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This page will be expanded as I produce more PalmPilot utility programs. Currently, there is one package available: JFILE Utility Pack.

All programs can read JFile versions 3.x through 5.x incl. JFile Pro format. Output .PDB format is always JFile 5.x unless you specify /V4 or /V3 to force a specific version.

JFile 5.x database utilities:

CSV2PDB, PDB2CSV & PDB2PDB: Convert back and forth between native JFile .PDB format and standard .CSV format, or between various versions of JFile.

PDB2HTM: Export a JFile database to an html table.

MergePDB: Merge two JFile databases into one. Useful if you are downloading databases off the net, and they contain fields that you are supposed to fill out (like a "Have it?" flag). By merging the new database into your existing, you preserve all existing modifications you might have made, since only new fields and records are added, and only fields that are empty in your current database are updated with values from the new one.

SplitPDB: Split a JFile database into several seperate databases. Splits the file according to a field of type PopupList (if there are multiple such fields, you are prompted as to which one you want to base the split on) and creates several databases, where all fields (except the one on which the split is based) is copied as-is to the output databases.

MergePDB & SplitPDB are primarily made to support the JFile databases on the home page (see PalmPilot page - it's in Danish).

Versions available for OS/2 and Win32.

Version Date Changes
1.32 11 Aug 2000 CSV2PDB: Now properly restores advanced filter and sort setup.
1.31 08 Aug 2000 ALL: Now supports JFile 3.x, 4.x and the new 5.x
1.30 30 Nov 2000 CSV2PDB, PDB2CSV: Handles long popup list definitions (>255 chars) properly.
1.27 09 Oct 2000 CSV2PDB: Truncates popup lists to 100 entries and now handles more than 20 entries.
1.26 04 Oct 2000 CSV2PDB: Truncates database to 50 fields.
PDB2CSV and CSV2PDB: Saves/Restores PopUp lists in .DEF file.
1.23 26 Mar 2000 Added PDB2HTM, DumpPDB, SplitPDB and MergePDB programs to the package.
1.22   CSV2PDB: Truncating huge (>4000 chars) field values.
OS/2: Better character set translation.
1.21   Better handling of large (>255 chars) field values.
Better handling of field values with <CR><LF> sequences.
1.20   Now supports wild cards in source file name specifications.
Better handling when encountering non-JFile .PDB files.
OS/2: Character set conversion (CP850<->ISO-8859-1).

All versions are command-line utilities. Run them without any parameters to get a brief calling syntax.

I also have a full-blown Windows 32-bit GUI program that can edit directly in JFile .PDB files, and can export to many different formats, incl. Access Databases. You can download it here. It is still in a beta stage, but there are no known, serious, bugs left.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, hop over to my Episode Guide site and write me a message from there. Remember to include your email address in your message if you want a reply.