but it quickly fades. Frustrated, Zo'or vows he will force Liam to repeat the exercise every day until the manuscript is decoded, as it contains information on synthesizing core energy that is vital to the survival of the Taelons.

The next day, Italian art dealer Vera Rizzori and Daniel Fratalli rendezvous in front of a boutique. As he shows her Ma'el's relic, suddenly the two are entrapped and frozen by an energy vortex. When the Vortex lifts, Vera flees to a nearby portal and escapes, just as Ronald Sandoval and a team of storm troopers move in.

Later, Vera meets with Liam and Renee (Jayne Heitmeyer) and shows them a video clip of the artifact she was attempting to buy. Liam instantly recognizes it as Ma'el's relic and asks who hired her to acquire it. She informs them that she has never met the purchaser face to face, but she knows where to find him. Liam and Renee go to meet him, but not before putting Vera in the protective care of J Street.

Liam and Renee arrive at Happy Time Holograms, the address of Vera's client. An elevator inside turns into a portal transport to the mysterious man's private offices. Drawing their weapons, they enter the main office cautiously and are met by their old Resistance colleague, Augur. Augur reveals that with the aid of Ronald Sandoval's retinal map, he's learned that the Taelons were more evolved 2,000 years ago than they are now. This makes deciphering Ma'el's old manuscript crucial to the Taelon future. Augur believes that if the humans can access the manuscript before the Taelons, they will hold the veritable "keys to the kingdom," perhaps even regaining control of Earth from the Taelons. Augur is determined to decode the manuscript, and Liam and Renee agree to help.

Later that day, an enraged Zo'or summons Liam to the Mothership for another attempt at accessing the manuscript. Suddenly, Zo'or smashes the relic containing the manuscript, declaring it to be a forgery. He proclaims that theft of the authentic relic is an act of war, and tells Liam and Sandoval that they have twelve hours to find the genuine artifact or he will destroy a major North American city every hour thereafter until the human population is wiped out.

At Rizzori's Art Gallery, Renee finds Vera and accuses her of having the relic, suspecting that she intended to use Liam's search as a way to find a buyer for it. Renee's suspicions are confirmed as Vera pulls a gun and escapes to meet with Sandoval and set up a deal. The next day, Liam and Renee again pay a visit to Vera at her gallery. She tells them that Sandoval forced her to reveal her original client, Augur. Meanwhile, Street goes to Augur's lair to offer her assistance in decoding the manuscript. Concerned for Augur's safety, Liam and Renee rush to his offices, but they are too late. Augur and Street have already been taken into custody by Sandoval and his band of volunteers. They are taken to a laboratory deep beneath an abandoned military base where Sandoval, who now has possession of the real relic, instructs them to find a way to access Ma'el's manuscript.

Augur is able to send a distress signal to Liam and Renee, who sneak into the facility and free Augur and Street and recover the relic. With less than an hour until Zo'or's deadline, Liam returns the artifact, saving Earth from attack.
81 Street Chase
At the Resistance lair, J Street attempts to uncover the formula for Taelon core energy, when several electronic microbes called "nanobots" leap from her computer terminal onto her arm. She suddenly becomes aware that she has unknowingly been carrying a Taelon security implant, to which the nanobots are attracted. Street suspects Ronald Sandoval must have given her the implant when he recently tried to force her and Augur to decipher Ma'el's ancient manuscript containing secrets about Taelon core energy.

Convinced the ingenious Street is the only one likely to ever figure out the secret to core energy, Zo'or orders Sandoval to bring Street to the Taelon Mothership. Street is able to elude Sandoval long enough to alert Renee Palmer about the nanobots. Wrapping her arm in an ice pack to temporarily deactivate the nanobots, she tells Renee they are capable of a video link, allowing Sandoval to watch her every move, and by association, the Resistance. Her only choice is to stay away from Renee and Liam Kincaid. She sets off again on her own, but is suddenly cornered in an alley by Sandoval's FBI henchman, Tate. She shoots and fatally wounds him, and runs. Sandoval gives up the chase to come to Tate's aid, but it's too late.

Street returns to her trailer home, where she finds Liam. He offers to take her to the Taelon Embassy, where Da'an could administer an "energy cleanse" that would flush the nanobots out of her system. But when a Taelon rover passes overhead, Street is spooked, mistakenly suspecting Liam of trying to stall long enough for Sandoval and his storm troopers to catch her. She flees to an abandoned warehouse, but is found by Sandoval. Just as he is about to apprehend her, Liam steps out of the shadows and knocks him out.

Street and Liam return to the lair where Renee is waiting. As Sandoval tracks them to their doorstep, Liam desperately contacts Da'an, who agrees to flush the nanobots out of Street. While Renee goes outside to try to delay Sandoval, Liam and Street travel by portal to the embassy. But Street realizes she has been betrayed when Da'an greets her along with Zo'or, who tells her that in order to help her solve the core energy formula more quickly, they will provide mental stimulus-more commonly known as a mind probe. Liam helps Street escape to a portal-but not before he is shot by security guards.

Street arrives at a portal station near the lair, where she is again pursued by Sandoval. She makes her way to Doors International, seeking help from Renee. Sandoval and his men burst into Renee's office and take both women into custody. Street is taken back to the Taelon Embassy, where she learns Liam has been charged with treason and has been sentenced to death. To make matters worse, she has been scheduled for a mind probe. Frustrated, she leaps through a portal, ending what has merely been a computer simulation of a worst case scenario-one depicting what might have happened if she didn't trust Liam and Renee to help her deal with the nanobots.

Sandoval and Tate's original pursuit starts anew-this time for real. Better prepared, Street is able to overpower Tate without shooting him. She returns to the lair, where Liam and Renee decide to try to flush out the nanobots with a sample of core energy. The only catch is that they must somehow smuggle it off the Mothership. Liam, Street and Renee visit the Mothership, where Street again faces a mind probe. This time, Liam is able to thwart the security guards and sends Street and Renee to a medical bay where Renee tries to flush out the nanobots. She is successful.

To ensure Street's safety in the future, Renee places a vial containing the nanobots in a shuttle craft. Tracking the nanobots, Sandoval assumes that Street is onboard the shuttle, which hurtles on a collision course with the Mothership. Sandoval has no choice but to open fire on the craft, obliterating it. Unbeknownst to him and the Taelons, Street safely speeds back to Earth in an escape pod.
82 Trapped by Time
Onboard the Taelon Mothership, Ronald Sandoval has his CVI surgically removed after his body exhibits symptoms of rejecting it. Zo'or points out that the loss of his CVI will also mean the loss of his skrill. After undergoing the removal procedure, Sandoval receives a pouch from the Washington embassy containing a video message from Mark Rusk, who is holding Sandoval's wife, Dee Dee, hostage - the wife Sandoval had believed to have been killed two years earlier. The kidnapper asks for a seemingly unattainable ransom - the protocols for deep Taelon stasis, to which only members of the Taelon Synod have access.

Liam Kincaid is visited by intelligence agent Heather North, who tells him that she has managed to infiltrate a secret government base containing three astronauts from the future, all of whom have been in stasis for over 30 years. Liam immediately recognizes the importance of her discovery, as the astronauts would be able to tell what the future holds for the Taelons and humans. Accompanied by Renee Palmer, they travel to Cocoa Beach, Florida, to consult Kyle Madrid, Heather's uncle and the last man in charge of NASA's defunct space shuttle program. He confirms his niece's story, alerting them to a government conspiracy that has withheld information about past extraterrestrial encounters and other happenings in space.

Liam and Renee sneak into the base where Heather had been. Searching through the lab where the astronauts had been kept, Renee finds a computer log for something called "Phoebus." They return to the Resistance lair, where Renee learns that "Phoebus" is a Greek word for "Apollo." She deduces it must have been the name of a space program. At that moment, they receive a video message from Kyle, asking them to return to Florida at once, as he has vital information for them.

Before Liam and Renee arrive, Kyle is attacked by Rusk who employs a mind-reading device to find out what Kyle knows about Phoebus. Rusk flees when Liam and Renee appear. They are too late to save Kyle, who succumbs to the effects of the mind device, and dies.

Using the computers in the lair, Liam and Renee learn of an Apollo 20 mission in 1978 that was launched to rescue the Phoebus II, a spacecraft launched in 2091. The ship had apparently been lost in a wormhole and resurfaced in a lunar orbit after traveling back in time. More eager than ever to speak with the crew, particularly the ship's captain, Trammel, Liam and Renee decide they must first acquire the Taelon stasis protocol so they can revive the Phoebus astronauts. Liam sneaks into the stasis control module on the Mothership. As he is stealing the protocol, he is interrupted by Sandoval, whom he is able to incapacitate with a stun charge. Liam returns to the lair with the protocol and the unconscious Sandoval.

Liam and Renee examine Sandoval and discover he still has his CVI! They download some of his memories and learn about the kidnapping. After planting the protocol and a monitoring device on Sandoval, they leave him on a park bench, where he slowly regains consciousness. Sandoval immediately contacts the kidnapper and sets out to be reunited with his wife, who's being held captive in the tower of a convent.

Upon arriving at the convent, Sandoval realizes his wife is not only working with Rusk, but has fallen in love with him. He is locked in the tower but is able to use his skrill to blast his way through the door. He finds Dee Dee and Rusk in another part of the convent, where they are using the Taelon protocol to "awaken" the astronauts, only one of which - Trammel - is weak, but responsive. A fight breaks out, with Sandoval being stunned just as Liam and Renee arrive. Dee Dee and Rusk flee. Liam and Renee quickly examine Trammel, who tells them in the future the Taelons will "get what they deserve from the others." He dies before he can elaborate.
83 Atonement
Ronald Sandoval asks Renee Palmer to inform the Atlantic National Alliance (ANA) that in exchange for full immunity, he will testify that the Taelons have committed atrocities against the human race. While suspicious of Sandoval's sudden desire to combat the Taelons, Renee and Liam Kincaid (Robert Leeshock) visit the White House to present his proposal to Hubble Urick and Gre Van Hoeck, a lead prosecutor with the ANA.

Renee contacts Sandoval with the news that his proposal has been approved, and he is to testify before a grand jury in Montreal. Before leaving for Montreal, Sandoval accesses the command log of the Taelon Mothership, a log packed with incriminating evidence against the Taelons. Zo'or sends a security team to apprehend him, but Sandoval escapes to Earth via a portal.

That night, Sandoval is met on a seemingly quiet street by Renee and Van Hoeck, who want to put him into protective custody until he is able to testify. Suddenly, a masked assassin appears out of the shadows and opens fire, shooting Sandoval in the chest. Liam arrives on the scene and fends off the assailant. Liam and Renee rush Sandoval to a medical clinic, where they later inform Sandoval that DNA evidence from the scene of the ambush proves the attacker was not a Volunteer, and may not have been sent by the Taelons. Sandoval suspects that members of the ANA want to prevent him from testifying because they don't want him to get immunity. Accordingly, Liam returns to the White House where Urick and Van Hoeck deny any involvement in the attempt on Sandoval's life.

Renee and Liam decide to transport Sandoval to Montreal via Retro Rail, a nostalgic train tour. Their hopes for a trouble-free ride are lost when Liam notices they are being followed by two mysterious men. They corner Liam and Sandoval in a baggage car and open fire. As the four men brawl, Liam tosses one of the attackers out a door of the speeding train, while Sandoval shoots the other. When another man claiming to be a security agent begins pestering Renee as to the whereabouts of Sandoval, Renee employs an ingenious solution. She outfits Sandoval with a prototype exoskeleton developed by Doors International that contains a Jaridian cloaking device which transforms the trim Sandoval into a rotund version of his former self. The disguise keeps Sandoval safe until the train arrives in Montreal.

On the platform, as the device's battery pack wears down, Sandoval's former colleague, Frank Tate, suddenly appears. He guns Sandoval down and escapes with his apparently dead body through a portal.

Liam and Renee return to the White House and apologize to Van Hoeck for failing to deliver Sandoval safely to Montreal. They are stunned when she leads them into an adjacent room where Tate and Sandoval are engaged in a friendly game of chess. Learning that Sandoval orchestrated his own "assassination" in order to stay alive, he has now increased his demand for immunity to include relocation and a lump sum of 50 million gold marks.

Sandoval falls victim to his own greed when the grand jury refuses to accept his new terms. He is put on trial for crimes against humanity. After hearing testimony concerning his unlawful and heinous activities from Liam, Renee, Resistance members and even his ex-wife, Dee Dee, Sandoval insists he was only obeying orders. He is interrupted when an energy data stream burns through the ceiling of the Situation Room where the proceedings are being held. Communicating through the stream, Zo'or demands that Sandoval be returned to the Mothership immediately, or he will begin firing proton missiles at the Earth.

The court complies, and Sandoval returns to the ship expecting to be executed by Zo'or for his treason. Surprisingly, the Taelon forgives him, explaining that it's time for Sandoval to realize that Zo'or is the only friend he has.
84 Blood Ties
Volunteer Investigations detective Charles Green asks for Renee PalmerÆs help in solving a series of murders. The one common denominator between the six killings is that all of the victims had participated in the now-defunct Blood Ties project, a Taelon/Doors co-venture that utilized Taelon core energy to cure human illnesses.

Later, Renee meets Liam Kincaid at AugurÆs lair and asks him to question his old friend, Alistair, the head researcher of Blood Ties. He had turned down a Nobel Prize for his work because of his lost faith in the Taelons.

Liam travels to Edinburgh to meet with Alistair. He tells Liam that he suspects the murders to be the work of the Taelons trying to regain core energy, which is now in short supply. Liam advises Alistair that since he had self-tested the transfer of core energy during the Blood Ties project, he is in as much danger of being killed as any of the former patients. The next day, Liam contacts Alistair to tell him that he and Renee will provide shelter for him at the lair. Alistair reveals that he has figured out how Taelon core energy can be drained from humans. In fact, the energy that was within him has already been drained and crystallized. Their conversation is cut short when Serina Charmeaux, an assassin hired by Ronald Sandoval, enters AlistairÆs lab. Donning a special energy-draining suit, Serina begins the deadly process of draining any remaining energy from Alastair.

Liam, Renee and Green rush to the lab and find Alistair near death. Searching the lab, Liam finds the crystal containing AlistairÆs drained energy. SandovalÆs right-hand man, Frank Tate, visits Serina at her apartment and proposes a scheme in which they could skim some of the energy she is draining and use it for their own gain rather than turning it over to Sandoval and the Taelons. When he leaves, Sandoval emerges from the shadows and tells Serina to add Tate to her hit list.

Using forensics technology to examine skin found under a victimÆs fingernails, Liam and Renee find a parasite common to inmates who had experienced the sensatory deprivation tanks of Sen-Dep Prison. They meet with Martin Worshky, the former warden of Sen-Dep, and coerce him into confessing that he helped a killer, Serina, escape the prison. Meanwhile, Tate visits Serina again but is attacked. When Liam and Renee rush into the apartment, Serina flees through a portal, leaving Tate semi-conscious. Liam visits the Taelon Mothership and asks DaÆan to alert the Synod that ZoÆor has been killing humans to get Taelon energy. DaÆan says he must have proof of such a crime first.

Liam goes to the hospital to see Tate and Alistair, both of whom are now near death. He takes the crystal of energy he found at AlistairÆs lab with him, but it is sufficient to cure only one of the men. Knowing Tate could help them link Serina to ZoÆor, he makes the painful decision to use the crystal on Tate. At DaÆanÆs request, the Synod conducts an energy audit of ZoÆor to determine if he has consumed energy that is not rightfully his. When ZoÆor passes the test, he then demands that DaÆan also be tested. The audit reveals that DaÆan possesses an abundance of foreign energy. He quickly informs the Synod that he didnÆt steal the energy, but acquired it during an attempted joining with a Jaridian.

Tate agrees to help capture Serina using Renee as bait, since she had once been given Taelon energy by a deranged companion protector. As Liam and Renee expect, Tate double-crosses them. That night, Serina attempts to attack Renee in the parking lot outside Doors International. To her surprise, she discovers that Renee is a hologram! The real Renee, Liam and Green appear out of the dark with guns drawn. As Renee approaches, SerinaÆs suit begins to glow. She has been rigged with a covert portal, which suddenly transports Renee out of sight. As Renee disappears, Serina bursts into a fireball and is reduced to a pile of embers. Renee finds herself in restraints at AlistairÆs lab, hooked up to an energy-draining machine by Tate. As she writhes in pain, Liam and Green burst into the room. Liam fires an energy blast that disables the machine, but Tate is able to escape through a portal. The next day, DaÆan meets Renee and Liam at the hospital and gives them enough energy crystals to revive all of those who had fallen victim to Serina.
85 Hearts and Minds
Renee drives to a secluded cabin in VirginiaÆs Blue Ridge Mountains where she enjoys a romantic evening with her boyfriend, Jeff Marlowe, a double agent for the Atlantic National Alliance (ANA). Jeff works in deep cover as a Volunteer onboard the Taelon Mothership.

Meanwhile, DaÆan shows ZoÆor the MothershipÆs recently upgraded weaponry, which has been improved with pirated Jaridian energy-particle technology. The Taelons will now be able to meet any Jaridian attack with equal force, or obliterate an entire planet in the blink of an eye.

At the White House, Hubble Urick informs the ANA leadership about the TaelonsÆ upgraded weaponry. Jeff and Liam Kincaid appear before the group to explain how they hope to overcome the most recent threat to Earth. They outline their plan to install an interface to lock out the MothershipÆs weapons array. The lock would make it impossible for ZoÆor to use the new weapons without keying in a code that only the ANA will have. In order to execute their plan, Jeff will utilize Taelon nanomitters that have been implanted in him allowing him to access the weapons pod, an area forbidden to humans. Jeff will also undergo a temporary memory-blocking procedure to erase any information about the ANA, in case he is captured and interrogated by the Taelons.

Once onboard the Mothership, Liam sabotages the shipÆs environmental system, forcing ZoÆor to order that power be diverted from other systems, including the weapons pod. Meanwhile, Jeff infiltrates the pod and installs the interface, but things go awry when DaÆan performs a diagnostic on the shipÆs systems and becomes suspicious. ZoÆor, DaÆan and a security team rush to the pod and capture Jeff. ZoÆor then electrocutes him with a blast of Taelon energy. Near death, Jeff is placed in a stasis tank until he recovers enough to undergo a mind probe that will reveal the necessary failsafe code to activate the weaponry.

That evening, Renee again meets Jeff at the cabin. The following day, Liam informs her about JeffÆs predicament and its implications. Apparently, Jeff had been in two places at one time; in the cabin with her, as well as in stasis onboard the Mothership. Liam suggests that perhaps JeffÆs nanomitters have enabled him to establish a Taelon-like mind link with Renee that is so strong, he appears to be physically present.

Liam and Renee meet with Hubble, who agrees to let them attempt to rescue Jeff from the Mothership on the condition that if they fail, they are to terminate him in order to protect the ANA. Liam and Renee gain access to the ship and make their way to the stasis tank. As they examine the tankÆs power source to see if it can be mobilized for transport, the mind-linked Jeff appears outside the tank. He begs Renee to kill him, telling her that in human terms, he is already dead, only being kept alive by agonizingly painful Taelon technology.

Seeing her lover in such distress, Renee makes the only decision possible. While she and Liam try to figure out how to deactivate the tank and mercifully end JeffÆs life, a security Volunteer rushes into the chamber and opens fire with his skrill. Liam returns fire but not before a skrill blast shatters the tank causing Liam and Renee to scramble to a portal and escape, leaving Jeff finally at peace.
86 Epiphany
At a gathering at the Taelon embassy, ZoÆor announces to DaÆan, Liam Kincaid, Renee Palmer, Hubble Urick and rookie companion protector, Tina De May, that the Taelons are about to enter death stasis. He tells them they are doing so in accordance with their mission imperative. It will now be up to the human race to uncover the secret of Taelon core energy.

When an armed cyborg assailant suddenly interrupts the proceedings, he is shot by Tina. Liam, suffering from vertigo, has hallucinations of HaÆGel and falls unconscious. After being examined by Dr. Curzon, Liam is informed that his immune system is failing, and he should be quarantined. He instead accepts a shot of polybiotics that will allow him to continue protecting DaÆan.

Although DaÆan possesses enough Taelon core energy to last a millennium, he insists on entering death stasis with the others, so the Mothership can fulfill the TaelonsÆ mission as ordered. ZoÆor tries to persuade DaÆan to share his energy with him so they can avoid the stasis and work together to find out the secret of Taelon core energy. Realizing ZoÆor is simply afraid to enter the stasis, DaÆan refuses.

Liam, Renee, Hubble and Tina are among the witnesses onboard the Mothership as the Taelons begin to enter the stasis chamber. ZoÆor informs the Taelon community that DaÆan has enough energy to keep them all alive, but has been keeping it a secret. ZoÆor commands his storm troopers to take DaÆan into custody, but DaÆan is rescued by Liam and his colleagues, who whisk him away to the Embassy for safekeeping.

Meanwhile, Renee comes across a report filed by Tina, suggesting that Liam be relieved of duty because of his illness. While Renee informs Liam of TinaÆs apparent treachery, he has another dizzy spell and faints. This time, Dr. Curzon determines that a Kimera strand of LiamÆs DNA must have become toxic when HaÆGel made him fully human. She notifies Liam that he has only a few days to live, unless she is able to employ the Taelon stasis technology Liam had previously downloaded behind DaÆanÆs back. Liam and the doctor are unaware that their conversation is being recorded by a device planted in CurzonÆs office by Tina.

Back on the Mothership, ZoÆor orders Ronald Sandoval to attack the Embassy and take DaÆan into custody. When Liam meets DaÆan at the Taelon Embassy, DaÆan reveals that ZoÆor is his son. He knows that ZoÆor is so terrified of stasis that he will die from his dwindling supply of core energy before he would ever enter the stasis chamber. As a parent, DaÆan insists that he cannot stand by while his son commits suicide. Tina interrupts to tell them that an assault force has reached the Embassy. She then informs DaÆan of LiamÆs betrayal and theft of the stasis technology. In response, DaÆan relieves Liam of his duties and traps him in an energy field before making his way to an escape shuttle with Tina.

But Tina leads DaÆan into a trap as Sandoval and two storm troopers intercept them. Renee frees Liam, and the two track down DaÆan and Sandoval. A battle ensues, but Sandoval portals away with DaÆan while Tina literally vanishes into thin air. Liam collapses once more amid visions of HaÆGel. On board the Mothership, ZoÆor drains DaÆanÆs energy and submits him to stasis. At Dr. CurzonÆs lab, Liam begs Renee not to submit him to stasis, saying he would rather be sent via portal to his home, the stars, than use Taelon technology. Liam then dies despite Dr. CurzonÆs efforts to revive him.

Later, Renee is about to portal LiamÆs body to the stars when he suddenly awakens. While suspended between life and death he met HaÆGel, who told him that Tina was chosen by a Kimera spirit to push him to the point of ultimate human despair -- death. HaÆGel also told Liam that he is the agent of his own salvation, a lesson Liam has learned and now must teach. Liam boards the Mothership and terminates the death stasis of the Taelons. DaÆan revives and drains energy from ZoÆor. All of the Taelons will share the energy, but will not have enough to re-enter stasis. They now have only a few months to discover the secret of Taelon energy, or find another way to save themselves.
87 Dark Horizons
The Taelons hold a press conference to announce that DaÆan will lead a Forgiveness Delegation to the Atlantic National Alliance (ANA), apologizing for experiments in which Taelons have been genetically manipulating human embryos. The gathering is interrupted when a Jaridian probe passes silently overhead. It emits an electrical beam that affects the implanted CVIÆs of several Companion protectors, including friends of Liam Kincaid. The protectors respond by opening fire on the Taelons. Liam and an unaffected protector colleague return fire and kill Walker, one of the assailants. The others flee. When Renee Palmer meets with Hubble Urick, he tells her that the shooting was not an isolated incident. At the same time, similar assaults took place in six different cities, and a total of eight Taelons were killed. ZoÆor responded by demanding the assailants be found and turned over to him within 24 hours, or he will open fire on the Earth. Hubble asks Renee to find the so-called rogue protectors.

Onboard the Mothership, DaÆan examines WalkerÆs body and determines his CVI may have been recalibrated to induce his attack on the Taelons. With Walker dead, however, DaÆan is unable to determine precisely how the CVI had been altered. ZoÆor orders Liam to find the assailants and deliver them alive. He also sends Ronald Sandoval after the protectors, initiating a deadly race between Liam and Sandoval.

Liam meets with Renee and J. Street at AugurÆs lair, where Street gives Liam a CVI damper, a device she has constructed that will disrupt a CVI long enough for Liam to subdue its subject. Meanwhile, Sandoval is onboard a shuttle to Earth to meet with Frank Tate, who has apprehended Mike Perez, one of the assailants. A Jaridian probe again activates an electrical beam. Soon after, Tate and Perez are found in an abandoned slaughterhouse.

SandovalÆs recalibrated CVI sends him into a rage, as he tortures Perez with a steam hose. He demands to know the whereabouts of the other rogue protectors. After cracking Perez, Sandoval and Tate take a team of storm troopers to the warehouse where the protectors are hiding. The hunters become the hunted, however, when the protectors slip out of the darkness and hold Sandoval and his men at bay with their skrills. Liam and Renee appear, employing the CVI damper, and convince the protectors to surrender.

Onboard the Mothership, ZoÆor discovers that core energy is being diverted to the vesselÆs main engine. He tries to remedy the situation, but canÆt gain access to the shipÆs computer. He immediately suspects sabotage. Meanwhile, in another area of the ship, Sandoval is gazing out of a window when the Jaridian probe appears. It breaks into small pieces, penetrates the glass and envelops him like a suit of armor. ZoÆor contacts Liam and the ANA, asking for help. In response, Liam and Renee board the Mothership. They witness Sandoval setting a course for Tau Ceti, the JaridiansÆ home world. Upon arrival at Tau Ceti, a team of Jaridian soldiers board the ship. Sandoval informs Vorjak, the Jaridian leader, that the Taelons have entered stasis because of the low level of core energy.

Vorjak revives them, intending to have them stand trial for their atrocities, and then be executed. He also tells Sandoval he will send a demolition party to Earth and destroy mankind as punishment for befriending the Taelons. Renee and Liam desperately try to convince Vorjak to spare Earth. He refuses, and orders Sandoval to take them into custody. They flee down a corridor with Sandoval in pursuit. Liam and Renee ambush Sandoval with the CVI damper and convince him to resist the Jaridians. Suddenly, several Jaridians appear and take aim at Liam, but Sandoval blasts them. The Jaridians flee to a shuttle with Vorjak. Sandoval hurries to the bridge of the ship with Liam and Renee, escaping safely, just as Vorjak is about to open fire on them from the shuttle.
88 Point of No Return
Returning to Earth after their run-in with Vorjak, Renee and Liam meet with Hubble Urick. He tells them that the Taelons are no longer welcome on Earth. He's fully prepared to blow up the Mothership, if need be, in order to keep them away. Worried about the Taelons' safety and future, Liam and Renee ask J. Street to solve the final dimension of Ma'el's relic, which holds the secret of life for the Taelons. Street refuses to help because of the demands of multi-dimensional thinking, a unique ability she considers a curse.

Liam and Renee decide to get the remaining Taelons on the Mothership into stasis. Later that night, Street is out at a dance club when a strobe light near the dance floor suddenly sends her into a multi-dimensional trance. She is swiftly engulfed in a cyclone of white light. At the White House, Hubble and an Air Force General see a white light at the same time that Zo'or and Da'an witness it from the Mothership. The light is also observed by Liam and Renee. They take off on a shuttle in search of the source, which turns out to be a volcano in Southern Asia.

The craft is caught in a beam of energy that pulls them down, forcing a bumpy landing adjacent to a lava tube that leads to the volcano's interior. Liam and Renee enter the tube, and find themselves in a chamber with ancient Taelon hieroglyphics on the walls. The two agree that Ma'el must have been there close to 2,000 years ago. Searching around, Liam finds a portal. Entering through it, he winds up in another chamber containing sarcophagus-like containers and a pool of liquid energy. Liam tries to return to Renee through the portal, but realizes he is trapped.

Elsewhere, a Jaridian ship carrying Vorjak and a band of Jaridians approaches the Mothership. Street arrives at the volcano with Augur. She tries to fix the portal that has trapped Liam. Augur is suddenly jolted by a burst of energy that produces a hologram of Ma'el. He tells them of the Atavus, the Taelon proto species found at the volcano after his spaceship had crashed there years ago. He explains that the chamber in which Liam is trapped is actually a healing chamber built by Ma'el to regenerate the Taelons.

Liam sends Renee to fetch Da'an and five other Taelons, knowing that the Atavan energy pool is the only chance for the Taelon species to survive. While Da'an decides which five Taelons to take with him to the Atavan chamber, Zo'or steals Ma'el's relic, a key component of the Atavan energy-transfer process.

Back in the chamber, Street and Augur unintentionally activate the energy pool, giving them less than an hour to complete the procedure. Cracks begin to appear in the chamber's walls, as the volcano prepares to erupt. It is now a race against time for all concerned. When the Jaridians board the Mothership, they find themselves trapped in a force field set by Ronald Sandoval. He strikes a deal, promising to lead them to the Taelons if they spare Earth and elect him ruler of the planet. Sandoval and the Jardians make their way to a portal, just as Hubble opens fire on the ship. As Sandoval collapses, badly wounded, Vorjak and the others escape.

Back at the Atavan chamber, Zo'or appears with Ma'el's relic. Despite Liam's warnings, he dips his hand into the energy pool. Submerging himself in the pool, he sheds his exoskeleton and collapses amidst a blinding whirl of light. Vorjak and his Jaridian shipmates arrive at the chamber just as Liam and Street are about to begin the transfer of Atavan energy to Da'an and the other Taelons. Liam realizes that the only chance of survival for both the Jaridans and Taelons is for them to unite in the chamber. Sending Street, Augur and Renee to the safety of the shuttle, Liam begins the energy-transfer process, knowing it may cost him his life. As his friends speed across the sky, the volcano violently erupts, leaving little possibility for anyone or anything to survive.

5th Season

No. Title / Synopsis
89 Unearthed
With the Taelons now gone, Hubble Urick (Frank Moore) and several top military officials gather at FBI headquarters to monitor the salvage of the abandoned Taelon Mothership. Suddenly, they receive word of a life form onboard the ship. It is Sandoval (Von Flores), now severely disfigured from radiation burns. Before their eyes, the Mothership suddenly bursts into flames, killing all onboard except Sandoval, who remains in control of the Taelon vessel.

Meanwhile, Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) embarks on a desperate search for Liam, who was apparently killed when the volcano containing the Atavan regeneration chamber exploded. Commissioning a former Russian nuclear submarine, Renee and J Street (Melinda Deines) venture to the Southern Asian waters that surround the volcano. With the help of a crew that includes former companion protector Keeler (Alex Carter), they find the Atavan chamber imbedded in volcanic rock. After firing a torpedo to break through, they employ a docking ring to access the chamber.

Keeler and a small team enter the regeneration chamber and are ambushed by Atavus, previously extinct aliens that were resurrected when Liam joined the Taleon and Jaridian species together. Renee and Street watch the horrific attack via video monitors onboard the submarine, while Sandoval, having tapped into the submarine communications system, watches from the Mothership. With two crewmembers dead, having being clawed to death by the Atavus, Keeler and several survivors scramble back to the safety of the submarine.

Threatened by the rampaging Atavus and realizing Liam is indeed dead, Renee orders that the submarine break from the chamber and open fire. The submarine is unable to free itself from the docking ring, however, which has been magnetized by the alien pod. They are trapped and the aliens have begun to access the submarine, setting off a series of attacks and killing most of the crew.
Firing her weapon, Renee hits an Atavus in the chest. Out of its wound emerges the blue energy anatomy of RajÆel (Helen Taylor), guardian of the collective consciousness of the Taelons who once resided on the Mothership. RajÆel tells Renee that the joining of the Taelons and Jaridians has unleashed the final conflict, and that she has been chosen to save humanity from these vicious Atavus.

Their discussion is cut short when Renee is suddenly confronted by another Atavus. Fighting off her attacker, Renee returns to the submarine control room where she watches on a monitor as one of her remaining crewmembers gets mauled by an Atavus. The creature declares that Earth now belongs to the Atavus, not humans.

Renee is then confronted by Howlyn (Alan Van Sprang), the head male Atavus who tells her that his race was on Earth long before humans, but were forced underground by asteroids. Now unearthed, they must feed on the sentient life force of humans in order to continue to exist and reclaim Earth as their own. Renee struggles with Howlyn, and freeing herself, contacts Keeler and orders the submarine to be destroyed in order to kill the regenerated aliens. Keeler sets a timed explosive, while Street flees in an escape pod. The Atavus chamber separates from the submarine just as KeelerÆs bomb explodes.

On the surface, Street finds Renee. The two watch in horror as a beam emanates from the descending Taelon Mothership and extracts the Atavus chamber. The chamber is transported to the Mothership, where Sandoval welcomes Howlyn and his deadly companions
90 Pariahs
Following her first encounter with the Atavus, Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) awakens in a military hospital. She is detained by Hubble Urick (Frank Moore), who refuses to believe her story about the new alien threat. J Street (Melinda Deines), evading the FBI agents who took Renee into custody, dons a disguise and rescues her friend from the hospital.

Onboard the Mothership, Sandoval approaches Howlyn (Alan Van Sprang) and the female Atavus, Juda (Guylaine St. Onge), proposing that they spare him so he can help them fulfill their goal to consume the 5.1 billion humans that reside on Earth. When they question his motives, Sandoval assures them that the demise of humanity would be payback for him, given that his efforts to keep Earth safe from the Taelons were met with rejection and betrayal from his own kind. He also remains bitter over the nuclear strike on the Mothership that has left him disfigured.

Realizing she needs Urick's help to combat the Atavus, Renee arranges to meet him secretly. Hoping to convince him that her story about the Atavus is true, she brings a video recording of the aliens that was shot by Street. Renee meets Urick in a dark alley, but is barely able to give him the recording before suddenly being ambushed by a SWAT team, apparently double-crossed by Urick. She is able to escape, however, and returns to Street's trailer home.

Meanwhile, Sandoval discovers the Taelon Raj'el (Helen Taylor) in the Atavan chamber on the Mothership. He rejects Raj'el's pleas for help in destroying the Atavus, and instead locks Raj'el in the chamber.

While Urick is unable to confirm the authenticity of Street's Atavus video, he begins to suspect that Renee has been telling him the truth and sends an aid to find her. Back onboard the Mothership, Howlyn decides to decline Sandoval's offer to help and attacks him, but is fended off by a mysterious force emanating from Sandoval.

Soon after, Renee and Street receive a video communication from Sandoval begging for their help. He tells them that he had to seal himself in the ship's bridge to escape the deadly Atavus and offers to lower the vessel's security shields, which would allow Renee to gain access to the ship via shuttlecraft. Renee immediately takes off in a shuttle, planning to rescue Sandoval and set a charge that will blast the ship and the Atavus into oblivion.

When Renee arrives at the Mothership, she discovers Sandoval has betrayed her. She is taken prisoner by Howlyn. Meanwhile, Juda seduces Sandoval and uses her mysterious healing abilities to cure him of his radiation burns and reverse his disfigurement. In another part of the ship, Raj'el escapes from the chamber and sets off to free Renee, who encounters Howlyn once again. He tells Renee he is unable to consume her, however, because of the same mysterious force that protects Sandoval. Nevertheless, he attacks her but Renee uses a slender sword she had concealed to fend him off. Cutting off one of his hands in the process, Howlyn hollers in agony and Renee flees the ship via the shuttle.

Renee visits Urick at his office in Washington and, depositing Howlyn's severed hand on his desk, finally provides irrefutable proof of the existence of the Atavus.
91 The Seduction
Having already provided proof of the Atavus threat in the form of Howlyn's severed hand, Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) is asked by Hubble Urick (Frank Moore) to present her case before a meeting with the FBI. Again displaying Howlyn's hand as evidence, she pleads with FBI Deputy Director Ryan Patrichio (Noam Jenkins), chairing the meeting in Urick's absence, to dispatch an elite task force to the Taelon Mothership to destroy the Atavus. Instead, Patrichio assigns Interpol's senior strategist, John Besson (James Downing), to investigate Renee's claims. Furious, Renee storms out and takes off for the Mothership alone.

Onboard the Mothership, Sandoval (Von Flores) informs Howlyn (Alan Van Sprang) and Juda (Guylaine St. Onge) that the Taelon ship is fully functional except for the weapons supply. Infuriated he can't destroy humanity with the press of a button, Howlyn is eventually convinced by Sandoval and Juda that the Human race is more useful to the Atavus alive. The three devise a "joining" procedure in which they can create hybrids from Humans, essentially enslaving them. Sandoval suggests they start with small groups of people, especially the advisors to world leaders. After their "joining," these people could be returned to their jobs with a newfound loyalty to the Atavus. Howlyn accepts the idea, but insists that Renee be among those abducted for "joining."

Meanwhile, Renee sneaks aboard the Mothership where she finds Raj'el (Helen Taylor) locked up in containment cell. Raj'el reveals that his energy is toxic to the Atavus, giving them no choice but to keep him in isolation. When he tells Renee that he senses that other Humans are now onboard, she goes to investigate and watches as several Humans are led into sarcophagus-like pods in which they are "joined" with Atavus. Sandoval sees Renee and sends a security team after her. She manages to escape the ship, but not before planting a modulating device that will temporarily lower the ship's security shields within the hour.

Returning to Earth, Renee contacts Urick and tells him that the "joining" is underway, and they only have an hour to infiltrate the ship, but he refuses to comply. J Street (Melinda Deines) alerts Renee that she has detected portal activity in Washington, where the new hybrids are returning to Earth following their "joining" with the Atavus, The two race to the site.
Urick has a change of heart, and orders Besson to lead an assault on the Mothership. Besson tricks Urick into entering a portal with him and takes him directly to the Mothership and into the hands of Howlyn. Howlyn shows Urick his regenerated hand before stabbing him in the chest.

Renee and Street arrive at the Washington portal where they encounter Besson as he returns from the Mothership. Renee notices an Atavan gleam in his eye and realizes Besson is now a hybrid. He quickly takes her by portal back to the ship, but Renee is able to escape her captor just as the device she had planted activates. With Urick slipping into shock from his chest wound, Renee is able to portal him back to Street for medical attention while she stays behind to look for a way to permanently disarm the ship's shields.

As Renee tries to access the main shield controls, Sandoval captures her and takes her to Howlyn who forces her into a pod to "join" with him. Like Raj'el, however, Renee's Taelon energy, which she had acquired in a previous encounter with Da'an, repels him. Howlyn and Renee exit the pod and a fight ensues, but they are interrupted by Raj'el, who distracts Howlyn long enough for Renee to escape.

Renee returns to Earth and visits Urick in the hospital. She then contacts Patrichio so that Urick can order an immediate strike on the Mothership while its shields are still down. Before Urick can give the command, however, he slips into a coma.
92 Subterra
Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) visits Washington television reporter Melissa Donovan (Deborah O'Dell) at the DC Press Club, where she desperately tries to convince the journalist of the presence of the Atavus. After Melissa leaves, Renee is confronted by a whisky-guzzling homeless man named Joe (Peter Outerbridge), who tells her that he is a former journalist and now lives beneath the city amidst others being hunted by the Atavus. Renee doesn't believe him and walks away.

The next day, Renee intercepts Melissa outside her TV studio and again tells her about the Atavus. She also informs her that Sandoval (Von Flores) is not only still alive, but is in cahoots with Patricio (Noam Jenkins), an FBI agent who had served with Sandoval on an anti-terrorist squad years ago. Again, Melissa refuses to believe Renee and leaves. Joe suddenly appears, describing the wounds of the homeless victims, and is able to convince Renee that the Atavus have indeed been attacking his friends. Accompanying him to his underground home, Renee watches as another victim, bearing the cleave marks of an Atavus, is found. Joe tells her two dozen people have been killed. Renee agrees to help him find the aliens who are responsible.

When Renee and Joe search the city's subterranean tunnels, they discover an Atavan chamber. Renee quickly sets an explosive, but an Atavus and a hybrid are able to scurry to safety via an airshaft before the bomb detonates.

Aboard the Taelon Mothership, Sandoval and Juda (Guylaine St. Onge) receive word of the explosion and devise a plot to capture Renee. They decide to trap her at an upcoming media reception arranged by the FBI at the press club.

Meanwhile, Renee takes Joe to Augur's lair where she instructs J Street (Melinda Deines) to try to access the guest list for the media reception, again intending to persuade the media that the Atavan threat is real. Street stuns her with the news that Sandoval, believed to be dead, is on the list. Renee concludes that Patricio is probably planning to exonerate Sandoval publicly for his involvement with the Taelons. Joe also informs her that Melissa, another of the invited guests, is Patricio's ex-wife.

At the reception, Patricio tells Melissa that Sandoval was, in fact, undercover while with the Taelons. He arranges an exclusive interview with Sandoval, who escorts Melissa to the building's basement. Meanwhile, Renee and Joe find their way to the press club via a subterranean tunnel. Melissa is stunned as Sandoval leads her into an Atavan chamber where Juda awaits. While Joe returns to street level and gathers several homeless friends, Renee cuts her way into the basement with a laser drill and pulls Melissa to safety. Joe arrives and the three escape just as an explosive charge set by Renee destroys the chamber.

Melissa contacts Renee and tells her she is ready to blow the lid off the Atavan story if Renee can provide evidence. Renee complies, supplying her with proof that includes security video footage of the Atavan chamber at the press club. Joe accompanies Melissa as she leaves with the evidence, and is shocked when he sees her suddenly toss it into a garbage can fire. As Sandoval appears from around a corner, Joe sees an Atavan gleam in Melissa's eye and realizes she is a hybrid. Before he can escape, Juda sneaks up and kills him.
93 Boone's Awakening
Onboard the Taelon Mothership, Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores) tells Howlyn (Alan Van Sprang) that he has the perfect bait to lure Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) back to the ship and into Howlyn's hands. The bait is renowned resistance fighter William Boone (Kevin Kilner), who has been kept in a state of suspended animation onboard the Taelon vessel for the past three years.

Boone finds himself portalled back to Earth, where he immediately visits his sister Sarah (Sarah Lafleur) at her apartment. After overcoming her shock at seeing her brother alive, Sarah tells Boone that the Taelons are gone, so he has no more aliens to worry about. Regardless, he tries to contact his old friend and former colleague, Augur. At Augur's lair, J Street (Melinda Deines) and Renee receive the message from Boone. Suspecting the sender to be an imposter, Renee arranges to meet Boone at a nightclub where she convinces him to undergo a full diagnostic examination so she can verify his identity. Street conducts the exam at the lair and finds circulatory nanobot locators in Boone's bloodstream, a system Street and Renee recognize as one of Sandoval's favorite ways of tracking. Street extracts the locators. After a briefing from Renee about the new alien threat of the Atavus including the use of Atavan human hybrids, Boone accompanies her on a mission to the Mothership, where they plan to blow up the Atavan hybrid chambers.

Renee and Boone shuttle to the Mothership and split up to find the chambers. Boone, however, has another target on his mind - Sandoval. Boone holds Sandoval responsible not only for his three lost years, but also for the murder of his wife. Things go awry when Sandoval sneaks up on Boone and holds him at gunpoint. Renee abandons her goal of destroying the chambers to save Boone. She launches an energy screen that gives them just enough time to escape, but not before Sandoval shoots Boone in the arm.

Back at the lair, Renee accepts Boone's apology for letting his hatred for Sandoval ruin their mission. While she tenderly dresses his wound, their attraction for each other grows and they kiss. The next day, Boone returns to the lair with Sarah, who expresses her desire to combat the Atavus with them. Her chance to do so comes moments later as Street detects what she suspects is a subterranean hybrid chamber hidden near a downtown nightclub.

Sarah accompanies Street to the club where she lures one of the male patrons into an alley and kills him, exposing herself as a hybrid. Howlyn suddenly emerges from the shadows, ordering her to bring Renee to him.

Sarah returns to the club and tells Street she has just seen an Atavus. Street contacts Renee, who races to the scene with Boone. When the two enter an abandoned subway stop behind the club, Boone is jumped by Howlyn. Boone stabs Howlyn with an energy knife, and is horrified when Howlyn immediately heals and prepares to continue his attack. Sarah pulls a gun and is about to shoot Boone when Renee beats her to the draw and fires, killing Sarah. Sandoval arrives and convinces Howlyn to flee before authorities arrive and the Atavan presence is revealed.

Back at the lair, Boone bids a sad farewell to Renee. While he doesn't blame Renee for his sister's death, he tells her he's not prepared to risk the lives of anyone else he loves. Feeling he would only put Renee's life in jeopardy if he continued to fight the Atavus, he decides it's best for him to leave.
94 Termination
Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) and J Street (Melinda Deines) take a freeze-dried Atavan mummy to Dr. Sam Foster, hoping the scientist will be able to suggest a way to kill the Atavus. They enter Foster's laboratory only to find the doctor dead. Suddenly, the Atavus who killed Foster emerges from the shadows, attacking Renee and Street. Renee shoots the alien, but its wound immediately heals. The alien flees from the lab, disappearing into the night.

Back at Augur's lair, Renee realizes that in order to learn how to kill the Atavus, they need the help of someone skilled in the art of death. She decides that Dr. Mataros (Margot Kidder), a pathologist and serial killer now on death row, is the perfect candidate. Against Street's protests, Renee goes to Rikers Federal Prison to meet Mataros. Posing as Mataros' attorney, she gains access to her cell and uses an ID portal to bring her back to the lair.

Mataros examines the Atavan mummy, but informs Renee that she would learn much more from examining a live hybrid. Refusing to provide the murderous doctor with a live subject, Renee and Street decide to put Mataros away for good. They take her to Sen-Dep Prison, a sensory-depravation facility where they hope even Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores), obsessed with finding the Atavans' weakness, won't be able to find her. Renee and Street are wrong, however. Tracing Mataros through electronic nanobots that were injected into the doctor while she was incarcerated, Sandoval catches up with them at Sen-Dep. Arriving in a helicopter, Sandoval and his men open fire from above the compound. In the midst of the chaos, Mataros renders Renee unconscious with chloroform and leads Street into the prison at gunpoint.

Renee recovers in time to flee from Sandoval and make her way back to the lair. Street, meanwhile, is freed by Mataros after the doctor finds an Atavus DNA scanner among Street's belongings. Street returns to the lair, where she and Renee are contacted by Mataros, who tells them she plans to use the scanner to find a hybrid of her own. Mataros finds a male hybrid that has just killed a woman in an alley behind a nightclub.

Knocking the hybrid out with an injection, Mataros returns to the lair with her new subject. Like an Atavus, however, the hybrid also has supreme healing powers and quickly recovers from both the sedative and the doctor's incisions. The alien attacks, but Renee is able to push him into an ID portal and beam his particles into limbo. Mataros dashes toward the portal and escapes. She makes her way to Sandoval and offers him her services in exchange for her freedom.

Mataros and Sandoval set up shop at the Whitecliff Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Mataros begins work on creating a new hybrid from one of Sandoval's henchmen. Renee breaks into the facility, finding Mataros extracting vital fluid from the hybrid. Knowing that she has to turn her discovery over to either Sandoval or Renee, Mataros suddenly injects herself with the fluid and collapses, apparently dead.

When Renee returns to the lair, she and Street receive a communication from Mataros, who informs them that she has decided to dedicate her life to learning more about the Atavus. Renee and Street are left to ponder whether they have a bizarre new ally in their battle against the Atavus, or have simply released a deadly new threat in the form of an alien empowered serial killer.
95 Guilty Conscience
Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) meets with former Doors International associate Zack Winslow (Matthew Ferguson) at the Flat Planet Café. A bundle of nerves, Zack, a young man who's now a bioengineer and geneticist for Tenzer Dynamics, refers to his new employers as bloodsuckers, telling Renee he can't hold on much longer. Suddenly, he dashes from the café. Renee finds him in a dark alley just as he pulls out a gun and holds it to his head. Renee immediately grabs his arm, sending the gun to the ground. As they wrestle for the weapon, Zack exposes an Atavus cleave. When Renee realizes he is a hybrid, she shoots him in self-defense. With his dying breath, Zack tells her that a special project will go on-line tomorrow, but "domino" will stop it. Hearing approaching police sirens, Renee flees.

At Zack's apartment, Renee searches for clues as to what Zack meant by the word "domino." Accessing his home computer, Renee is confronted at gunpoint by Zack's distraught father, Harry Winslow (Peter MacNeill). Convincing him that she is a friend of Zack's, Renee uncovers the phrase, "A Quiet Ubiquitous Atavus Reveals Its Underhanded Motives," in a file named "domino." Harry begs Renee to find out why his son died.

Renee sneaks into Tenzer Dynamics and follows the company's head, Dr. Charles Tenzer (Michael Sarrazin), to Zack's basement laboratory. There, she watches Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores) and a Tenzer technician trying to break into Zack's computer, which sits adjacent to an Atavus hybrid chamber. With help from Dr. Tenzer, Sandoval accesses a pre-recorded video message from Zack, who says he has eliminated the formula he had been working on and has provided a digital program to a trusted friend, Renee, that will destroy the entire project. Sandoval detects Renee's presence and opens fire on the airshaft, but Renee is able to climb to safety.

That night, when Dr. Tenzer gets into his car outside the building, he finds Renee waiting. She forces him at gunpoint to drive to a nearby portal and transports them back to Augur's lair, where she confronts him about Zack's death. Remorseful, Dr. Tenzer tells her that financial woes had forced him into a partnership with Sandoval on the project of trying to replicate an Atavus hybrid chamber. He informs her that Zack's role was to come up with the formula that would transfer human DNA during the "joining" process. When Renee tells him about the horrors of the newly arrived aliens, Dr. Tenzer agrees to help her destroy the lab.

Meanwhile, Sandoval has Zack's body transported to the Taelon Mothership, where Howlyn uses an Atavus mind-searching technique on him to discover the precious formula. Back at the lab, Renee and Dr. Tenzer find a horde of chambers in an adjacent room and deduce that Howlyn and Sandoval are intending to mass-produce hybrids. Sifting through memos on Zack's desk, Renee notices the young man's apparent fondness for acronyms. Suddenly, Zack's cryptic clue about the "ubiquitous Atavus" makes sense, with the first letter of each word combining to form the word "aquarium." She contacts Harry, who finds the computer disk containing the failsafe program hidden inside an aquarium at Zack's apartment. Renee obtains the formula from Harry just before security guards seize her and Tenzer. Fighting their way free, they speed to Tenzer's office.

As Sandoval and a technician begin inputting the formula into Zack's computer console to successfully activate the replicated chambers, Tenzer and Renee load the failsafe program into the Tenzer Dynamics mainframe. The program works, recombining the elements of the Atavan chamber formula to form a powerful explosive. Tenzer, Renee, Sandoval and everyone else in the facility scurry to safety seconds before the building explodes, and all of the replication chambers are successfully obliterated.
96 Boone's Assassin
Seeking solace after the death of his sister, William Boone (Kevin Kilner) is visited by Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) in a mountaintop cave in the Himalayas. She shows him a crystal that was found in an Atavan hive beneath Stonehenge and explains that when the crystal is aimed at a particular star in the night sky, it projects the locations of every Atavan hive on Earth.

Unaware that Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores) is tracking the crystal's location from the Taelon Mothership, Renee activates the precious stone and asks Boone to help her destroy the hives she is able to locate. Just as Renee pinpoints a hive location in an abandoned diamond mine in South Africa, she and Boone are ambushed by Tate (Richard Zeppieri) and a team of gun-wielding agents sent by Sandoval. Renee and Boone return fire and manage to escape.

Onboard the Mothership, Howlyn (Alan Van Sprang) meets with Sandoval to determine the best way to kill Boone. They decide to create the ultimate warrior, a being with both the ferocity of an Atavus and the insight into humans that only a Taelon would have. That warrior is none other than Zo'or (Anita La Selva), whom Sandoval resurrects from the bio pool in the Atavan chamber onboard the ship. Zo'or's confusion at being brought back from virtual death is replaced by delight when he learns that he has been resurrected to assassinate his old enemy, Boone. He agrees to be "joined" with a dead Atavan female in order to carry out the task.

Meanwhile, Renee, Boone and a team of resistance fighters, including Jonesy (Jim Thorburn), journey to the diamond mine and find the Atavan chamber, which they prepare to blow up. One of the explosives detonates early, however, exploding before the team is able to clear the mine. Renee is temporarily trapped beneath a piece of the fallen mineshaft before Boone pulls her free and helps her to safety.
Relaxing in a Washington nightclub following the mine explosion, Jonesy brags about the ordeal, only to be overheard by one of Tate's agents. When Tate learns the identity and whereabouts of Jonesy, he immediately forwards the information to Sandoval. Now an Atavan female, Zo'or pays Jonesy an unexpected visit at his hotel room. After seducing Jonesy into telling her that he expects to speak to Boone soon, Zo'or stabs Jonesy to death with her cleaves. The next day, Boone goes to the nightclub to meet Jonesy. When Jonesy doesn't show, Boone goes to his hotel room, where he finds Jonesy dead with a "Z" -- Zo'or's symbol within the Taelon synod -- carved into his chest.

At Augur's lair, J Street (Melinda Deines) examines tissue samples from Jonesy and discovers Zo'or's energy patterns. Boone and Renee immediately plan a trap for Zo'or. Remembering that Atavus are at a disadvantage in cold environments, they prepare to do battle at a refrigeration plant, and activate the crystal to lure Zo'or to them.

Everything goes as planned and after a hand-to-hand struggle with Zo'or, Renee and Boone are able to freeze the would-be assassin by opening fire on nearby canisters of dry ice. When Sandoval suddenly appears from the shadows and holds Renee and Boone at gunpoint demanding the crystal, Renee smashes it on the ground as Boone launches himself at Sandoval. A brief struggle ensues, but Boone and Renee manage to escape in the shuttle. Sandoval brings a frozen Zo'or back to the Mothership, where he is ordered by Howlyn to kill her.
97 Entombed
A high-particle locator beam emanates from Stonehenge, alerting Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) and J Street (Melinda Deines) to an Atavus hive. Flying by ID shuttle to the site, they find two pods, one that was apparently breached by a 16th century knight, killing the Atavus inside, and the other containing the deceased Atavus' mate. Acting quickly for fear that Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores) has also learned the location of the hive, Renee decides to test Street's theory that extreme cold can kill the Atavus invaders. She sets up a portal to transport them and the unopened pod to the Southstar Geophysics Labs in Antarctica.

At the Antarctic station, Renee and Street encounter Pax (Derek McGrath), the facility's maintenance manager. Holding Pax at gunpoint, they order him to bring the lab annex up to full power and provide them with a canister of liquid nitrogen and a portable pump generator. The two women use the supplies to set up a huge tank in which they place the pod. The pod opens to reveal a handsome Atavus named Gren (Anthony Lemke), and the women quickly lower the temperature inside the tank to subdue their captive.

Renee contacts the FBI's acting director, Ryan Patricio (Noam Jenkins), informing him that she has captured a live Atavus, finally having irrefutable proof of the aliens' existence. She demands he supply her with a biotech team for verification and autopsy, an FBI agent for security and a media crew. Renee is transporting the team by portal when the station's power system falters just long enough for Gren to escape the tank. He grabs Street, but is held at bay by Renee, armed with a freeze-drying weapon developed by Street. Gren insists he is not a killer like the other Atavus they have encountered. Taking no chances, Renee forces him back into the tank.
Street begins to feel sympathetic toward Gren, and develops a powerful attraction for him. When Gren again escapes from the tank, Renee and the team open fire, wounding him, but he still manages to flee. Meanwhile, onboard the Taelon Mothership, Sandoval is able to trace Renee, Street and Gren to the Antarctic station, and Howlyn (Alan Van Sprang) immediately orders him to apprehend Gren and Renee, and to kill the others.
When Street finds the wounded Gren, he promises to help end Howlyn's murderous rampage if she helps him escape. Unable to fight her attraction for him, she kisses him and helps him to a portal. After finding Pax's body, Renee and her team are ambushed by Sandoval and his men, who open fire. Renee is able to escape, but the others are killed.

Returning to Augur's lair, Renee receives a communication from Street, who is at the Flat Planet nightclub with Gren. While Renee informs Street that Gren killed Pax, Gren slips across to a quiet corner of the club, where he kills a female patron. He returns to the now terrified Street and forces her to portal them to Stonehenge.

Arriving at Stonehenge, Gren lowers Street into the sinkhole to look for the crystal beacon that transmitted the high-particle beam that first brought Street and Renee to the hive. Street finds the crystal but refuses to give it to him. As he raises his cleave to kill her, Renee suddenly appears from behind him. Hoisting the long-abandoned sword of the medieval knight, she decapitates him. Street keeps the crystal, hoping that she may be able to eventually decipher its light patterns to determine the location of other Atavus hives.
98 Legacy
Professor Simon Ruttledge (Jonathan Welsh) is supervising an archeological dig beneath a New York construction site when his ultra-sound equipment triggers the resurrection of a long-dormant Atavus named Nahema (Cherilee Taylor). After killing one of the site workers, Nahema flees into the streets of the Big Apple.

Ruttledge contacts Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer), who immediately launches a search for Nahema. While Ruttledge and J. Street (Melinda Deines) work from the safety of Augur's lair, Renee goes in pursuit. With a laser knife in hand, she chases Nahema into the public portal, which transports both of them back through time to an ancient monastery. There, Nahema promptly kills two monks with her Atavus cleave and is about to kill a third, Father Franciscus (Michael Anthony Rawlins), but Renee again fends her off with the laser knife.

At that moment, the monastery's inquisitor (Richard Partington) appears with several other monks and mistake Renee for a succubus, an alluring female demon that they have been pursuing for years. Assuming she killed the two monks, the inquisitor orders that Renee be burned at the stake. Strapped to a rack while the monks go off to prepare her pyre, Renee is helpless, until Franciscus reappears and unties her. Together, they go in pursuit of Nahema, the so-called succubus who has terrorized the monks. Renne learns that Nahema had killed Franciscus' wife and family, prompting him to join the monastery in an attempt to thwart the demon. They catch a glimpse of Nahema just as she vanishes through a portal, which they use to time-travel back to the lair.

Street determines that Nahema has somehow portalled to the Taelon Mothership. There, Nahema meets with Howlyn (Alan Van Sprang), her former mate from three millions years ago who is now the king of the Atavus. To prove herself worthy of being his queen once again, Nahema vows to rid Earth of humanity.

At the lair, Renee arms Franciscus with a laser knife and a fusion grenade, before the two are portalled to Hong Kong, where Street believes Nahema to be. They no sooner arrive than they receive a global communication from the lair, only it's Nahema who has tricked them all. Renee and Franciscus immediately return, finding that Nahema has abducted Ruttledge and again portalled away. Entering the portal, Renee and Franciscus emerge in a giant hall amidst the ancient home world of the Atavus.

Nahema challenges them to a battle while a chained Ruttledge looks on. The Atavus knocks Renee to the floor and then stabs Franciscus with her cleave. Before he dies, he is able to give Renee his fusion grenade. Renee quickly frees Ruttledge and together they portal into inter-dimensional space, where Renee gently pushes him ahead while she lingers, waiting in the rippling energy for Nahema. The Atavus appears and Renee leaps past her, back into the inter-dimensional vortex from which she came. Flying out of the portal into the hall, she grabs the device and directs it toward a massive stone column. The portal activates, imbedding Nahema in the stone and killing her. Renee then places Franciscus's grenade on the portal and whisks back to the safety of her own time before the explosive blasts the portal to pieces.

The next day, Renee and Ruttledge return to the archeological dig, where the professor unearths a three-million-year-old fossil of a female Atavus - Nahema. The threat of the newest, or perhaps oldest, Atavus is now gone.
99 Death Suite
A young mother (Elisa Moolecherry) clutches her baby tightly while being chased up a dark stairway of an office building by a ravenous Atavus (Brian Jagersky). She bursts through the door of an office with the Atavus following closely behind. Just as he wrestles the baby from her grip, Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) appears in the doorway waving a gun. Renee opens fire and is able to rescue the baby, but the Atavus turns on the mother and forces her toward the office window. Renee shoots the Atavus as he pulls the mother through the window. He falls to his death while she clings to the window ledge by her fingertips. Renee tries to pull the woman to safety but loses her grip, and the woman falls.

Distraught over her failure to save the mother, Renee is examined by Dr. Qu (Derek Scott), who urges her to check into The Hidden Gate Spa with J. Street for some rest. When the two women arrive at the facility, they are greeted by Eugene and Sophie (Mark Burgess and Kate Greenhouse), the husband and wife who run The Hidden Gate. After reluctantly agreeing to turn over her weapons for safekeeping, Renee heads to the spa area for a soothing bath. Her peace of mind abruptly ends, however, when she thinks she sees a patron in the curtained bath next to hers being attacked by an Atavus. Renee dashes through the curtain only to find two spa attendants who subdue her. Renee returns to her room. In order to put her mind at ease, Street goes off to conduct a full reconnaissance of the facility.

Onboard the Taelon Mothership, Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores) shows Howlyn (Alan Van Sprang) a surveillance tape of Renee at the spa. He tells Howlyn that Renee is clearly at the breaking point, and the time is ripe for him to take her. To make things even easier, Sandoval shows Howlyn a device with which he can further weaken his intended victim: the Soma-Nega-Blocker, a sleep inducing machine that the spa patrons use.

Back at the spa, Renee is haunted by dreams of Howlyn, who tells her she'll never save humankind from the Atavus. She awakens in a cold sweat, convinced she is having a complete breakdown. Meanwhile, at Eugene's desk, Street finds video monitors bdisplaying images from virtually every room in the spa. As she snoops further, Street spots Sophie leading a female patron into an Atavus hive.

Street is startled when she encounters Eugene. He tells her that his wife has been undergoing a personality change. Suspecting that Sophie is an Atavus hybrid, Street asks Eugene to take her to recover Renee's weapons, but when Eugene opens the safe where they had been stored, the weapons are gone.

Groggy after her dream encounter with Howlyn, Renee tries to find Street, but instead encounters Sophie, who persuades her to relax in a tub in the spa's luxury treatment area. Sophie then contacts Howlyn. A few minutes later, Renee hears someone breaking into the treatment area. When Renee realizes it's Howlyn, she flees leaving the bath's faucet running. Howlyn confronts her, unaware he is standing in a pool of water. Renee quickly pulls a hair dryer from under a nearby towel and tosses it into the pool. Electrocuted, Howlyn falls to the floor unconscious, and Renee flees.

Intent on destroying the Atavus hybrid chamber, Street asks Eugene to go the basement and turn up the facility's boiler to its maximum. In the basement, Eugene sees Sophie chasing Renee with an energy knife. He shoots her with a nail gun, but she recovers and stabs him to death. Sophie continues to pursue Renee, catching up with her on a guest-room balcony. The two women struggle and tumble over the railing. Sophie falls to her death, but Street arrives in time to pull Renee to safety. With the boiler about to blow, they flee the building. Meanwhile, onboard the Mothership, Sandoval engages an emergency portal to whisk Howlyn to safety.
100 Atavus High
Rebellious Rockwater High School student Jeremiah O'Bryan (Shawn Roberts) and his girlfriend, Christine Bickwell (Rachel McAdams), join a group of friends at their warehouse hideout one evening to check out Renee Palmer's (Jayne Heitmeyer) "Atavus Watch" web site. Rather than heed Renee's warnings about the existence and imminent danger of the Atavus, Jeremiah becomes infatuated with the alien vampires and decides to set up an Atavus Fan Club site. The teens are interrupted by Eric Delmonico (Daniel Petronijevic), a Rockwater jock and an enemy of Jeremiah. When a janitor (Len Doncheff) appears, threatening to charge them all with trespassing, they flee. Eric grabs Jeremiah's laptop computer and runs for the exit. Juda (Guylaine St. Onge) suddenly appears from the shadows and knocks Eric to the floor, but the teenager scrambles to his feet and runs.

Meanwhile, Renee visits J. Street (Melinda Deines) at her trailer, and learns Jeremiah has pilfered her web site, stealing over 20 video files for his own site. Street is able to trace Jeremiah, and Renee sets off to visit him at his school. Upon her arrival, she finds him being pulverized by Eric during a wrestling match, while Coach Bickwell (Andrew Airlie), Christine's father, looks on. After insisting the coach stop the bout, Renee appeals to Jeremiah to abandon his fan site, desperately trying to convey the deadly threat of the Atavus. Despite Renee's warnings that his site has probably put him on the Atavus' hit list, Jeremiah refuses to cooperate.

Onboard the Taelon Mothership, Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores) and Howlyn (Alan Van Sprang) meet to discuss how the Atavus' newfound popularity among the world's youth can be parlayed into an expanding army of hybrids. They determine that Jeremiah would be the perfect person to help recruit other teens, but first he must be "joined" with the Atavus and turned into a hybrid.

Juda finds Jeremiah at the warehouse with Christine. Renee arrives just in time to watch Jeremiah and Juda disappear through a nearby portal. She tells the horrified Christine that Jeremiah is doomed, and that if he returns at all, it will be as a murderous hybrid. Like the Atavus themselves, he would need to feed on the lifeforce of others to survive.
Jeremiah shows up at school the next day and challenges Coach Bickwell to a wrestling match. With his new hybrid abilities, he pummels the coach into submission, breaking his arm and several ribs in the process. Witnessing Jeremiah's power, several of his classmates ask how they can achieve the same thing. Jeremiah instructs them to meet him at the gym the following night to find out.

Back at the warehouse, the janitor stumbles across the portal. Before he can notify anyone, he is attacked and killed by Jeremiah. Christine visits the warehouse and is alarmed by Jeremiah's new power, however she can't fight her love for him and seeks comfort in his arms. The next morning at the warehouse, Renee is searching for Jeremiah when she runs into Coach Bickwell, who is looking for his daughter. Finding the janitor's body, Renee tells the coach that Jeremiah is now a deadly half-alien. He hurries off, seeking to kill the teen before any harm comes to Christine.

Renee finds Jeremiah first, and using a dry-ice weapon to subdue him, she takes him to a hotel room, where he is chained to a bed. She then sets up video equipment to record the youth as his Atavus impulses get the most of him and he begins to thrash about wildly. With Christine describing what has become of her boyfriend, Renee begins to shoot the video, which will be distributed to the world's teens via the Internet, alerting them to the murderous ways of the Atavus. Jeremiah breaks free, and after knocking Renee unconscious, convinces Christine he'd never harm her. To make his point, he gives her a laser knife for protection. The two hurry to the school gym, where a dozen students are waiting to be portalled to the Mothership for "joining."

Eric again confronts Jeremiah, this time with a baseball bat in hand. A fight ensues between the two, and Jeremiah uses his Atavus cleave to kill Eric. Renee and Coach Bickwell arrive just as Jeremiah is dragging Christine to the portal. Renee opens fire and destroys the device. Enraged, Jeremiah leaps at her, knocks her to the floor and begins to choke her. Christine leaps to the rescue, stabbing Jeremiah with the laser knife. He dies in her arms.
101 Deep Sleep
Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) visits FBI director Hubble Urick (Frank Moore) at United Hospital, where he remains in a coma. Although Hubble's physician, Dr. Field (Jonathan Crombie), tells her there is no indication her good friend will recover, she remains hopeful. While leaving the facility, however, Renee comes across Reese Jackson (James Gallanders), a former Resistance fighter who abandoned the cause to start a family. He is at the hospital because his wife, Claire (Saskia Garel), is having surgery that will enable her to carry a child. Things go horribly wrong, and the hospital's Chief of Staff, Dr. Morrison (Maria Ricossa) enters the hospital room, telling Reese and Renee that Claire has had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic and has slipped into a coma. She has been taken to a germ-free coma ward.

Later that night in a hospital corridor, Reese and Renee overhear Morrison and a colleague talking about another patient that has slipped into a coma after having an allergic reaction. Suspicious, they sneak into the coma ward, where they find rows upon rows of comatose patients in stackable berth-like beds. Deducing that some sort of gas administered along with oxygen during surgery is causing the comas, they leave the ward to search for the hospital's oxygen supply. Acting FBI Director and Atavus collaborator Ryan Patricio (Noam Jenkins) visits Hubble's room, where he advises Dr. Field that he has been granted power of attorney over Hubble and his affairs. He orders the doctor to take Hubble off life support. The doctor reluctantly agrees to do so.

Back in the main wing of the hospital, Reese and Renee are in a corridor, when they overhear Morrison telling the wife of another patient that her husband has also fallen into a coma during surgery. Furious, Reese storms toward the doctor, demanding she tell the woman the truth. Instead, an orderly subdues Reese, injecting him with a sedative.

Hiding around a corner, Renee hears the doctor order Reese be taken to surgery for an emergency appendectomy. Realizing he is about to become the next coma victim, Renee hurries to find the operating room's source of oxygen, but is stopped by an orderly along the way. Sensing the orderly is really an Atavus, Renee shoots him and continues to the basement, where she finds the oxygen supply, along with a mysterious gas that is also being fed into the OR. She shuts off the valves, but Reese, in the operating room above her, has lost consciousness and is taken to the coma ward.

Renee again sneaks into the coma ward, where Reese is about to be put into one of the berths by an orderly. Renee shoots the orderly and rescues Reese as he regains consciousness. Renee quickly sets up a portable portal, while Reese searches for Claire. Suddenly, Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores) enters the ward with gun in hand, but Renee, Reese and the comatose Claire have already portaled to the safety of Augur's lair. There, J. Street (Melinda Deines) assists Dr. Qu (Derek Scott) as he tries to create an antidote that will save Claire. Learning from Renee that the hospital is infested with hybrids, he determines the coma-inducing substance is a mixture of oxygen and alien blood gases, and in order to develop a serum, he'll need an Atavus blood sample.

Renee and Reese return to the hospital, where they find a hybrid chamber from which an Atavus and a hybrid nurse emerge. Using a Freon gun to freeze the Atavus into submission, they take a blood sample. While Reese returns to the lair with the sample, Renee goes to find out what Sandoval has to do with Morrison's plot. She finds Sandoval with Morrison in the coma ward and watches in horror as they open a berth, inviting an Atavus to feed on the patient within. Realizing they are literally creating a food bank for the aliens, she races to Hubble's room and takes him to the lair by portal.

With the Atavus blood sample in hand, Dr. Qu is able to develop an effective serum for both Claire and Hubble. Just two weeks later, Hubble, who has returned to his duties as FBI Director, announces that Patricio has been arrested for collaborating with the Atavus, a new alien threat that can no longer be ignored. He also extends his gratitude to Renee for fighting the Atavus single-handedly.
102 Art of War
Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) and an elite Army Ranger Assault Team led by Lieutenant Michaels (Dean McDermott) prep a proton scatter weapon for an attack on the Taelon Mothership, which will disrupt the ship's defense shields. Their plans go awry, however, when Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores), Juda (Guylaine St. Onge), Tate (Richard Zeppieri) and a team of hybrids suddenly appear and open fire. Renee and the Rangers are able to fight off the assailants, severely wounding Juda and capturing Tate in the process, but Sandoval is able to destroy the proton weapon before he and Juda portal to safety.

Later, Tate bargains with Renee for immunity, agreeing to return to the Mothership and turn over any information that will help her in her battle against the Atavus. Meanwhile, on the Mothership, Sandoval and Howlyn (Alan Van Sprang) watch in despair as their beloved Juda slowly dies, mysteriously unable to heal herself. Desperate to save her, Sandoval gives her a jolt of the Taelon core energy he has been carrying with him. His efforts fail, however, and she succumbs to her wounds. Moments later, Tate appears. After knocking Sandoval unconscious, he grabs the deceased Juda and delivers her to Renee and Michaels.

Blaming Sandoval for Juda's death and her subsequent disappearance, Howlyn subjects him to a torturous mind probe, grilling him for information as to how to conquer mankind, focusing on how the Taelons had previously attempted to do the same. With Sandoval near exhaustion, Howlyn consults Raj'el (Helen Taylor), the last remaining link to the Taelons, who harbors the collective consciousness of both the Taelons and the Jaridians. As with Sandoval, he is told he will never be able to defeat the human race.

Working under the watchful eyes of Renee and Michaels at Augur's lair, Dr. Rogers (Andrew Moodie) performs an autopsy on Juda, trying to deduce why her Atavus self-healing powers had betrayed her. Draining the remaining traces of life force from Juda's body, the three are shocked as Juda disintegrates before their eyes, leaving behind an unsightly pool of alien matter.

Meanwhile, Sandoval informs Howlyn that a companion protector named Malley had once been able to command the Taelon Mothership using a damaged cyber viral implant. Howlyn forces Sandoval to turn over Malley's implant to him. He then uses it to fool the ship's computer into recognizing him as Malley and immediately activates the vessel's weapons system, taking aim at Earth. But he is thwarted by Raj'el, who has the computer double check Howlyn's identity and refuse access once more.

At the lair, Dr. Rogers continues to examine Juda's remains. He determines Juda was unable to regenerate because of a gradual lessening of Atavus powers caused by the consumption of human life force - an ironic twist of fate given that humans are the main source of sustenance for the Atavus. Meanwhile, Sandoval again falls victim to Howlyn's wrath before being portaled back to Earth to find a way to destroy the human race. Between Dr. Rogers' findings and Sandoval's expulsion to Earth, it seems that the tide has finally turned in mankind's favor.
103 Grave Danger
Renowned archeologist William Hightower (Cedric Smith) searches the Pyramids for the tomb of Askhenaton, an ancient Egyptian high priest that Hightower suspects was really an extraterrestrial. Just as he finds the tomb, he is apprehended by a mysterious figure. His assistant, Rashid (Damon D'Oliveira), is able to escape. As directed by Hightower, he sends Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) the ancient manuscript the professor had used during his search.

After receiving the manuscript, Renee reluctantly agrees with J. Street (Melinda Deines) that their best hope of finding Hightower and the tomb is by teaming up with Renee's former lover, Raleigh Sinclair (Juan Chioran), a rogue archeologist who is as much a pirate as he is a womanizer.

Renee travels to Egypt to meet with Sinclair. They journey to Giza and begin their search in the tunnels beneath the Pyramids, but are interrupted when they see Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores) and two hybrids leading Hightower through the tunnels, also in search of the tomb.

Renee informs Sinclair that Sandoval would only be there if he thinks Askhenaton's tomb is really an Atavus regeneration chamber. Hiding in the shadows, they watch as two hooded guards, who reveal themselves to be Atavus, approach Sandoval's team. After blasting one of the hybrids with energy from their cleaves, the two tell Sandoval they have been protecting the tomb for almost four thousand years, waiting for Askhenaton's brethren to return from the stars, at which time Askhenaton will awaken. Sandoval and Hightower decide to accompany the guards to the tomb. When they overhear Renee and Sinclair, however, the distraction allows Hightower to escape. Renee and Sinclair flee as well, but become separated.

Renee stumbles upon Hightower, and together they continue to search for the tomb. The professor tells her that the manuscript Sinclair has not only provides details about the tomb's whereabouts, but includes information about the golden mask worn by Askhenaton, the eyes of which consist of jewels. When gazed upon, the jewels will reveal the locations of hundreds of other Atavus hives.
Sinclair is the first to find the tomb. He opens the sarcophagus and lifts the mask from Askhenaton's face. To his horror, he sees Askhenaton is an Atavus in stasis (Darren McGuire). Sandoval and the ancient guards arrive. With weapons in hand, they force Sinclair to give them the mask.

Suddenly, Renee and Hightower appear. Holding Sandoval and the guards at gunpoint, Renee has Sandoval give the mask to Hightower, then plants a timed explosive in the tomb, intending to blast the Atavus hive into oblivion.

Renee's plans backfire, however, when Askhenaton awakens and attacks. Sinclair uses one of the guards' energized spears to blast Askhenaton back into his crypt. During the scuffle, Sandoval regains the advantage. With gun in hand, he forces Renee and Hightower to remain with Sinclair in the tomb. Escaping with the mask, Sandoval seals off the tomb, condemning the three to certain death as Renee's bomb is just moments from detonating. Refusing to give up, the three push a marble column through the wall of the tomb, gaining access to an adjacent burial chamber and an alternate escape route. They scramble to the surface seconds before the bomb explodes.

Outside, Renee's joy at escaping death is tempered by the knowledge that Sandoval has the mask. With it, he has the ability to locate hundreds of other Atavus hives, potentially spelling doom for all mankind. Relief comes when Sinclair opens his hand to reveal the jewels, which he removed from the eyes of the mask before turning it over to Sandoval.
104 Deportation
Former U.S. Marshall Chase McBride (Gordon Currie) asks Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) to meet him at the Flat Planet Café, which he suspects has become a feeding ground for Atavus hybrids. They watch a man lead a female patron into a back alley, where he wields his Atavus cleave and attacks her. As Renee and Chase come to her rescue, a paddy wagon full of government-sponsored deportation commandos speeds onto the scene. The soldiers grab both the hybrid and Chase, who they mistake for a hybrid. Renee is shocked, as Chase makes no attempt to correct the error and is whisked off to a top-secret, government-run prison in which hybrids are brought to feed on each other.

At the prison, the commandos are about to unload Chase and several hybrids, when they are struck by an electrical discharge. Before they can recover, a gang of hybrids attacks them. Chase scurries for cover and contacts Renee via global communicator. Renee rushes to meet with FBI Director Hubble Urick (Frank Moore) to ask for help. He refuses, however, telling her that since the prison is top secret, he can't get involved. She decides to attempt a rescue on her own.

Back at the prison, one of the hybrids is killed by their leader, Smoke (Kim Coates), who is furious that his comrade didn't extract the codes from his last victim and shut down the energy barrier that has sealed the facility. Meanwhile, Renee sneaks into the prison and meets up with Chase. He admits he allowed himself to be captured in order to kill Smoke, who had murdered his wife and parents. They search for Smoke, but their quarry and his gang find them first. As Renee and Chase are held at gunpoint, Renee deploys an energy grenade, creating enough of a diversion for them to run for cover. Chase is able to escape, but Renee is captured. She is brought to a small second-story room and tied up, while Smoke searches through her belongings and finds her portable portal.

Smoke is about to kill her when Chase bursts through the door and pushes the villain over a railing to the floor below. When Chase and Renee look down on Smoke, he threatens Chase, referring to him as his "little brother."

Pressed by Renee, Chase tells her that Smoke is indeed his brother, but he still remains intent on avenging his family's death. Renee tries unsuccessfully to convince Chase that as a hybrid, Smoke had very little control over his actions when committing the murders. They then devise a plan to escape the facility. The two decide to use the commandos' truck to smash into the perimeter energy barrier, weakening it long enough for Renee to use her portal.

Renee starts up the truck just as Smoke appears and begins to grapple with Chase. Chase is unable to break free from Smoke, and the two leap into the back of the vehicle as Renee begins to speed toward the energy barrier. Renee is unaware that the men have resumed their battle on the truck, until she looks back and sees Smoke stab Chase with his cleave. His death imminent, Chase is able to turn the tables and use Smoke's own cleave to inflict serious damage to him. The two brothers die from their wounds, as Renee successfully breaks the barrier and portals to safety.
105 Honor and Duty
A frustrated Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) and Lieutenant Michaels (Dean McDermott) take matters into their own hands after Michaels' superior, General Kirkland (Beau Starr), interferes in a second attempt to destroy the Taelon Mothership's weaponry system. The two sneak into the Minuteman Silo Complex, where they attempt to steal the proton scanner weapon that would allow them to complete the mission. The burglary goes awry, however, as guards capture Michaels while Renee flees through a portal.

With Michaels facing charges of treason, Renee asks FBI Director Hubble Urick (Frank Moore) to exonerate him. Urick refuses, however, fearing the political consequences of admitting that a government agency had supported the attempted theft of a military weapon. Renee then realizes and accepts that it is up to her to save Michaels.

Meanwhile, onboard the Taelon Mothership, Howlyn (Alan Van Sprang) continues to delve through the video and audio files compiled during Sandoval's mind probe, desperately looking for a way to access the ship's weapon system and destroy mankind. He concludes that his best chance of doing so is to resurrect Zo'or (Anita La Selva), the former Taelon leader who had been transformed into an Atavus by Sandoval.

At Fort Gertz, Renee springs Michaels from his holding cell and uses a portable portal to return to Augur's lair. Michaels tells Renee they'll need a highly skilled assault team in order to storm the Mothership and complete their mission. Figuring that Kirkland would send Michaels' own Army Rangers team to recapture him, Renee decides to set Michaels up hoping he can convince his former comrades-in-arms that they must join him in the fight to save mankind. While at the lair, Michaels speaks with J. Street (Melinda Deines), who informs him that Renee's interest in him extends far beyond professional admiration.

Back onboard the Mothership, the resurrected Zo'or undergoes a body scan and is accepted by the Mothership's computer as its commander. Zo'or immediately orders that the ship's weapons be activated. Meanwhile, Renee lures Michaels' Rangers to a rendezvous, where he convinces them to help wipe out the Mothership's defense system. They board a shuttle piloted by Renee and blast off toward the Taelon vessel. Seeing Renee's ship approaching, Zo'or takes off in another shuttle and attacks Renee, but Renee is still able to deliver Michaels and the Rangers to the Mothership.

While the troops battle Howlyn and several Atavus guards, Renee again takes flight in the shuttle
and resumes her dogfight with Zo'or. The Rangers overcome the Atavus long enough to plant explosives throughout the Mothership's weapons area, and flee to the craft's shuttle bay. With the bombs about to detonate, Renee swoops toward the Mothership, luring Zo'or toward the weapons area as it explodes. As Zo'or's shuttle is destroyed by the blast, Renee swoops into the Mothership's shuttle bay, rescuing Michaels and the Rangers.

With their mission accomplished, Renee and the Rangers return to Earth, where Michaels and his men learn that General Kirkland is actually an Atavus hybrid. They take him into custody, his capture paving the way for Michaels' full exoneration, as well as a promotion. Thrilled about their accomplishment, Renee and Michaels meet at the lair for an intimate celebration.
106 Bad Genes
Ronald Sandoval and Frank Tate are puzzled by Howlyn's orders to destroy an Atavus stasis chamber on Easter Island. Nonetheless, they set out to do so, but are ambushed by Renee Palmer. In the ensuing crossfire, one of the hive's newly resurrected Atavus is killed, and another is wounded. Sandoval and Tate flee, leaving the wounded alien in Renee's hands. When she sees that the Atavus is just a boy, she takes pity and portals back to the Resistance lair with the boy.

Sandoval meets with Howlyn, who orders that the missing Atavus named Yulyn (Daniel Clark) be brought to him dead or alive. Back at the lair, Renee contacts FBI Director Hubble Urick (Frank Moore), asking that Yulyn be subjected to humane tests in order to develop an antidote for Atavus-human hybrids. Suddenly, Sandoval arrives, shutting down the power and releasing tear gas into the lair. J. Street (Melinda Deines) is able to generate enough auxiliary power to portal to safety, while Renee and a disguised Yulyn flee on foot, escaping in a taxi. They take refuge in a vacant apartment where Renee again contacts Urick, making arrangements to take Yulyn to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, where the alien will undergo tests.

Sandoval receives a tip about Renee's plans and sets up an ambush. After delivering Yulyn to the medical facility, Renee senses something is not right. Rushing back to the room where she had left Yulyn in the care of a doctor, she finds the youngster struggling with some Navy guards. They open fire on Renee, but she fights back and shoots them both. She quickly realizes the Navy guards have killed the doctor and his assistant. Another guard attacks Renee, but Yulyn kills him with his cleave. The lad tells her the attackers were hybrids. She is even more shocked when he tells her that he is Howlyn's son!
Renee takes Yulyn back to the apartment and contacts Street at the Flat Planet Café, just as Urick and several agents rush into the café. Urick commandeers Street's global communicator and demands that Renee turn Yulyn over to him, but she refuses.

Talking further with Yulyn, she learns he is not at all like his father. He is repulsed by the idea of feeding on humans. Like his mother, he would prefer that the Atavus return to their home world rather than commit such atrocity.

Sandoval and Tate track Renee to the apartment. Along with Howlyn, they burst in with weapons drawn. Howlyn gives his son an ultimatum; to feed or die. He throws Tate to the floor in front of Yulyn as a sacrifice. Before Yulyn can voice his objections, Renee drags him back to the portal. They return to Easter Island, where the lad is again free from his father's wrath. Yulyn voluntarily provides Renee with a blood and tissue sample in the hope of developing a hybrid antidote. Promising to someday return the youngster to his own planet, Renee puts Yulyn back into stasis.
107 Subversion
Former acting FBI director and Atavas hybrid Ryan Patricio (Noam Jenkins), an inmate at Fallbrook Penitentiary, is abducted by a group of vigilantes and taken to a mock courtroom. A tribunal of judges, the identities of whom are hidden by a frosted glass screen, finds him guilty of crimes against humanity, and he is sentenced to death.

Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) meets her new boyfriend, Captain Brenton Michaels (Dean McDermott), for a drink at a nightclub. The TV set at the bar is tuned to the news, which shows the kangaroo court and Patricio's execution. Horrified, Renee and Michaels immediately visit FBI Director Hubble Urick (Frank Moore). He tells them the bureau has been searching unsuccessfully for a vigilante group called "The Preservationists," dedicated to the eradication of hybrids and anyone else they deem to have betrayed humanity. Furthermore, he informs them that intelligence indicates that the group's next target will be Renee!

Renee and Michaels are leaving the FBI offices when they are suddenly ambushed. Michaels is knocked unconscious while Renee is whisked off to the courtroom to face trial. Upon regaining consciousness, Michaels makes his way to Augur's lair, where he and J. Street (Melinda Deines) monitor the television news for another courtroom broadcast. A reporter interviews Supreme Court nominee Jackson Claridge (Robin Gammel) about his support of the vigilantes' cause, when another live feed from the kangaroo court interrupts the program. Michaels and Street watch helplessly as Renee confronts her accusers. She demands that Michaels represent her as her attorney.
Street implants nanobot-tracking devices into the arm of Michaels, who is then intercepted by vigilante troops and taken to the secret court location. The trial officially begins as Renee is accused of crimes against humanity for opening up the initial Atavus chamber, thus releasing the alien threat against humans. The prosecutor (Dorian Harewood) calls Urick as his first witness. Urick arrives by portal. Despite his protests, he is forced into the witness box.

Urick condemns the court, calling it a sham, and he is ejected and portaled away. The next witness is Street, who was abducted while trying to track the nanobots. They had been found by the vigilante troops and used as bait to catch her. When Street's support of Renee begins to incriminate her as well, Renee leaps to her friend's defense, successfully exonerating Street, who is set free.

Urick returns to FBI headquarters. Concluding the trial is being held at a lighthouse, he orders his agents to find one that is large enough to house the goings-on. He is contacted by Street, who tells him that she is uploading a virus to the satellite that carries the courtroom signal, in hopes of infiltrating the vigilante's server. An aide interrupts their conversation to tell Urick they have found the lighthouse. It is at Cape Henry, a place inaccessible by a secure portal, which means Street will have to use her viral sabotage to buy them time to get to the location.

The plan works. Street's hi-tech treachery creates havoc in the courtroom, during which Michaels throws a chair through the glass screen, revealing the identities of the judges. The head judge is none other than Claridge, who orders the immediate execution of Renee and Michaels. Before the sentence is carried out, however, Urick and a team of armed agents storm into the court, arresting Claridge and the other vigilantes. Renee and Michaels are saved.
108 Street Wise
Unaware that Howlyn (Alan Van Sprang) has hybridized J. Street (Melinda Deines), Renee Palmer (Jayne Heitmeyer) and FBI Director Hubble Urick (Frank Moore) visit the Doors International bio-med team. Under the guidance of Dr. Copple (Simon Reynolds), the team is in the final stages of developing an antidote for Atavus hybrids.

Renee meets Street at the Resistance lair and tells her how close Copple is to completing the antidote. Fighting against her newfound Atavan urges, Street compels Renee to tell her where Copple's facility is located, hoping she can be cured. Upon leaving the lair for the research lab, Street is met by a bartender from the Flat Planet Café, the hybrid who orchestrated her capture by Howlyn. He takes her to Ronald Sandoval (Von Flores), who is able to extract the location of Copple's lab from her .

That night, Renee finds Street at the Flat Planet. Noticing Street is feverish and acting strangely, Renee decides to take her to the hospital. Upon leaving the club, Street turns on Renee, brandishing Atavan cleaves and slicing Renee's arm. Street escapes back into the club, where the bartender and two other hybrids intercept her, demanding she accompany them on a mission. Street leads them to the lair, where the other hybrids hope to kill Renee. However, Renee is ready for them. After shooting the hybrids, she takes Street to the hospital to await the antidote.

Sandoval bursts into Copple's lab with a team of storm troopers, kills the staff and runs off with the finished antidote. Furious that Street told Sandoval where to find the lab, Urick confines her to a government-run research facility. There, the coldhearted Professor Zimmer (Philip Craig) uses mind-probing techniques to interrogate his new detainee for information about the location of Atavus hives and the agenda of the alien intruders.

Onboard the Taelon Mothership, Howlyn orders Sandoval to destroy the antidote. Sandoval does so, except for one vial, which he keeps. Renee tracks Sandoval down, threatening to kill him for murdering Copple and stealing the hybrid antidote. Sandoval uses the vial to strike a deal, asking for immunity in exchange for the serum.

Under the cover of darkness, Renee meets Sandoval in an alley to complete their deal. She hands over Presidential documents guaranteeing his immunity. He gives her the vial, telling her it contains just enough serum to save one hybrid, or to be used to begin mass-producing the antidote, but not both. For that, she would need Copple's research data, which he carries in a steel attaché. Renee pulls out her gun and shoots Sandoval in the hand, forcing him to drop the case. She grabs it and runs.

With the antidote and research data in her possession, Renee persuades Urick to free Street, who is given the hybrid antidote and makes a full recovery.
109 The Journey
Renee Palmer and Captain Michaels enjoy an intimate dinner at the lair. Suddenly, they receive an urgent video communication from one of Michaels' commandos, Sergeant Kirby, who is being attacked by a gang of hybrids. Renee and Michaels speed off to help him. After a brief firefight, they manage to free him from an Atavus joining chamber. The two rush Kirby, who has already been hybridized, to a vaccine processing plant for immediate treatment.

At the vaccine facility, Renee and Michaels are greeted by the head of the plant, Dr. Spangler (Andrea Roth). However, she shows more interest in Michaels than in the newly arrived patient. After sending Kirby for treatment in a private room, Spangler invites Michaels on a tour of the facility. Obviously jealous, Renee returns to the lair, where she receives a surprise visit from Raj'el (Helen Taylor). The Taelon informs Renee she is about to engage in the "final conflict," and advises her to adopt a more compassionate approach when dealing with the Atavus. Renee is appalled by the suggestion, especially given that she has lost her partner, Liam Kincaid, and former lover, Jeff Marlowe, to the deadly Atavus.

Raj'el departs, but leaves behind a gift box for Renee from archeologist and former boyfriend, Raleigh Sinclair. The box contains the jewels that served as eyes in the ancient Egyptian tomb of Askhenaton, containing maps to various Atavus hives. Renee gazes into the stones and sees old images from Howlyn's ship. Flooded with emotion, she immediately contacts Raj'el, demanding to know the location of Howlyn's ship, so that she can destroy it. Disappointed with Renee's continued aggression toward the Atavus, Raj'el employs a mind link, through which Renee recalls some of the bittersweet moments of the past few years.

Images such as William Boone's loss of his wife, Lili Marquette's union with a Jaridian, Liam's demise, and Renee's final moments with Boone begin to flood Renee's mind. Raj'el's message begins to hit home as Renee remembers that all beings, regardless of species, are "running from the same physical and emotional agonies." Renee then thinks back to when Raj'el shocked her with the news of Boone's death, the result of a hybrid uprising.

Back at the plant, Michaels runs into trouble when he notices that the vaccine being shipped out of the facility is a different color from that being administered to Kirby. When he confronts Spangler about the discrepancy, the doctor's armed guard shoots him. Badly wounded, Michaels manages to make his way to Kirby's room. Now a hybrid, Kirby betrays Michaels by forcing him at gunpoint back into the arms of Spangler and her guards, all of whom are hybrids. At the last moment, however, Kirby's loyalty resurfaces, and he opens fire on the guards. They return fire, killing him, as Michaels scurries for cover and contacts Renee for help.

Renee and a group of soldiers sweep into the plant. The troops overpower the guards, while Renee pursues Spangler. When Spangler opens fire, Renee shoots and kills her. Realizing that Michaels has succumbed to his wounds, Renee leaves, saddened that she must bid farewell to another loved one.
110 Final Conflict
Raj'el summons Renee to the Taelon Mothership to inform her that she is about to face her Final Conflict. The Taelon hints to Renee that her destiny, as well as the destiny of the planet, lies on the Mothership. Fed up with Raj'el's philosophical riddles, Renee prepares to leave when a shadowy figure suddenly approaches. To Renee's surprise, it is Liam Kincaid, her former Resistance colleague who she believed was killed during the joining of the Taelons and Jaridians. Shocked to see her old friend alive, Renee listens as he echoes Raj'el's sentiments about her destiny.

Returning to the Resistance lair, Liam tells Renee how he escaped death during the joining. He explains that he was absorbed into the psyches of the Taelons and Jaridians, as well as the Atavus and every other alien species. He reveals to Renee that while he was in this state of universal consciousness, he learned the location of Howlyn's hidden starship, which contains an Atavus hive. Certain that the starship is located in the Siberian plain, Liam heads off with a team to dig his way to the ship. Meanwhile, Renee goes in search of a guide who can lead them to the Atavus vessel. She shuttles off to Easter Island, where she awakens Howlyn's teenage son, Yulyn, the only Atavus she has come to trust.

Promising to help get him home, Renee takes Yulyn to Siberia, where they are able to help Liam and his team gain access to the starship. Inside, they find a stasis chamber full of pods containing sleeping Atavus warriors whose duty is to protect the ship at all costs. They are barely inside when an assault team led by Ronald Sandoval and Howlyn races into the ship and opens fire. As Yulyn leads them off the ship, he decides to go back and confront his father. Howlyn immediately scolds him for his betrayal and takes him captive.

Meanwhile, one of the hybrid techs alerts Sandoval that a craft with one person onboard has just blasted off from the area. Suspecting that it is Renee, Sandoval flies off in pursuit and tracks her back to the lair. The two confront each other for the last time and a vicious fight ensues. Renee throws Sandoval over a catwalk railing, killing him.

On the Atavus starship, Howlyn resurrects several of the guardians to help him get the craft back into space. Jaylis (Marc Gomes), one of the newly awakened Atavus, warns Howlyn not to bring the ship's inter-dimensional drives (ID) on-line without testing them first. Howlyn insists, and as Jaylis expected, a massive system failure damages the ship beyond repair.

After receiving the weaponry necessary to destroy the starship from FBI Director Hubble Urick, Renee returns to Siberia. She and Liam make their way back onboard the alien vessel to rescue Yulyn, just as Jaylis kills Howlyn over a disagreement. When Jaylis turns on Yulyn, Renee shoots him. Yulyn then tells Renee that Jaylis had activated the ship's self-destruct sequence, which will blow up the craft at any moment. Terrified, Yulyn begs for the lives of the guardians who are still in stasis. Renee relents, contacting Raj'el to employ a transport beam to carry the guardians to the Taelon Mothership. Renee suddenly realizes that if they can extract the ID drives from the Atavus starship, they might be able to repair the Taelon ship, providing Yulyn and the guardians a way back to their home planet.

Renee's plan works perfectly. Onboard the Taelon Mothership, Raj'el and Liam talk Renee into joining them and Yulyn on the ultimate adventure in space. Hesitant at first, Renee cannot resist the chance to explore the far reaches of the universe firsthand. Raj'el engages the ID drive and the ship speeds off through the stars. For Renee, the Final Conflict is over, but the adventure has just begun.